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2014 Week 14 Picks

Match Up Pick Winner Commentary
Cowboys vs Bears Cowboys The Bears are bad. And I rejoice.
Steelers vs Bengals Steelers This could go either way, but Cinci has been unpredictable so I pick the Steelers.
Colts vs Browns Colts Luck has it. Luck, that is.
Lions vs Buccaneers Lions The Roar isn’t quite back but at least the beast is awake.
Texans vs Jaguars Texans The real question is: what will JJ Watt do?
Ravens vs Dolphins Ravens Dolphins will put up a fight, but I don’t think they’re going to win.
Jets vs Vikings Vikings It is with trepidation I pick the home team.
Panthers vs Saints Saints The Superdome is a hard place to play – or so I hear.
Giants vs Titans Giants Giants are all over the place this season but should be able to do this.
Rams vs Washington Rams Rams defense… pretty stout.
Chiefs vs Cardinals Cardinals Going with the home team even though they’ve stumbled.
Bills vs Broncos Broncos It’s Mile High.
49ers vs Raiders 49ers They haven’t looked themselves, but surely they can beat the Raiders…
Seahawks vs Eagles Seahawks Frankly this could go either way. I tossed a quarter. It picked the Seahawks.
Patriots vs Chargers Chargers Going with the home team.
Falcons vs Packers Packers As much as I hate them, they will probably win.
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