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Oct 01

Week 4 Picks Recap

Here are the results of my picks:

Browns vs Ravens: Ravens 24, Browns 14.

Panthers vs Falcons:  Falcons 28, Panthers 19.
Right. Barely, though. Matty Ice gets the team MVP. Or Roddy White.

Patriots vs Bills: Patriots 27, Bills 13.
Right. Holy blow-out.

Vikings vs Lions: Vikings 21, Lions 19.
Right. Go Percy!

Titans vs Texans: Texans 24, Titans 14.
Right. And now Jake Locker is out with a separated shoulder.

Chargers vs Chiefs: Chiefs 19, Chargers 17.
Wrong. The Chiefs are posers.

49ers vs Jets: 49ers 27, Jets 13.
Right. The Jets were blown out and Rex Ryan was hot under the collar.

Seahawks vs Rams:  Seahawks 21, Rams 17.
Wrong. Damn Rams never do what I want them to.

Dolphins vs Cardinals:  Cardinals 24, Dolphins 10.
Right. It was a close call but a field goal made the difference.

Raiders vs BroncosBroncos 20, Raiders 19.
Right. But it wasn’t even close.

Bengals vs JaguarsBengals 24, Jaguars 20.
Right. The Bengals are solid.

Saints vs Packers: Packers 24, Saints 21.
Right. Although I really, REALLY wanted to be wrong.

Redskins vs Buccaneers: Bucs 17, Redskins 14.
Wrong. Damn field goals.

Giants vs Eagles: Giants 21, Eagles 20.
Wrong. But it was very, very close.

Bears vs Dallas: Cowboys 20, Bears 17.
Wrong. I hate the Bears. They never do what I want.

Coming into week 4, I was 25-23 with my picks. Leaving week 4, I went 10-5, for a grand total of 35-28. THAT is more like it!

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