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2015 Week Nine: Vikings vs Rams

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous heading into this game. We’ve been hearing about Gurley and his running skills over and over and over. We didn’t see much of it early in the game, but he was a factor later. The Vikings won in overtime, but it was clear that without Bridgewater, we have nothing going on offense. With Teddy injured, we should all be concerned about what happens next week.

Let’s break it down.

Blair Walsh is a critical contributor on offense.

The Good

  • The Vikings defense started the game strong, forcing the Rams into a 3-and-out situation on their first offensive drive.
  • The Vikings’ 2nd offensive drive ended in an Adrian Peterson rushing TD.
  • Chad Greenway had several tremendous open field tackles on the day. Consistently underrated despite YEARS of excellent performance & leading the Vikings in tackles.
  • Xavier Rhodes had a strong performance in the game.
  • Captain Munnerlyn is having a tremendous season with the Vikings.
  • There was a Cordarrelle Patterson sighting.
  • Marcus Sherels had a great punt return in overtime, leading to a Blair Walsh game-winning field goal.
  • Linval Joseph stepped up after Audie Cole went down. With Kendricks out, we were on our 3rd string linebacker. Kudos to Joseph for stepping up and holding his own in the front four.
  • Blair Walsh. 15 consecutive field goals, 2 game winners in 2 weeks. It’s time for us to stop grousing about him and accept that he’s over his slump. Without him, the Vikings would be 4-4, potentially 3-5 if you consider just how many points he’s scored this season.

The Bad

  • The Vikings offense was a bit anemic coming out of the gate. While they did score on their opening drive, it was a field goal after several offensive missteps.
  • The Vikings defense gave up huge yardage on the Rams’ 3rd offensive drive. Foles was able to his Britt way down field and then Gurley drove it in for a TD. The bright spot was that the Rams went for a 2 point conversion and Gurley was stopped cold by a stout Minnesota defense.
  • Prior to his injury, Bridgewater was unable to really drive the offense down the field. He did rush for a TD and a 2 point conversion, but he missed a lot down field while he was in the game. If he’s going to continue to improve, the QB coaches need to focus on getting him used to going through his progressions quicker.
  • Injuries: Audie Cole hauled off in a cart with a fractured ankle, Teddy with a concussion. Various and sundry other injuries all due to the dirty coaching and antics of Gregg Williams.
  • The Vikings offense continued to be anemic, with the only points coming from Teddy Bridgewater (TD, 2 point conversion) as the game continued. This left the defense on the field for too long…
  • … which heralded the typical late Q3 defensive meltdown we’ve been seeing every week. The Vikings have to figure out how to play 60 solid minutes of football.

This monkey HATES Gregg Williams.

The Ugly

  • The Vikings’ offense really struggled to move the ball in the 2nd quarter. They were unable to secure any points off of drives that looked like they might go somewhere.
  • By the end of the 2nd quarter, the Rams offense was able to circumvent the Vikings’ defensive scheme, resulting in lots of time of possession and unanswered points.
  • Deep in the 2nd quarter, the Vikings defense completely melted down and were unable to stop the Rams. Net result: another 3 points for the Rams and the Vikings losing at the half.
  • The Vikings defense began its late 2nd half meltdown right on time. Maybe Zimmer will address that at some point.
  • Cheap hit after cheap hit by the Rams defense. See “The Inexplicable” for commentary on Gregg Williams and the NFL officials.

The Inexplicable

  • Greg Zuerlein kicked a 61 yard field goal in the 2nd quarter. He picks today to have a leg?
  • The Vikings came out of the gate in the 2nd half with a pretty good run by Cordarrelle Patterson. Almost immediately, Teddy threw yet ANOTHER interception in the end zone. I gotta admit – I am SICK TO DEATH of this happening over and over. Teddy needs to get it together.
  • Adrian Peterson’s inability to hang onto the ball.
  • How in the HELL is Gregg Williams allowed anywhere near a football team? By far, he is the dirtiest coach I’ve ever seen in my 40+ years of watching football.
  • The officiating in this game was atrocious. The NFL better take a long, hard look at their officiating crews. Past that, I have nothing more to say about it.

So, Vikings fans. Now we wait to see if Teddy will be able to play next week against the Raiders. Surely, without him, there’s no way the team beats Carr and the rest of the Raiders at home. If Teddy’s still out, we have Gregg Williams & his coaching philosophy to thank for another QB annihilation. That man is despicable.

See you next week!



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