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Oct 31

2016 Week Eight: Vikings vs Bears

This game was more painful than last week’s game to watch. It sucked and frankly I’m tired of the sub-standard product the Vikings are putting on the field. But – after 40+ years of watching this franchise, I should have expected this devolution sooner or later.

Let’s break it down.

I don't think it's too soon to say that the Vikings are going nowhere this season.

I don’t think it’s too soon to say that the Vikings are going nowhere this season.

The Good  (Yeah – there was nothing good)

  • One good thing about the 1st quarter: Jeff Locke’s punts.
  • The Bears incurred an unsportsman-like penalty on a Vikings 3rd down, giving the Vikings their first drive that wasn’t a 3 and out. The super-charged offense managed to put up 3 points. Barely.
  • The Vikings managed to score on a 4th down and 4 in the 4th quarter. No one cared because it wasn’t like they were moving fast enough to mount a come from behind thriller of a win. At this point, they were just going through the motions. And to prove that, with 5 minutes left, and 10 points down, they did not perform an onside kick and didn’t bother to get the Bears off the field in a 3 and out – they just let them march on down the field. Because that’s how the new Vikings roll.

The Bad

  • The Vikings first offensive drive went no where. Asiata couldn’t run it more than a yard or two, Bradford’s timing was off and the offensive line collapsed repeatedly, allowing pressure to affect the QB
  • The 2nd offensive drive was a 3 and out.
  • The 3rd offensive drive was a 3 and out.
  • .The entire 1st half sucked. All phases. Xavier Rhodes was the lone stand out.
  • I was THRILLED when the first half was over. I imagine I’ll be thrilled when the whole stupid game is over.
McNugget vs McNabb. What's the difference?

A McNugget could block better than TJ Clemmings.

The Ugly

  • Kearse doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing – The Bears’ Howard broke off a 50+ yard run – it was ugly and made me swear. Repeatedly. Somehow, the Vikings managed to hold the Bears to a field goal.
  • The offensive line is a complete and utter joke. Unbelievable.
  • Zimmer challenged the dumbest call ever and it cost him a time out. When a runner is declared down and the video shows him down, don’t challenge that stuff.
  • The 3rd quarter was terrible. It’s always fun to listen to the announcers talk about the lack of urgency of the Zimmer squad when they’re behind. And it’s true – so it’s not like we can dispute it. When the Vikings are down, Zimmer has NO URGENCY. And it’s infuriating – because we never have enough time to come back. Ridiculous. I don’t go after Zimmer often, but on this, the announcers are correct.
  • The 4th quarter, while it saw an actual passing TD, was terrible, too. This was the worst football I’ve seen since… last week.

The Inexplicable

  • How could the Vikings go from so great before the bye to such a BIG PILE OF CRAP after the bye? I mean, this team is terrible. And yes, I’m aware that we’ve suffered a ton of injuries – but the team that went into the bye had something special. This team? This team is going to lose ever single game for the rest of the season unless something drastic happens.
  • Did I mention no urgency? And middle of the field throws as the time wore down? I do not understand how the hell Zimmer could allow that to happen.

So that’s it for another week, Vikings brethren. The Vikings are 5-2 and clearly on the downward trend. We should have known this world happen – and probably, secretly, we did.

Here’s a poll.



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Oct 27

2016 Picks: Week Eight

Match Up My Pick Actual Result Points
Jaguars vs Titans Titans
Washington vs Bengals Bengals
Patriots vs Bills Patriots
Cardinals vs Panthers Panthers
Jets vs Browns Jets
Lions vs Texans Texans
Chiefs vs Colts Chiefs
Seahawks vs Saints Saints
Raiders vs Buccaneers Buccaneers
Chargers vs Broncos Broncos
Packers vs Falcons Falcons
Eagles vs Cowboys Cowboys
Vikings vs Bears Vikings
6 Teams on Bye: Dolphins, Rams, Giants, Ravens, Steelers, 49ers
Weekly Right-Wrong 0-0
6Season-To-Date Right-Wrong 75-32

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Oct 26

2016 Picks: Week Seven Results

Match Up My Pick Actual Result Points
Packers vs Bears Packers Packers 1
Giants vs Rams Giants Giants 1
Browns vs Bengals Bengals Bengals 1
Washington vs Lions Lions Lions 1
Raiders vs Jaguars Raiders Raiders 1
Saints vs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs 1
Bills vs Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins 1
Ravens vs Jets Ravens Jets 0
Vikings vs Eagles Vikings Eagles 0
Colts vs Titans Titans Colts 0
Charges vs Falcons Falcons Chargers 0
Buccaneers vs 49ers 49ers Buccaneers 0
Patriots vs Steelers Patriots Patriots 1
Seahawks vs Cardinals Seahawks TIE 0
Texans vs Broncos Broncos Broncos 1
2 teams on bye: Patriots, Cowboys      
Weekly Right-Wrong 9-6
6Season-To-Date Right-Wrong 75-32

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Oct 23

2016 Week Seven: Vikings vs Eagles

The game started out slow with the Eagles going 3 and out, and then the Vikings going 3 and out – until Locke sold a “hitting the kicker” penalty and the Vikings got another shot… which, they promptly squandered. Let me say for the 103rd time: the Vikings need to learn how to start fast and complete drives if they’re going to compete for a title – with or without that defense.

