Sep 26

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Week Four Picks

Here are my Week 4 picks. So you don’t have to read too far ahead, I’ll reveal my Vikings vs Steelers pick. HINT: I didn’t pick the Vikings, even though Matt Cassel is starting. We’ll see if that’s a long-term gig for him or not.


Match Up Pick
49ers vs Rams 49ers
Ravens vs Bills Ravens
Bengals vs Browns Bengals
Bears vs Lions Bears
Seahawks vs Texans Seahawks
Colts vs Jaguars Colts
Giants vs Chiefs Chiefs
Steelers vs Vikings Steelers
Cardinals vs Buccaneers Cardinals
Jets vs Titans Titans
Eagles vs Broncos Broncos
Redskins vs Raiders Raiders
Cowboys vs Chargers Cowboys
Patriots vs Falcons Falcons
Dolphins vs Saints Saints

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