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Week 5 Picks

I’m feeling better about my football mojo. Let’s see if I can keep it going through this week’s 15 games. Raiders & Cowboys have a bye.

Cardinals vs Rams: I’m fairly certain no one was predicting a 4-0 Cardinals team heading into week 5 of the season. Meanwhile, the Rams are 2-2 and I’m not sure any knows if the Rams are going to be any good or if they’ve already had the bulk of their wins for the year. With wins against the Redskins and the Seahawks, it’s conceivable that they might bring the Cardinals their first loss in this divisional match up. On the other hand, maybe those Dirty Birds are on a roll. Cardinals 21, Rams 14.

Dolphins vs Bengals: These two teams have mirror image records. The Bengals are 3-1 while the Dolphins are 1-3. Andy Dalton’s 2nd year is finding him much improved while rookie Ryan Tannehill looks to find a groove. The Dolphins are currently #1 against the Rush, but I don’t think that’s going to help them against a team that passes over 2.5 times as much as it rushes. Bengals 24, Dolphins 20.

Packers vs Colts: With the Colts’ coach in the hospital with leukemia and the Colts’ defense dinged up already, looks like the Packers, who are not looking too hot this season, will get a win in Indy today. Maybe we can hope that the Colts win one in support of their coach? Packers 28, Colts 10.

Ravens vs Chiefs: The Chiefs used to be hard to beat at home, but now they’re pretty easy to walk over. The Ravens are on a winning streak that may take them all the way this year. Ravens 31, Chiefs 10.

Browns vs Giants: With the Browns at 0-4 and the Giants at 2-2, both of these teams have a lot to prove. If Eli can’t secure a win in this game, we all may have to question his “elite” status again. Giants 20, Browns 14.

Eagles vs Steelers: The Steelers are coming off a bye while the Eagles have a dinged up team. Going to go with the Steelers in this match up, and not just because I can’t stand Michael Vick. Steelers 20, Eagles 17.

Falcons vs Redskins: I don’t think RGIII is going to be able to out-gun a Matty Ice that is living up to his nickname. Falcons 28, Redskins 19.

Seahawks vs Panthers: The Seahawks may have a 12th man at home, but they don’t get to bring “that guy” with them on the road. Panthers 21, Seahawks 17.

Bears vs Jaguars: The Bears are coming off an impressive win while the Jaguars still have Gabbert at QB. At least Blaine doesn’t whine and pout and walk away from his coach. As much as I hate to say it… Bears 28, Jaguars 14.

Titans vs Vikings: Jake Locker is out, Hasselbeck is in. The Vikings are at home and Adrian Peterson is pretty sure he’s going to bust out a big game soon. Let’s hope it’s today. Vikings 24, Titans 19.

Broncos vs Patriots: Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady.  While the Broncos appear to be improving as Peyton settles in, I can’t imagine that Tom Brady is going to let Peyton Manning get the best of him. Patriots 27, Broncos 19.

Bills vs 49ers: The Bills are 2-2 while the 49ers are 3-1 (you’re welcome, 49ers, for your one loss!). I cannot imagine Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to have that good of a time at Candlestick Park in this match up. 49ers 31, Bills 20.

Chargers vs Saints: San Diego is 3-1 while the Saints are a (much deserved) 0-4. The Saints would have beaten the Packers last week if not for a much-maligned holding call on a field goal attempt (which they made), causing a re-kick and a miss. Is this the week Drew Brees finally leads his team to a win? Probably not. Chargers 27, Saints 21.

Texans vs Jets: No analysis needed here. Texans 42, Jets 6.

Those are my picks this week.



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