Sep 11

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2014 Week 2 Picks

Here are my picks for this week. Let’s see how I do.


Match Up Pick Winner Commentary
Steelers vs Ravens Ravens TBD Thrilled to say that Ray Rice will not be anywhere near the stadium.
Dolphins vs Bills Bills TBD This is a hard one to call. Going with the home team.
Jaguars vs Washington Washington TBD Another hard one to call. Going with the home team again.
Cowboys vs Titans Titans TBD Can the Cowboys implode for a 2nd week? I think so.
Cardinals vs Giants Cardinals TBD Cardinals looked good. The Giants looked exceptionally bad.
Patriots vs Vikings Vikings TBD Patriots seem out of sorts; the Vikings appear to actually have game!
Saints vs Browns Saints TBD Saints lost a nail-biter; the Browns are the Browns.
Falcons vs Bengals Bengals TBD The Bengals looked good & they’re the home team.
Lions vs Panthers Lions TBD Lions looked unnervingly proficient. Yuck!
Rams vs Buccaneers Bucs TBD If Sean Hill is out for the game, there’s no chance for the Rams.
Seahawks vs Chargers Seahawks TBD This will probably be an entertaining game.
Texans vs Raiders Texans TBD The Raiders lost to the Jets. Do I need to explain more?
Jets vs Packers Packers TBD Unfortunately, the Packers likely have this one in the bag.
Chiefs vs Broncos Broncos TBD Andy Reid will likely be affected by the altitude. And a week 1 loss.
Bears vs 49ers 49ers TBD I look forward to watching this stomping.
Eagles vs Colts Eagles TBD This could go either way – depends on how the Colts start the game.
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