Sep 04

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2014 Week 1 Picks

Match Up Pick Rationale
Packers vs Seahawks Seahawks Defending Super Bowl Champs vs cheddar heads… what more is there to say?
Saints vs Falcons Saints As much as I hate the Saints, they will probably win.
Bengals vs Ravens Ravens Home field advantage and their former OC is coaching a new team now. If only I could remember which one…
Bills vs Bears Bears Home field advantage and Jared Allen wearing the wrong colors will probably garner the Bears a win.
Washington vs Texans Texans Why not the Texans?
Titans vs Chiefs Chiefs Andy Reid has coached the Chiefs to a whole new place.
Patriots vs Dolphins Patriots Dolphins always fail me when I pick them to win. So I learned from my mistakes and stopped picking them.
Raiders vs Jets Jets Thankfully I won’t be forced to watch this game in my area. Expecting an ugly game full of nothing good.
Jaguars vs Eagles Eagles Florida teams just don’t seem very impressive these days. Let’s see if home field will give the Eagles the edge.
Browns vs Steelers Steelers When is Big Ben retiring? Seems like he’s overstayed his welcome at this point, but regardless, I can’t envision the Browns winning at Heinz Field.
Vikings vs Rams Vikings Skoooooooool!!!! I think Norv Turner’s offense might be pretty interesting once the real thing hits the field.
49ers vs Cowboys 49ers It’s a whole new season. What’s not new is Tony Romo’s ability to choke when the pressure is on.
Panthers vs Buccaneers Panthers Again with the Florida teams. They just don’t inspire me to pick them this week.
Colts vs Broncos Broncos Thin air for the visiting team and home field advantage will probably allow the Broncos to go 1-0.
Giants vs Lions Giants While I look forward to seeing the patented “Sad Eli” face when he throws an interception, I don’t think Manning will throw enough to give the Motor City Kitties a win on Ford Field.
Chargers vs Cardinals Cardinals The Chargers are in a year of change with a new head coach and the Cardinals still have Larry Fitzgerald. And the game’s at their house.

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