Oct 18

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2015 Week Six: Vikings vs Chiefs

The Vikings looked sluggish as they took the field. The defense dominated KC during the first half, making it look like the Vikings would have a fairly easy win. Then came the half-time adjustments. Which worked for the KC offense but not for the Vikings, in any phase. They managed to come away with a win, but it wasn’t a good one.

Enough with the intro. Let’s break it down.

There wasn't a whole lot of good today.

There wasn’t a whole lot of good today.

The Good

  • On the Chiefs’ first offensive drive, the Vikings forced a 3 and out.
  • Stefon Diggs made great contributions to the offense on the Vikings 2nd offensive drive and was dependable through out the game.
  • With under 5 minutes left in the 2nd quarter, Teddy managed to connect with Rudolph for an actual touch down.
  • The defense held strong during the 3rd quarter. The Chiefs were poised to score and the Vikings had already stuffed their runner on 3rd and inches. When the Chiefs went for it on 4th and inches, Sharrif Floyd tackled the runner behind the line of scrimmage. It was a tremendous defensive stand with a turnover on downs.
  • Blair Walsh wasn’t the problem today.

The Bad

  • After the Vikings forced a 3 and out on the Chiefs’ first offensive drive, #99 immediately got an illegal block in the back penalty. The “good” news was that Sherels hadn’t gotten any return yardage that the penalty would nullify. And yes, that’s sarcasm.
  • Poor tackling fundamentals continue to plague the Vikings. In the first quarter, there were several plays where multiple people missed a Chiefs runner and another play where it took 2 Vikings to take down Smith – and Kendricks barely did it with one hand. When in the heck is Zimmer going to address this very basic skill that (conceivably) every player in the NFL should possess?
  • The Vikings defense was very sluggish coming out of half-time. The Chiefs were able to clock more offensive yardage in one drive than they had in the entire first half. That is NOT how to “make adjustments” at half-time. I want to see this team come out of the tunnel fired up and ready to play.
  • 35% third down efficiency. It would be GREAT if the Vikings would address this at some point.
  • 55% pass completion rate for Teddy – with 2 INTs. I’m not an ad hoc QB Rating calculator person, but I can’t imagine Teddy’s will be very good for today.
I spent most of the game with this very expression on my face.

I spent most of the game with this very expression on my face.

The Ugly

  • Adrian Peterson’s performance. He continues to have issues maintaining control of the ball and he is not the same runner he used to be. He’s not showing patience; and while the o-line is pitiful, half the time it doesn’t look like he’s on the same page with the rest of the offense. It took until the 3rd quarter for Adrian to have positive yardage. Through the first half, Adrian had 16 carries for 1 yard.
  • Coming out of half-time the Vikings were generally a sloppy mess. The o-line had been terrible during the first half and that continued in the 2nd, with further deterioration. The defense put itself in do-or-die situations (needlessly). I’m a fan of NOT having to play like a hero. Be consistent & good – and you can pull ahead. And then the penalties…. there were too many, breaking the Vikings’ offensive and defensive rhythm.
  • The defense, for much of the 2nd half, was terrible.

The Inexplicable

  • On the Vikings first offensive drive, Bridgewater was intercepted in the end zone. Again. How many damn times is he going to make the same mistake. He better learn from it because I’m not watching this crap over and over.
  • Anthony Barr taunting the Chiefs right in front of the officials when the game was on the line and the Vikings’ defense had just made a critical stop. That kid might be talented, but he’s shown repeatedly that he doesn’t have a lick of common sense. You must be aware of where you are on the field.

So, I waited for the Vikings to return for 2 weeks and spent most of the game mad. While the team won, I think we can all agree that it wasn’t because they played well or deserved to. It was a pathetic performance by a team that should, on paper, be very good. In practice? We’ve seen that they rarely live up to their full potential.

How are you feeling about the Vikings this season?



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