Oct 16

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2014 Week 6 Picks Results

I did pretty well this week, if I do say so myself.


Match Up Pick Winner Commentary
Colts vs Texans Colts Colts Fairly close game; Colts squandered a sizable early lead.
Patriots vs Bills Patriots Patriots Decisive 15 point victory for those “has-been” Patriots.
Panthers vs Bengals Bengals TIE Game went to OT. And then they tied. The end.
Steelers vs Browns Browns Browns Steelers got whooped.
Packers vs Dolphins Packers Packers Breaking news: Packers resort to cheating with a fake spike to win.
Lions vs Vikings Vikings Lions Clearly I was drunk when I picked the Vikings to win anything.
Broncos vs Jets Broncos Broncos Broncos handled the Jets pretty handily on their own turf.
Ravens vs Buccaneers Ravens Ravens Ravens destroyed the Bucs. Lovie/Leslie: bad combo platter.
Jaguars vs Titans Titans Titans Just a 2 point victory for the Titans over the now 0-6 Jaguars.
Chargers vs Raiders Chargers Chargers Raiders came close, though.
Washington vs Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals A late interception killed any chance for Washington to tie.
Bears vs Falcons Falcons Bears Bears stomped the Falcons in their own house.
Cowboys vs Seahawks Seahawks Cowboys Seahawks were stunned by a fired up 5-1 Cowboys team.
Giants vs Eagles Eagles Eagles Giants were shut out. Let’s hope Victor Cruz & Sproles are ultimately ok.
49ers vs Rams 49ers 49ers Rams fought hard.
Week 6 Results Correct:11 Incorrect: 4
2014 Regular Season Correct:57 Incorrect:33

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