Oct 03

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2016 Week Four: Vikings vs Giants

To start the game, the Vikings won the toss and deferred. That generated some slightly less than stellar special teams play on the kick return with the Giants getting out to the 35 yard line. That was followed by some good defense which ended up with the Giants having to punt.

The Giants punted a lot tonight. And it was glorious.

Let’s break it down.

Sam Bradford... I'm in love.

Sam Bradford… I’m in love.

The Good

  • Let’s just take a moment and smile as we think about Mike Zimmer, our head coach. Close your eyes, think of his unsmiling face and revel in his short, terse sentences. This is our coach. And he’s amazing. Tough love, team first.
  • Praise Odin for Cordarrelle Patterson as a gunner, freaking out the Giants’ punt returner, Harris, forcing a muff and a Marcus Sherels recovery.
  • The Vikings’ offense managed to put up points in the first quarter. In Odin’s name, we perform a Vikings War Chant.
  • Jerrick McKinnon busted out a 25 yard dash on the Vikings’ 3rd offensive series. It was the Vikings’ longest run from scrimmage this season.
  • Everson Griffen was not having any screens for 1st downs happening on his watch tonight.
  • Seems like Cordarrelle Patterson got a new attitude and correspondingly, he’s being given more work. I hope he understands the value of putting the team above oneself now. Zimmer preaches what I call servant leadership; be a giver to your team and if everyone does what’s best for the team, the team itself rises.
  • The Bradford-Rudolph connection continues with another TD in the 2nd quarter.
  • While Stefon Diggs missed early, he came alive as the game went on.
  • Xavier Rhodes intercepted Eli in the 3rd quarter. It was pretty amazing. OBJ sulked and as I looked at the Sad Eli post-interception face I laughed as I thanked Odin & Thor.
  • Mid-4th quarter, McKinnon ran in for a TD and no one touched him. I did the war chant by myself in my house. I wanted to scream out “And there is your dagger!” but I’m a Vikings fan, so I don’t believe we’ve won until the time runs out and our points are greater than those of our opponents.
  • Anthony Barr came up with a huge play when he tipped the ball as the Giants tried to convert a 4th down. The pass fell incomplete to the turf and the defense held strong.
  • OBJ had his worst career game – and it was delightful because he behaves like a little toddler.
We all know this is our Achilles' Heel.

We all know this is our Achilles’ Heel.

The Bad

  • On the Giants’ first offensive drive, Kendricks completely whiffed a tackle and that miss resulted in a punt… but that was because the Giants were penalized twice. I give the defense a B on that first series. Some good play mixed with some good luck.
  • Bradford and the receivers were really struggling in the 1st quarter. Charles Johnson had alligator arms in the 3rd series, Adam Thielen was interfered with but the ball was underthrown (although catchable). Diggs missed a catch he would have caught last week.
  • TJ Clemmings was beat several times, allowing Bradford to be pressured into throwing the ball away. We had to settle for a nerve-wracking field goal in the 3rd quarter. Nerve-wracking, of course, because it was Blair Walsh lining up to kick it.
  • Kendricks missed an easy INT and I could cry about it… but why? We won.
There was nothing seriously terrible about tonight so let's look at a drunk Kyle Orton and remember when he was a Bear. And then a Bronco. Etc.

There was nothing seriously terrible about tonight (aside from Walsh) so let’s look at a drunk Kyle Orton and remember when he was a Bear. And then a Bronco. Etc.

The Ugly

  • In the first half, some of the coverage was pretty squishy and the Vikings missed several tackles they should have easily made. Net result, 3 points – 30% luck, 30% Giants penalties and then the skill of the defense at 40% of the reason why.
  • The running game – I know McKinnon broke one free, but we need the o-line to create some holes.
  • In the 4th quarter, general ineptitude on defense allowed a 67 yard screen pass…. clearly huge YAC. It was infuriating. That was followed by PI in the end zone to give the Giants more attempts at a TD. Great. Thanks Waynes.

The Inexplicable

  • Why the hell can the Vikings not get the offense together right out of the gate? I do not understand why the hell every week is like pulling teeth to get these guys moving.
  • Norv Turner’s trick plays confuse me. Like… why? We have a QB who can throw. Just play the game.
  • Why is Robbie Gould not in purple? Blair Walsh sucks.

So that’s it for another week my fellow Vikings cheerers!

Based on tonight’s performance, what’s your prediction for the season?


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