Oct 27

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2014 Week 8 Picks Results

Pretty good showing this week!


Match Up Pick Winner Commentary
Chargers vs Broncos Broncos Broncos Mile high oxygen sparse air and all that…
Lions vs Falcons Lions Lions A 1 point victory still counts. Just ask the Bills.
Seahawks vs Panthers Seahawks Seahawks They didn’t win by much but got the job done.
Ravens vs Bengals Ravens Bengals Bengals snapped their month long losing streak.
Dolphins vs Jaguars Dolphins Dolphins FINALLY I get the outcome of a Dolphins game right.
Rams vs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Rams scored early and then took a nap.
Bears vs Patriots Patriots Patriots Total blow out.
Bills vs Jets Bills Bills Apparently this would have been a hilarious game to watch.
Vikings vs Buccaneers Vikings Vikings Game went to OT. Anthony Barr had a Strip 6 to win the game!
Texans vs Titans Texans Texans Wasn’t really a contest.
Eagles vs Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals win in the end!
Raiders vs Browns Browns Browns Browns handled the Raiders just fine.
Colts vs Steelers Colts Steelers A real stunner for the Colts.
Packers vs Saints Saints Saints Packers took a beating. It was delicious.
Washington vs Cowboys Cowboys Washington Romo probably should have stayed in the locker room.
Week 8 Results Correct:12 Incorrect: 3
2014 Regular Season Correct:73 Incorrect:48

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