Oct 02

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2014 Week 4 Picks Results

Note to self: think less, trust your instincts more.


Match Up Pick Winner Commentary
Giants vs Washington Giants Giants Good Eli showed up and had himself a blast.
Panthers vs Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens dismantled the Panthers.
Packers vs Bears Bears Packers Stupid Bears.
Bills vs Texans Texans Texans JJ Watts wasn’t only dancing on a Verizon commercial. He had a pick 6 too.
Titans vs Colts Colts Colts Colts embarrassed the Titans.
Lions vs Jets Lions Lions Lions got the job done.
Dolphins vs Raiders Raiders Dolphins Dolphins: I hate you on principle because you always do the opposite.
Buccaneers vs Steelers Steelers Bucs Vincent Jackson pulls in a catch in the end zone with 7 seconds to go. Sigh.
Jaguars vs Chargers Chargers Chargers Chargers are on a roll.
Falcons vs Vikings Falcons Vikings Bridgewater started and he was excellent.
Eagles vs 49ers 49ers 49ers Early on, Eagles looked like they were going to trounce the Niners. Nope.
Saints vs Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys I was not wrong.
Patriots vs Chiefs Patriots Chiefs My gut instinct was to choose the Chiefs. I should have went with that.
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