Let me use a few adjectives to describe the game: revolting, sloppy, bush league, unprofessional, pathetic. Do you disagree? If so, leave me a comment.

For me, this was a hard game to watch because it was the first time I really and truly doubted that the Vikings were as good as we thought they were. Coming off the bye they looked sluggish, imprecise, fatigued. Zimmer summed it up best when he said the offense was embarrassing.  Add to that a lack of urgency and low energy, I am VERY concerned that this team isn’t going to get their momentum back.

Sigh. Let’s go ahead and break this travesty of a game down.

Thank you Blair Walsh for points to avoid a shut out.

Thank you Blair Walsh for points to avoid a shut out.

The Good

  • Sendejo intercepted Wentz on the Eagles’ 2nd offensive series, taking the ball to the 3 yard line. See the Inexplicable for what happens next.
  • After Bradford’s interception, Wentz fumbled and Barr recovered. And what happened next? See The Inexplicable for the answer.
  • After Bradford was stripped and the Eagles recovered, Wentz tried to throw downfield and Xavier Rhodes decided he’d throw a wrench in that plan as he intercepted the ball.
  • The Vikings defense held the Eagles to no points and a punt on a drive that had previously been a march down the field. Since I write this in real time, I hope this heralds a momentum swing that favors the Vikings.
  • Late in the 2nd quarter, Bradford was able to connect with Thielen and Patterson for completions to help move the Vikings how the field.
  • The Vikings recovered a fumble late in the 4th.
  • The Vikings scored a TD. With 34 seconds left to play. Literally no one cared.
Marcus Sherels fumbled when we needed him to work his magic.

Marcus Sherels fumbled when we needed him to work his magic.

The Bad

  • On the first offensive drive, the Vikings got a 2nd chance at putting up some points and they couldn’t deliver.
  • Kyle Rudolph dropped a ball on a pass. Again. I don’t understand why he doesn’t show up 100% of the time.
  • Stefon Diggs was subjected to PI, and a ref threw a flag and then they decided, because the officials routinely prove they hate the Vikings, they picked up the flag and pretended it never happened.
  • Sendejo was injured on his interception. Ankle.
  • Walsh was able to put the first points for either team up on the board.
  • The Vikings started the 2nd half in the same crappy fashion they ended the 1st half. Make no mistake – this game wasn’t fun to watch at any point.
  • With only 6 minutes left in the game, Vikings players were strolling about with no sense of urgency at all. It was infuriating.

The Ugly

  • The o-line. It sucks and if that isn’t addressed (for real this time), the Vikings have no chance to win in the play-offs. You cannot have an ineffective offense, no matter how good your defense is.
  • Bradford’s timing was off or the o-line sucked so badly it made him look terrible.
  • Late in the 2nd quarter, the Eagles managed to break off a 21 yard run, which is unheard of for the Zimmer defense. This led to another 3 points for the Eagles.
  • The Vikings penalties. THE PENALTIES.
  • The Vikings were at the goal line for a 3rd time and handed it to Zach Line, who couldn’t convert a 3rd at 1. So they went for it and our own stupid left tackle blocked the hole Asiata was supposed to go through…. so we turned it over on downs.
It's been a while since I've had to dig out the angry monkey - but this very much resembles my own expression for nearly the entire game.

It’s been a while since I’ve had to dig out the angry monkey – but this very much resembles my own expression for nearly the entire game.

The Inexplicable

  • After Sendejo’s interception, Sam Bradford threw his first interception of the season in the end zone, thereby ending his no interception streak and knocking a little magic off the season. The Vikings, coming off the bye, were clearly not sharp.
  • After Barr recovered, Bradford was stripped of the ball and the Eagles recovered. You cannot make this stuff up. At this point in the game I was furious. Aren’t these people supposed to be professionals? It was Pop Warner all the way out there between Clemmings and Long – unbelievable.
  • Total turnovers in the 1st quarter: 5
  • Total points in the 1st quarter: 0
  • The Vikings special teams let the team down BIG TIME when they let the Eagles return a kick off for a TD. It was ridiculous. To make it worse, Harrison Smith managed to hit the kicker on the after point and gave the Eagles a chance to go for 2 points. Which they, of course, got.
  • Bradford was stripped of the ball yet again late in the 2nd quarter.
  • Marcus Sherels fumbled a punt, giving the ball right back to the Eagles. It was an unbelievable mistake.

