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Sep 19

Week Three Picks

It’s a new week with all new match ups. I’m 21-11 in my picks heading into week 3. Let’s see how I do with these!

Match Up Pick
Chiefs vs Eagles Chiefs
Texans vs Ravens Ravens
Giants vs Panthers Giants
Packers vs Bengals Packers
Rams vs Cowboys Cowboys
Browns vs Vikings Vikings
Buccaneers vs Patriots Patriots
Cardinals vs Saints Saints
Chargers vs Titans Chargers
Lions vs Redskins Redskins
Falcons vs Dolphins Falcons
Bills vs Jets Bills
Jaguars vs Seahawks Seahawks
Colts vs 49ers 49ers
Bears vs Steelers Bears
Raiders vs Broncos Broncos

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Sep 17

Week Two Pick Results

Coming into this week, I was at 10-6. This week, 11-5, leaving me at 21-11 so far this season.


Correct Incorrect
Patriots Colts
Falcons Cowboys
Ravens Eagles
Bills 49ers
Bears Steelers

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Sep 15

Week Two Picks

Here are my week 2 picks:


Match Up Pick
Patriots vs Jets Patriots
Rams vs Falcons Falcons
Browns vs Ravens Ravens
Panthers vs Bills Bills
Bears vs Vikings Bears
Redskins vs Packers Packers
Titans vs Texans Texans
Dolphins vs Colts Colts
Cowboys vs Chiefs Cowboys
Chargers vs Eagles Eagles
Lions vs Cardinals Cardinals
Saints vs Buccaneers Saints
Broncos vs Giants Broncos
Jaguars vs Raiders Raiders
49ers vs Seahawks 49ers
Steelers vs Bengals Steelers

Those are my picks. I’m 10-6 on the year. We’ll see how I do!


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Sep 15

Week One Pick Results

Results from Week One:

Correct Incorrect
Broncos Panthers
Patriots Vikings
Bears Buccaneers
Dolphins Steelers
Colts Giants
Chiefs Redskins

So, I’m 10-6 for week one. Let’s see what week 2 brings.

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Sep 05

Week One Picks

It’s a whole new football season full of possibilities. Week One is always brings some interesting – and often unexpected – results. Strong teams from the previous year can fall, the Lions might start strong and locker room dynamics during the off-season can influence how teams start out of the gate. All of this conspires to make prognosticating winners more difficult since preseason doesn’t really tell us much about how teams are going to gel.

All that being said, here are my Week One picks.

Ravens vs Broncos: Last time these 2 teams met up, the Ravens came out triumphant, which led to their Super Bowl appearance. Peyton Manning is unwilling to rehash last year’s play-off loss. I’ll help him: hey, Peyton. You lost! Moving on… this one is being played in Mile High Stadium. I think Manning is going to fight like hell to bring retribution to the Raven’s for last year’s play-off loss. Broncos, 24-20.

Patriots vs Bills: Tom Brady takes on Ryan Fitzpatrick. Bills enter this one the underdog… and likely walk out of this one with a loss under their belts. Patriots, 28-17.

Seahawks vs Panthers: Seattle will have undercover cops at the game. One person they won’t find is Percy Harvin. Pete Carroll also has to face the possibility that Marshawn Lynch won’t be able to play. He’s currently questionable. Meanwhile, the Panthers have listed RB Jonathan Stewart as questionable as they await doctor approval on his surgically repaired ankle. Prevailing wisdom says that the one team who made the play-offs last year wins this game. Despite that, I think the Panthers might pull this one out. Panthers, 21-17.

Bengals vs Bears: He may be retired, but Brian Urlacher is letting loose some secrets of the Bears’ game planning – which includes faking injuries. For week one, I think home field has the advantage here. Bears, 24-21.

Dolphins vs Browns:  Dolphins, 20-17

Vikings vs Lions:  Vikings 24-21

Raiders vs Colts:  Colts, 28-24

Chiefs vs Jaguars:  Chiefs, 24-17

Falcons vs Saints: Saints, 27-14

Buccaneers vs Jets: Bucs, 23-19

Titans vs Steelers: Steelers, 28-24

Packers vs 49ers:  49ers, 27-20

Cardinals vs Rams: Rams, 20-19

Giants vs Cowboys: Giants, 21-17

Eagles vs Redskins:  Redskins, 28-24

Texans vs Chargers:  Texans, 23-14


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Nov 04

Week 9 Picks

Week 9 Picks:

Chiefs vs Chargers:  Chargers by 7.

