Nov 23

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Week Twelve: Vikings vs Packers

The Vikings continue to sail in stormy waters.

The Vikings continue to sail in stormy waters.

I will be honest. Like I always am.

I expected the Packers to put up >50 points on the Vikings today.

I was mentally prepared to be hopeless and disgusted for 3 hours. Instead the Vikings did something worse: they kept me thinking right up until the end that they might actually win the game.

And then, of course, they lost it.

And that’s the thing with this team… they can be stout on defense until they inexplicably collapse. The offense can get in a groove until… the music stops playing… or whatever was keeping them in sync stops.

Whatever it is, it’s hard to watch it week after week.

I often think people (specifically other NFL fans) don’t understand just how hard it is to be a Vikings fan – especially for those of us who have been watching the team since the days of Bud Grant. What’s the stat I saw recently? Something to the effect that since 1994, the Vikings have had over 20 different starting quarterbacks while the Packers had just Favre followed by Rodgers. Is it any wonder why us Vikings fans are often grumpy? Well – maybe it’s just me. I am grumpy. A lot.

Enough about that, though. We all know where we sit in the starting quarterback realm.

No Zimmerisms this week. There were technical difficulties with the live stream video (at least for me). He did seem reflective based on the comments I was able to hear. Will have to go back later and re-watch to see if I missed anything good.

Let’s break it down.

The Good

  • The game was competitive and the Vikings clearly showed that the Packers are not nearly as good as their record and the announcers say they are.
  • Kyle Rudolph is back.
  • Joe Banyard had his first NFL action and he was pretty good.
  • The Vikings converted an extra point to 2.
  • Josh Robinson was solid today.
  • Harrison Smith continues to be a shiny bright spot.

The Bad

  • It took until the 3rd quarter for the Vikings to have a sack. I like seeing Rodgers with his face planted in the turf, so that was irritating to me.
  • Judd Zulgad tweeted that Matt Kalil only has 4 – 5 bad plays a game. Sure seems like a helluva lot more than that. (And I found out later that Judd was actually mocking Kalil’s assessment of himself). Kalil is a huge bust.
  • Teddy Bridgewater’s accuracy. And continued interception issues. Clearly, he was forced to play too soon.

The Ugly

  • 3rd down efficiency: 38% so the offense remains terrible in converting.
  • The opponent’s 3rd down efficiency: 54% so the Vikings’ defense continues to allow conversions over half the time.
  • 7 penalties for 77 yards. Matt Kalil was the big offender here.

Next Up: Panthers. Maybe the Vikings can secure a win.

Until next week, Vikings brethren. Skol.

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