Nov 22

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2015 Week Eleven: Vikings vs Packers

The 1st Border Battle game of the season took place in Minneapolis today. From the second the Vikings took to the field, they deserved to lose. The game plan was terrible The defense was terrible. The offense was barely able to produce a thing. This was a game the Vikings should have easily won and instead they let apathy and overconfidence and the worst officiating crew since the 2009 NFC Championship Game take it away from them. That’s the Vikings though; great at snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.

Let’s angrily break it down.

Stefon Diggs is a bright spot.

Stefon Diggs is a bright spot.

The Good

  • After a rough start during the 1st offensive drive, a toss from Teddy to Jarius Wright got the Vikings out of precarious position deep in their own territory.
  • The Vikings’ 2nd offensive series was delightful. A nice mix of early runs followed by a Teddy to Kyle Rudolph pass, that #82 traipsed into the end zone for a TD. I approve.
  • Jerrick McKinnon blocked a punt. That was the last good part of what happened next.
  • Zimmer finally dialed up some pressure on defense at the end of the 2nd quarter. Don’t ask me why it took him so damn long to go after Rodgers.
  • The Vikings offense finally came to life in the 3rd quarter with several completed passes and an AP rushing TD. Walsh even made the extra point.
  • Danielle Hunter took Eddy Lacy to the turf for a loss. It was brilliant and much welcomed since I was tired of seeing Eddy Lacy mowing people down with his considerable bulk.
Adrian Peterson wasn't doing anything that remotely resembled this today.

Adrian Peterson wasn’t doing anything that remotely resembled this today.

The Bad

  • The Vikings’ 1st offensive drive ended in the Packers’ territory with the Vikings punting after a failed 3rd down conversion. The Vikings continue to struggle in these conversions. If they want to dominate the division, they must get better on 3rd down conversions.
  • The Vikings 1st defensive appearance of the game was weak. Weak tackling, no pressure. We had the Packers pinned, McCarthy went for the 4th and 1 and ARodg used the hard count to dupe the defense into jumping off-sides. Which he does every week with defenses, so why the hell did we move? Net result: 3 points for the hated Green and Gold.
  • The Vikings defense was ineffective in the 2nd quarter, allowing the Packers’ Eddy Lacy look like he could run. With some long-needed pressure on Rodgers, the Vikings managed to hold the horrible team from Wisconsin to a field goal. At this point in the game, I was quite angry at the Purple & Gold.
  • In the mid-2nd quarter, the Vikings offense was in total disarray. Teddy was holding onto the ball too long, Peterson was jawing with the Packers’ defenders and the Vikings were going nowhere.
  • The Vikings first defensive stand at the start of the 2nd half, was pathetic. Eddy Lacy, who has no discernible talent – just a lot of bulk – kept getting the ball and the Vikings kept missing him. The half-time adjustments, if any, made zero difference. The Vikings did manage to hold the Packers to a field goal – but that was more because ARodg and his receivers were out of sync versus any actual defense exhibited by the Vikings.
  • Kalil has a bad toe and it shows. The offensive line had repeated failures throughout the game.
  • Brian Robison was injured and limped off the field late in the 3rd. Everson Griffen was hurt later in the game. The Packers just seemed determined to take people out today.
The absolute WORST officiating crew since January 2010 in New Orleans. Not even kidding.

The absolute WORST officiating crew since January 2010 in New Orleans. Not even kidding.

The Ugly

  • After the Vikings’ 1st TD, Walsh missed the extra point.
  • The Vikings 3rd offensive attempt was a mess. Between penalties and inability to move the ball, the Vikings went backwards. This offense should have been able to move the ball against the Packers.
  • The Packers smashed Teddy to the turf. In the process, there was a facemask, fingers to Teddy’s eyes and a general fat dude putting his full weight on Teddy. It’s a lot like suddenly Gregg Williams is coaching in Green Bay.
  • Terrence Newman completely ruined a defensive stand with a PI call at the end of the 2nd quarter. Everything past that was a complete cluster.
  • Norv Turner’s game plan was a complete pile of crap. To pour salt in the wound, the execution was equally as bad.
Between the officiating crew, the offensive line and Adrian Peterson, I basically had this expression on my face the entire game.

Between the officiating crew, the offensive line and Adrian Peterson, I basically had this expression on my face the entire game.

The Inexplicable

  • Stupid special teams play allowed the Packers a 69 yard return on a kick off after the Vikings missed the extra point. What the hell were the Vikings thinking? The net result, luckily, was only a field goal, allowing the Packers to tie it up.
  • Corderelle Patterson sighting included a head-butt to the kicker for a 15 yard penalty. Great.
  • The Vikings were on the move. Until Adrian Peterson fumbled in the 4th quarter. I have never liked him. And I still don’t. He’s been burning this team since December 2009 when he fumbled against the Bears in OT and cost the Vikings home field advantage. Never forgotten. Certainly not forgiven.
  • The officiating crew was horrendous. And completely one-sided when it came to giving penalties.


The game was a complete embarrassment, exacerbated by a horrendous officiating crew. This team better spend some time looking in the mirror this week. Especially Adrian Peterson. I am sick to death of his inability to hang onto the football.

See you next week. Hopefully we’ll have something to celebrate.



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