Sep 22

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2014 Week 3 Picks Results

Not a terrible showing with the picks this week but it could have been better. Note to self: stop picking against Chicago. That’s been a terrible strategy to date.

Match Up Pick Winner Commentary
Buccaneers vs Falcons Falcons Falcons LOLBucs. Holy lopsided cow.
Chargers vs Bills Chargers Chargers Chargers held the Bills to 10.
Cowboys vs Rams Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys with a major comeback. Interception to seal the deal.
Washington vs Eagles Eagles Eagles Nail-biter. A tied up at 27 half-way thru the 4th. 2 ejections…
Texans vs Giants Texans Giants Sad Eli must be feeling pretty happy today.
Vikings vs Saints Saints Saints What didn’t go wrong for the Vikings? 5 players hurt, Cassel out, Teddy in.
Titans vs Bengals Bengals Bengals Bengals dominated and Dalton caught a  TD reception.
Ravens vs Browns Browns Ravens Ravens snuck by with a late field goal.
Packers vs Lions Lions Lions LOLPackers. Lions held them to 7.
Colts vs Jaguars Colts Colts Colts manhandled the Jaguars.
Raiders vs Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots won, but not decisively.
49ers vs Cardinals 49ers Cardinals Hmmm… seems like the Niners have been exposed!
Broncos vs Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks … in overtime with a flying TD. Manning almost did it…
Chiefs vs Dolphins Dolphins Chiefs … and that’s what I get for picking the Dolphins. They always fail me.
Steelers vs Panthers Panthers Steelers Steelers manhandled the Panthers on their own turf.
Bears vs Jets Jets Bears The Jets could have won. The Jets should have won. Ugh.
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