So that’s week 7 in a nutshell my Vikings brethren. The Vikings are 5-1 and none of us feels good today.

How did today’s game influence how you feel about the Vikings?



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Oct 20

2016 Picks: Week Seven

Match Up My Pick Actual Result Points
Packers vs Bears Packers    
Giants vs Rams Giants    
Browns vs Bengals Bengals    
Washington vs Lions Lions    
Raiders vs Jaguars Raiders    
Saints vs Chiefs Chiefs    
Bills vs Dolphins Dolphins    
Ravens vs Jets Ravens    
Vikings vs Eagles Vikings    
Colts vs Titans Titans    
Charges vs Falcons Falcons    
Buccaneers vs 49ers 49ers    
Patriots vs Steelers Patriots    
Seahawks vs Cardinals Seahawks    
Texans vs Broncos Broncos    
2 teams on bye: Patriots, Cowboys      
Weekly Right-Wrong 0-0
Season-To-Date Right-Wrong 66-26

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Oct 18

2016 Picks: Week Six Results

Match Up My Pick Actual Result Points
Broncos vs Chargers Chargers Chargers 1
49ers vs Bills Bills Bills 1
Jaguars vs Bears Bears Jaguars 0
Rams vs Lions Lions Lions 1
Steelers vs Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins 1
Bengals vs Patriots Patriots Patriots 1
Panthers vs Saints Saints Saints 1
Ravens vs Giants Giants Giants 1
Browns vs Titans Titans Titans 1
Eagles vs Washington Washington Washington 1
Chiefs vs Raiders Raiders Chiefs 0
Cowboys vs Packers Packers Cowboys 0
Falcons vs Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks 1
Colts vs Texans Texans Texans 1
Jets vs Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals 1
2 Teams on a Bye: Vikings, Buccaneers      
Weekly Right-Wrong 12-3
Season-To-Date Right-Wrong 66-26

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Oct 13

2016 Picks: Week Six

Match Up My Pick Actual Result Points
Broncos vs Chargers Chargers    
49ers vs Bills Bills    
Jaguars vs Bears Bears    
Rams vs Lions Lions    
Steelers vs Dolphins Dolphins    
Bengals vs Patriots Patriots    
Panthers vs Saints Saints    
Ravens vs Giants Giants    
Browns vs Titans Titans    
Eagles vs Washington Washington    
Chiefs vs Raiders Raiders    
Cowboys vs Packers Packers    
Falcons vs Seahawks Seahawks    
Colts vs Texans Texans    
Jets vs Cardinals Cardinals    
2 Teams on a Bye: Vikings, Buccaneers      
Weekly Right-Wrong 0-0
Season-To-Date Right-Wrong 54-23

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Oct 12

2016 Picks: Week Five Results

Match Up My Pick Actual Result Points
Cardinals vs 49ers Cardinals Cardinals 1
Washington vs Ravens Washington Washington 1
Patriots vs Browns Patriots Patriots 1
Eagles vs Lions Lions Lions 1
Bears vs Colts Colts Colts 1
Titans vs Dolphins Dolphins Titans 0
Texans vs Vikings Vikings Vikings 1
Jets vs Steelers Steelers Steelers 1
Falcons vs Broncos Broncos Falcons 0
Bengals vs Cowboys Bengals Cowboys 0
Bills vs Rams Rams Bills 0
Chargers vs Raiders Chargers Raiders 0
Giants vs Packers Giants Packers 0
Buccaneers vs Panthers Panthers Buccaneers 0
4 teams on Bye      
Seahawks, Jaguars, Chiefs, Saints      
Weekly Right-Wrong 7-7
Season-To-Date Right-Wrong 54-23

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Oct 09

2016 Week Five: Vikings vs Texans

The game began at noon for the first time since US Bank Stadium opened. I like the noon games so I was glad we weren’t on in prime time for once. Don’t judge me.

The Texans proudly walked into the stadium at 3-1. They left with looks of confusion and a 3-2 record. Thanks for stopping by our house, boys. Come back again real soon… especially if a Marcus Sherels’ punt return for 75 yards is going to be more total yards than your first half offensive output. That was a good time.

But enough gloating and celebrating our blow out.

Let’s break it down.

Marcus Sherels increased his Vikings' Punt Return for a TD record at 5.

Marcus Sherels increased his Vikings’ Punt Return for a TD record at 5.