Broncos vs Bengals:  Broncos by 3.

Ravens vs Browns:  Ravens by 7.

Cardinals vs Packers: Packers by 10.

Bills vs Texans: Texans by 10.

Dolphins vs Colts:  Dolphins by 3.

Lions vs Jaguars:  Jaguars by 3.

Bears vs Titans:  Bears by 10.

Panthers vs Redskins:  Redskins by 7.

Buccaneers vs Raiders: Buccaneers by 7.

Vikings vs Seahawks:  Seahawks by 7.

Steelers vs Giants:  Steelers by 3.

Cowboys vs Falcons:  Falcons by 7.

Eagles vs Saints:  Saints by 7.

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Oct 21

Week 7 Picks

49ers vs Seahawks: 49ers by 7.

Titans vs Bills: Titans by 3.

Cowboys vs Panthers: Panthers by 6.

Ravens vs Texans: Texans by 3.

Browns vs Colts: Colts by 7.

Cardinals vs Vikings: Vikings by 3.

Redskins vs Giants: Giants by 7.

Packers vs Rams: Packers by 7.

Saints vs Buccaneers: Bucs by 3.

Jets vs Patriots: Patriots by 10.

Jaguars vs Raiders: Raiders by 3.

Steelers vs Bengals: Bengals by 3.

Lions vs Bears: Bears by 3.

Those are my picks this week.

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Oct 14

Week Six Picks

Here are my picks this week:

Steelers vs Titans: via Twitter, Steelers by 10.

Raiders vs Falcons: Falcons by 14.

Cowboys vs Ravens: Ravens by 7.

Bengals vs Browns: Bengals by 10.

Rams vs Dolphins: Dolphins by 3.

Colts vs Jets: Colts by 3.

Lions vs Eagles: Eagles by 7.

Chiefs vs Buccaneers: Bucs by 7.

Bills vs Cardinals: Cardinals by 3.

Patriots vs Seahawks: Patriots by 10.

Giants vs 49ers: 49ers by 7.

Vikings vs Redskins: Vikings by 7.

Green Bay vs Texans: Texans by 3.

Broncos vs Chargers: Chargers by 7.

Those are my picks this week. Let’s see how I do!


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Sep 26

Week Three Picks Recap

Well, coming into Week 3, I was at 18-14 in my picks. Let’s see what happened after Week 3 was in the hopper.

Giants vs Panthers: Panthers by 7
Wrong. The Panthers could only score 7 points.

Rams vs Bears: Bears by 4
Right. The Bears looked better – but beatable!

Bills vs Browns: Bills by 7
Right. But Spiller took a spill.

Buccaneers vs Cowboys: Cowboys by 3
Right. Cowboys eke out a win despite themselves.

Jaguars vs Colts: Jaguars by 3
Right. Indeed, the Jaguars win.

Jets vs Dolphins: Jets by 7
Right. But by 3 in OT.

49ers vs Vikings: 49ers by 10
Wrong. And, I must say, I’m happy to be wrong!

Chiefs vs Saints: Saints by 3
Wrong. Saints 0-3. I like it.

Lions vs Titans: Lions by 7
Wrong. Stafford went down with an injury, Shaun Hill got them in position to make a comeback… but, alas, it was not to be.

Bengals vs Redskins: Redskins by 7
Wrong. Dalton out-performed RGIII. Fascinating.

Eagles vs Cardinals: Cardinals by 3
Right. Although the score was much more in favor of the Cardinals. What the heck is going on in AZ?

Falcons vs Chargers: Falcons by 7
Right. Falcons have momentum.

Texans vs Broncos: Broncos by 3
Wrong. Broncos started really slow and could never catch up.

Steelers vs Raiders: Steelers by 7
Wrong. Last second FG sealed the deal for the Raiders after DHB went down in a scary collision.

Patriots vs Ravens: Patriots by 7
Wrong. Patriots have lost their mojo. Or the Ravens found theirs.

Packers vs Seahawks: Packers by 7
Wrong. Hilarious!

So, with my 7-9 performance this week, my new total is 25-23.  I’m going to need to step up my pick performance if I’m going to do as well as I did last year.


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