Sep 25

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2014 Week 4 Picks

My picks were 10-6 last week. Decent but I feel I should be better at this point in the season. If only these teams would do what I think they’re going to do. Here are my picks for this week.


Match Up Pick Winner Commentary
Giants vs Washington Giants I feel like maybe Eli’s luck might continue.
Panthers vs Ravens Ravens Ravens squeaked by last week but could look stronger against the Panthers.
Packers vs Bears Bears LOLPackers. I’ve learned my lesson about picking against the Bears. Probably just in time for them to lose. I *really* want the Packers to have 2 division losses though… that just sounds delicious.
Bills vs Texans Texans It takes two to make it outta sight. Bills won’t beat the Texans at home.
Titans vs Colts Colts Colts have home field advantage. And a little Luck. Too cliché?
Lions vs Jets Lions Not really laughing about the Lions anymore.
Dolphins vs Raiders Raiders Dolphins: I hate you on principle because you always do the opposite.
Buccaneers vs Steelers Steelers Steelers should have no trouble here, as long as last week’s Bucs show up to play this week.
Jaguars vs Chargers Chargers Chargers are on a roll.
Falcons vs Vikings Falcons Yeah… I love the Vikings, but we’re not winning anything against a good team. We have too many injuries and an RB who is useless to us.
Eagles vs 49ers 49ers I’m almost tempted to pick the Eagles. The 49ers are either in a slump or have started sucking for real. I guess this game will tell us what’s what.
Saints vs Cowboys Cowboys Prevailing wisdom indicates that the Saints will take this one – but let’s remember that their only win is against the hapless Vikings. Just prior to that they were 0-2 and not looking so hot.
Patriots vs Chiefs Patriots My gut instinct is to choose the Chiefs at home. Especially since the Patriots have not been looking like the powerhouse of olden days. My brain says: Patriots. We’ll see which part of me is right.
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