Monthly Archive: November 2012

Nov 11

Week 10 Picks

Here are my picks:

Colts vs Jaguars: Colts by 7.

Raiders vs Ravens: Ravens by 10.

Broncos vs Panthers: Broncos by 10.

Giants vs Bengals: Giants by 3.

Titans vs Dolphins: Dolphins by 3.

Lions vs Vikings: Lions by 3.

Bills vs Patriots: Patriots by 7.

Falcons vs Saints: Falcons by 7.

Chargers vs Buccaneers: Bucs by 3.

Jets vs Seahawks: Seahawks by 3.

Cowboys vs Eagles: Eagles by 3.

Rams vs 49ers: 49ers by 7.

Texans vs Bears: Texans by 7.

Chiefs vs Steelers: Steelers by 10.

Those are my picks.

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Nov 04

Week 9 Picks

Week 9 Picks:

Chiefs vs Chargers:  Chargers by 7.

Broncos vs Bengals:  Broncos by 3.

Ravens vs Browns:  Ravens by 7.

Cardinals vs Packers: Packers by 10.

Bills vs Texans: Texans by 10.

Dolphins vs Colts:  Dolphins by 3.

Lions vs Jaguars:  Jaguars by 3.

Bears vs Titans:  Bears by 10.

Panthers vs Redskins:  Redskins by 7.

Buccaneers vs Raiders: Buccaneers by 7.

Vikings vs Seahawks:  Seahawks by 7.

Steelers vs Giants:  Steelers by 3.

Cowboys vs Falcons:  Falcons by 7.

Eagles vs Saints:  Saints by 7.

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