Nov 13

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2016 Week Ten: Vikings vs Washington

The Vikings were coming off a 3 game losing streak as they entered this game. Due to their extremely pathetic effort today, they’ve stretched that losing streak to 4 games.

They are truly terrible. All 3 phases terrible. Really and truly terrible.

I don’t really feel like doing this, but let’s break it down anyway.

The game was NOT fun to watch.

The game was NOT fun to watch.

The Good

  • Nothing good happened in the 1st quarter.
  • The 2nd quarter actually brought a change of momentum. 1st, a 1 yard run by Asiata finally got the Vikings on the board, bringing the score to 14-7 Washington. The Vikings defense was stout on Washington’s next offensive series, which gave the Vikings offense another shot. Bradford managed to hit a rhythm (6 for 6) with Diggs and Rudolph doing the yeoman’s work. The drive culminated in a Bradford to Rudolph connection for a passing TD. Walsh managed to convert the PAT and that brought the game to 14-14.
  • On Washington’s next offensive series, Sendejo forced a fumble and the Vikings recovered. Bradford immediately through it down field to Diggs, who brought it in at the 5 yard line of Washington. A couple of go-nowhere plays were forgotten when Bradford hit Thielen for a TD. However, Blair Walsh shanked the PAT and that REALLY needs to be dealt with. Right. Now.
  • The Vikings held Washington’s offense to 3 points at the start of the 3rd quarter. Because Walsh missed the PAT earlier in the game, this brought Washington to within 3 points. (This last part is not good, to be clear)
  • Two highlights: Thielen and Diggs. They made some key plays.
  • I worked REALLY hard to find some good. And that’s ALL of it.
Get Walsh out of here. Now.

Get Walsh out of here. Now.

The Bad

  • The Vikings’ first offensive series was terrible. 3 and out. It completely lacked imagination or anything resembling creativity.
  • Kendricks was back for a series before being injured by Anthony Barr. Hip injury – no further information available yet.
  • The Vikings defense was bad against the run in the 1st quarter and they were worse against the pass. All around a wholly uninspiring effort.
  • The Vikings let Washington score an easy passing TD in the first minute of the 2nd quarter. It was pathetic. The Vikings defense was weak and soft. The whole effort for the purple and gold was pathetic.
  • In the 2nd quarter, the Vikings’ lack of discipline continued to plague them. Penalties galore continued through the first half. All around a terrible effort that wasn’t worth watching. Frankly, I should have turned off the game. Luckily I didn’t… because you read what happened in the good section!
  • The Vikings defense started to wane again in the 3rd quarter, allowing Washington to score another field goal, bringing the game to a tie.
  • Bradford was intercepted off a tipped ball.
Did I mention that the Vikings are terrible? No heart, no fight, NO GRIT.

Did I mention that the Vikings are terrible? No heart, no fight, NO GRIT.

The Ugly

  • On Washington’s first offensive series, the Vikings’ prevent defense allowed them to just march right down the field. The Vikings were worthless against the run and Cousins’ passing
  • attack. Tackling fundamentals were garbage. And even worse? Both Kendricks and Barr were hurt on the drive. To cap it all off, Washington scored a TD.
  • The Vikings cannot convert 3rd and short. They. Can. Not. Cannot. It’s so frustrating. The offensive line is garbage and even bringing in help to chip block or doing a hard count to pull the opponent offsides does not work.
  • Jake Long went down, probably for the season. Clearly the reason he was available was the reason he was available.

The Inexplicable

  • Defensive tackling fundamentals have degraded to Pop Warner levels
  • Sloppy is as sloppy does. The Vikings and their penalties are just really frustrating.
  • The Vikings’ 2nd “offensive” series was exactly that: offensive. They almost had 2 great plays by Hillman and Rudolph. What happened to those gains, you ask? PENALTIES. Because whatever discipline that Vikings squad had disappeared during the bye week. Truly an atrocious effort.
  • The Vikings cannot get 1 YARD when they need it. Not at mid-field. Not at the goal line. Not anywhere. It’s pathetic.

So, that’s it for week 10. Whatever magic this team possessed in the first 5 weeks has dissipated and the team has regressed to the mean, looking like the mediocre team we’ve come to expect since the 2009 NFCCG.

What do you think is wrong with the Vikings?



A side note about me. Today was the first time I’ve watched a football game without at least one of my cats by me since the 1996 season. On 9/20/2016, I had to put Smoke to sleep. She was almost 22. On Friday, I had to put my little buddy Santana to sleep. She spent many games draped across my arms as I’d blog. She was almost 23. I will put a picture of them here in tribute as they loved the Vikings, too.

Smoke (the grey one, 1995 - 2016) and Santana (the tuxedo, 1994 - 2016).

Smoke (the grey one, 1995 – 2016) and Santana (the tuxedo, 1994 – 2016).

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