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2016 Week Nine: Vikings vs Lions

Ed Hochuli is terrible. I've never liked him and his crew and I never will. But they weren't really the problem today.

Ed Hochuli is terrible. I’ve never liked him and his crew and I never will. But they weren’t really the problem today.

The Vikings offense looked great on the first 4 plays or so… and then the first offensive series limped to a disappointing conclusion when Bradford’s pass was behind Thielen, who couldn’t complete the catch for a 3rd down conversion. I will say my initial reaction to the first series, while it wasn’t stellar, I will say it felt different – like maybe the Vikings could get into a winning rhythm that would carry them through the game.

Of course, that feeling was very, very wrong. The game was a pedestrian event, full of phantom calls on the Vikings and missed calls on the Lions, poor tackling fundamentals on the part of the Vikings and just generally was no fun to watch. I don’t know what happened to the magic we could all feel during the first 5 games of the season, but it’s gone and it ain’t coming back so we should all just recognize this is the same mentally weak, no killer instinct team it’s always been and while they may back into the play-offs, this team isn’t going anywhere. Again. And really, it’s for the best. They shouldn’t get what they haven’t earned.

There were signs of life when the Vikings were on offense in the middle of the 4th quarter (you know – until Zimmer challenged in an incredibly stupid fashion and the Vikings failed to convert the 4th down and inches – but a team that spends most of the game doing nothing on offense (aside from endangering their QB on every play) is not going to win many games.

I’m sorry if I’m bursting your bubble of hope – but in my world, hope is not a strategy, so you won’t find me peddling that here. Also – people who keep saying “have faith”… no. USE LOGIC. Your eyes are telling you all you need to know: this team has no fight in it. The fact that the Vikings defense allowed Stafford to march down the field and tie it up in the last 17 seconds of the game, and then score a TD on their 1st and only possession in OT tells us exactly what this team doesn’t have: heart and fight.

Let’s break this pathetic effort down.

The Vikings are not good. Let's just acknowledge that and stop expecting them to do anything good. It'll be less painful for us in the long run.

The Vikings are not good. Let’s just acknowledge that and stop expecting them to do anything good. It’ll be less painful for us in the long run.

The Good

  • Treadwell sighting – he completed his first NFL pass for a 1st down conversion today.
  • The Vikings managed a field goal in the 2nd quarter.
  • Greenway had a nice interception. Please see “The Ugly” for what happened next.
  • After an atrocious series before the half-time break, the Vikings defense came out and actually managed to hold the Lions (THE LIONS ffs) to a 3 and out. What a nice surprise.
  • Ronnie Hillman caught a screen for 32 yards midway through the 4th quarter.
  • Stefon Diggs had a good day.


This team. It'll break our hearts every single time.

This team. It’ll break our hearts every single time.

The Bad

  • The Vikings defense was looking good until they let Riddick bust out a 42 yard run in the Lions’ first offensive series. Missed tackles and a poor defensive call on Zimmer’s part. Let’s just say that wouldn’t be the last time the defense didn’t look good.
  • Lions were first to score on a Prater field goal midway through the 1st quarter. This was a direct result of the Vikings’ defensive failure on the Riddick run a couple of plays earlier. While the defense ultimately got a stop and held the Lions to 3 points, those were 3 points the Lions had no business scoring. And those wouldn’t be the last points the Lions had no business scoring – but if our defense doesn’t care, why should I?
  • Several members of the defense are still trying to knock people down. TACKLE THEM. I hate watching mediocre technique.
  • The O-Line is so crappy, it almost got Bradford killed numerous times. In fact, Bradford had to be checked for concussion symptoms after the tissue paper-like o-line let him get driven into the turf. Again.
With Norv gone, guess who needs to go next?

With Norv gone, guess who needs to go next?

The Ugly

  • Greenway’s interception was completely wasted on a TJ Clemmings false start, a bogus illegal block to the back call against the Vikings because Ed Hochuli and his band of idiots couldn’t officiate their way out of a wet paper bag… and the Vikings essentially just “stunk up the joint” as my dad used to say.
  • Penalties in the red zone – the Vikings have no discipline. Have I mentioned that they’re mentally weak? Well, they are and their stupid penalties and inability to capitalize on big plays proves it.
  • Speaking of mentally weak, Blair Walsh missed an extra point on the Rudolph TD. Blair Walsh is a huge liability and why the Vikings don’t do something about that is beyond me.
  • Blair Walsh missed a field goal.
  • Waynes intercepted Stafford in the 4th quarter, but Griffen was off-sides so it didn’t count.
I don't know what happened to this team, but it's no longer fun to watch.

I don’t know what happened to this team, but it’s no longer fun to watch.

The Inexplicable

  • How the hell is a complete officiating HACK like Ed Hochuli still employed in the league??? He and his crew suck and their anyone-but-the-Vikings bias was on display early and often.
  • The Vikings defense has degraded – everything from poor play calling to a complete abandonment of tackling fundamentals. Why?
  • The Vikings defense let the Lions execute on a 17 play drive right before the half, culminating in a passing TD. Totally pathetic defensive showing by what should be the premier defense in the league.
  • Challenging a call in the red zone, wasting a time out, when McKinnon was clearly short.
  • NOT converting a 4th down and inches just yards from the end zone. Of course, we couldn’t kick a field goal because we were down by 4 points and really needed a TD – but the o-line sucked so…

That’s Week 9, Vikings friends. The mediocre offensive reign of Norv Turner is over – but Shurmur had no answers today, either (which was not helped by Walsh’s crap effort). In my opinion, the team is done and they’re so mentally weak, they’re not going to make it back.

How are you feeling about the Vikings, and what do you really think happened with Norv & the Vikings?




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