Dec 03

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2014 Week 13 Picks Results

Match Up Pick Winner Commentary
Lions vs Bears Lions Lions Sucks to be a Bears fan right now.
Eagles vs Cowboys Eagles Eagles Eagles are looking good.
Seahawks vs 49ers Seahawks Seahawks Not a surprising outcome.
Chargers vs Ravens Ravens Chargers A win by 1 point is a still a win…
Browns vs Bills Bills Bills Bills secured a win at home while the Manziel era has begun. Probably.
Titans vs Texans Texans Texans JJ Watt with another TD catch. Total blow out.
Washington vs Colts Colts Colts Andrew has Luck.
Giants vs Jaguars Giants Jaguars Jaguars improve to 2-11 and the Giants continue to implode.
Panthers vs Vikings Vikings Vikings Score was actually 17-13, Vikings if you ignore the 2 defensive TDs of blocked punts.
Saints vs Steelers Saints Saints Saints win on the road by 4 or so points.
Raiders vs Rams Rams Rams Raiders. What happened? 0 Points for them… 54 for the Rams.
Bengals vs Buccaneers Bengals Bengals Bengals, as expected. A 1 point win is still a win.
Cardinals vs Falcons Cardinals Falcons Cardinals are no longer the talk of the town.
Patriots vs Packers Patriots Packers Boo. I look forward to the Packers losing in the play-offs.
Broncos vs Chiefs Broncos Broncos Chiefs are not who we thought they were.
Dolphins vs Jets Dolphins Dolphins Close one – but the fins bring home the win.
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