Sep 22

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Week Three: Vikings vs Browns

The game didn’t start off with a 105 yard kick off return for a TD; however, the first offensive series actually resulted in a rushing TD by Adrian Peterson (with DT Letroy Guion blocking no less!). Not only that, but there were TWO passes that were greater than 6 yards! One of those was a nice completion to Greg Jennings. I have to admit that I smile with glee (and not just a little schadenfreude) whenever Greg makes a play. I like to imagine Packer fans crying like little babies as he catches footballs while decked out in the beauty that is PURPLE.

For now, I’m going to ignore the fact that Ponder missed a passing TD when he waited way too long to throw it to John Carlson, who had been open for what seemed like d-a-y-s.

The Browns’ first offensive series was a travesty of defensive ineptitude. Where the hell is our defense? We let a guy throw his THIRD NFL TD in FIVE years (not to mention we allowed him to complete his longest pass). I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that this march down the field by the Browns completely eradicated the tiny bit of hope I had after the first offensive series.

So, at the end of the day, the Browns decimated us and beat us for the first time since 1986. Well done, 2013 Vikings.

Let’s break some stuff down.

The Good:

  • Marcus Sherels stepping up when Chris Cook went out.
  • Erin Henderson’s INT that Ponder *actually* managed to convert to a TD by running it in himself. Good choice since he’s otherwise inept.
  • Erin Henderson got the first sack on Hoyer of the day.
  • Brian Robison got the second sack on Hoyer.
  • Erin Henderson got a 2nd sack in the 4th quarter.

The Bad:

  • Alan Williams: completely oblivious to the fact that the Browns might fake a punt on 4 and 1 in the 2nd quarter. The Browns got a nice, long run out of that.
  • It took until the middle of the 3rd quarter for the defense to look mildly interested in the game.
  • Harrison Smith INT (which Ponder squandered yet again)
  • Chad Greenway INT (which Peterson fumbled away. Again.)

The Ugly:

  • Adrian Peterson’s ability to hang onto the ball. Or rather inability. 2009 redux so far.
  • General fundamentals are TERRIBLE (holding onto the ball, tackling, execution in general) because our coaching staff is ATROCIOUS.
  • The o-line. Loadholt, Sullivan, Kalil…. what the hell is going on?
  • The defensive pass rush. I assume it’s ugly since we never really saw one.
  • Coaching
  • Time Management
  • Play Calling

That’s it for another week, my Vikings compatriots. I’ll sum up today’s game like this: Leslie Frazier needs to be fired. If not now, then for sure at the end of the season. Bill Musgrave is a talentless hack who should be divested of his position in the org and replaced as soon as possible. Get Brett Favre up here as OC. Hell – Kluwe was tweeting during the game. Bring him in as OC. Literally ANYONE would be better. BENCH PONDER. Matt Cassel is barely better but I’ve got no interest in looking at that permanent herp & derp look on Ponder’s face every week.

This team is a mess. I’ve said previously that I thought we’d go 5-11 this year. I believe I was overestimating the talent of this team.

What do you think?



See you next week, my Purple Friends. Make sure you prep yourself this week for a loss to the Steelers in London. No point in letting this team ruin your Sunday by expecting a win.


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  1. @DCBLHC

    Like you, I have never like Frazier. Never had an ounce of hope for Ponder. I just can’t believe people are still backing him up. Someone responded to one of your tweets saying ponder is the reason we were even in the game at all. The ding dong completely failed to mention it was our DEFENSE getting turnovers who gave him a chance to run in a couple TDs.

    Whatever though. I’m just glad to see the majority of Vikings fans finally take off their blinders and realizing the hopelessness our team is in.

    I feel so bad for AP.

    1. VikesPrincess

      Yeah – I feel bad for AD as well. I think I missed that response to my tweets. I’ll have to go back and look at it so I can laugh. Nothing worse than a Ponder apologist at this point. Blind support of ineptitude is ridiculous. Thanks for the comment!

    2. Angry Metal Guy

      Except that the DEFENSE were also the ones who biffed the game in the end, so… Wasn’t Ponder who gave up the big ol’ drive in the last minutes. There’s a lot of blame to go around.

      1. VikesPrincess

        No doubt the defense needs work. If I were Frazier, I’d give some of those 2nd stringers a shot if the 1st stringers can’t show up. I mean – Sherels played his ass off during the game. He was solid, too. Give those other guys a go.

  2. Angry Metal Guy

    You’re like the Id of Minnesota Vikings fans.

    So let me be a little super ego: two weeks in a row, the Minnesota Vikings have come out and been smoked in the first half, and then turned it around in the second half and played much better only to lose in the final seconds because of redzone scoring issues and a bad defense. I like Frazier (and will note that you have _never_ liked Frazier and have been calling for his firing since about a week after he was instated as head coach) and I place the blame at the feet of Musgrave and Ponder for the offensive stuff. Still: 27 points this week. 30 points last week. It seems to me that the biggest problem is that the defense can’t stop anything. The front four cannot get a push, the secondary is inept, and the only way we’re stopping drives is turnovers. That’s a bad sign.

    If we’re going to start shifting furniture around on the Titanic—a policy I am strictly against mid-season—I think Musgrave should go first.

    1. VikesPrincess

      Alright – Super Ego. I like it. As you indicate, the first halves have been totally painful. Doesn’t that feel repetitive? Doesn’t it feel a lot like our 3-13 season? Because it does to me. And who was the coach then? Frazier. Who couldn’t game plan or motivate the team appropriately? Frazier and his OC. No doubt we have execution issues all over the place. I think we all have to accept that this season is going to be terrible and then, in the off-season, we need a full regime change. I would love to see Musgrave go – but honestly, I think Frazier should go first and we should get someone who is bad ass enough to demand something closer to 40 for 60. Letting people slack off with no ramifications week after week (which has been the hallmark of the Frazier tenure IMO) is totally unacceptable.

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