The Good

  • Jerrick McKinnon had some bursts of speed early during the first offensive series. The Vikings came into the game as the worst rushing offense (which is weird for us, I know), but it seems like McKinnon & Asiata are going to get better with more reps, based on what we’ve seen to date. Of course, that is very much dependent upon our offensive line and their ability to create some holes.
  • Adam Thielen caught a deep ball from Bradford for a TD just 3 and a half minutes into the 1st quarter. That’s right… not even 5 minutes into the game and the Vikings had a TD. The cherry on top: Blair made the extra point.
  • The Texans were held to a 3 and out on their first offensive series.
  • On the second Vikings offensive series, the Vikings marched down the field and Matt Asiata rumbled into the end zone, giving the Vikings a 2 TD lead with over 6 minutes left… in THE FIRST QUARTER. This is the way I’ve wanted the Vikings to start forever.
  • The Texans were held to a 3 and out on their second offensive series.
  • Marcus Sherels got his 5th career punt return TD. I know I say it all the time, but I love that kid. He’s fantastic. When I saw the punt coverage was so far behind the ball and Sherels had a bunch of room to work with, I just KNEW that kid was taking it to the house. I love how much success he has on the field.
  • Finally got the first pick (after a few drops) in the 3rd quarter. Andrew Sendejo picked off Osweiler, which was good because he was starting to gain some confidence and had begun to air it out a bit. A nicely timed interception like that will make the opposing QB doubt himself.
  • Patterson had a big reception for a 9 yard TD! Patterson sightings seem to be a staple these days. I’m glad Zimmer finally got him to turn his attitude around. We need everyone contributing if we’re going to play in January and February of 2017. If you know what I mean and I’m certainly not going to say anything out loud because we’re Vikings fans and we know what that means… if you know what I mean.
  • Adam Thielen had a career day.

The Bad

The Rhodes may be closed, but he needs to be careful with the costly 3rd down penalties.

The Rhodes may be closed, but he needs to be careful with the costly 3rd down penalties.

  • The Vikings’ 3rd offensive series was terrible. Two failed runs and a sack for a near-safety. Sirles jumped for a false start, moving the Vikings back 5 yards (nearly into their end zone) and the Locke punt was short, giving the Texans unbelievable field position at the Vikings’ 38 yard line. This was NOT a pretty series for the Vikings. Thankfully, Novak is like Walsh – only he kicks wide right.
  • The 4th offensive series ended with a field goal. Ok. I know that’s not actually bad, but it’s one of the worst things that happened to that point in the 2nd quarter. Live with my “bad” designation!
  • Harrison Smith missed an easy pick-6 in the 2nd quarter (yes, I’m reaching where I’m including things I think should have happened… but I need stuff for this category).
  • Xavier Rhodes drew a PI penalty for 40+ yards in the 2nd quarter. He should keep those to a minimum.
  • Xavier Rhodes drew a holding penalty, giving the Texans another 1st down. The only 1st downs the Texans were getting in the first half was off Rhodes’ penalties. He needs to clean that up. Subsequently, the Texans scored a field goal. It just proves that those penalties are costly and they give teams opportunities to score.
  • Anthony Barr drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the 3rd quarter.
  • The Vikings just kept racking up penalties all game and that was irritating. In the 4th quarter, the Texans got an automatic 1st down off a Munnerlyn hold.
Vikings need to clean up their sloppiness - especially on defense on 3rd down.

Vikings need to clean up their sloppiness – especially on defense on 3rd down.

The Ugly

  • In the 4th offensive series for the Vikings, the Texans blitzed and somehow, Bradford managed to hit Jarius Wright for a 3rd down conversion (which is the good part of this) but then took a tremendous hit. Dear O-Line – do NOT get my boyfriend killed!
  • At the end of the 2nd quarter, we had the Texans pinned at a 4th down… until Griffen decided to be offsides, resulting in another 1st down for the Texans that they didn’t actually earn.
  • The Vikings’ energy was low late in the 3rd quarter. I don’t know what happened, but the whole team just felt sluggish. Since I’m blogging in real time, I’m hoping that they get more energetic for the 4th quarter.

The Inexplicable

  • Clemmings allowed 2 sacks on the QB in the first half. He either needs to get some talent or some help. It’s probably easier to go with help… so what are Turner and Zimmer doing to ensure Sam’s safety back there?
  • Clemmings’ stupidity continued in the 2nd half. Couldn’t pick up the blocks and then a face mask penalty.

And so another week is in the hopper, my Vikings brothers and sisters. The running game is improving but it needs to improve faster and our o-line… holy frijoles… Clemmings needs some help before Bradford gets killed.

Before I go, I want to take a moment to recognize our coach, who (previously unbeknownst to me) walks through his team on the sideline shaking hands and slapping butts as the clock winds down, thanking guys for their efforts. I think this is terrific. I love Zimmer’s style.

How are you feeling about the season?


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