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Aug 15

Preseason Game 1: Vikings vs Buccaneers

Preseason Week 1 and the Vikings won; and that’s great! But… the Vikings could have won big if only they had maintained intensity and rigor for 60 minutes. The starters looked solid and then the play just kind of devolved into a sloppy mess from there, causing me to mentally check out in the middle of the 4th quarter.

Teddy was in control tonight.

Teddy was in control tonight.

The Good

  • The Vikings held the Bucs to a 3-and-out on their second offensive drive.
  • Bridgewater is looking amazing – accurate, crisp and decisive. Teddy went 7 for 8 for 86 yards tonight. Preseason to date, he’s at 12 of 14 for 130 yards for a QB rating of 105.4
  • Jerrick McKinnon looks just as speedy as  last season.
  • Robert Blanton made a great play at the 1 yard line to hold the Bucs to a field goal on their first scoring drive.
  • Antone Exum had a great interception early in the 2nd quarter.
  • Everson Griffen had a nice sack in the 1st quarter.
  • Shaun Hill hit Cordarrelle Patterson in the end zone for 6 after Exum’s interception. A great way to rectify his earlier performance and for Cordarrelle Patterson to prove he can be an effective end zone target.
  • Shaun Hill hit Adam Thielen in stride for an excellent TD late in the 2nd quarter.
  • Blair Walsh has had a perfect season for extra points after the change, moving the ball to the 15 yard line.
  • The Hill-Thielen connection was strong in the 2nd quarter, resulting in a QB rating of 154.4 for Hill according to Paul Allen.
  • Zimmer’s interview during half-time made me laugh when he referenced “3 boneheaded plays” during the first half.
  • Blair Walsh hit a 42 yard field goal early in the 3rd quarter. Let’s hope we see a regular season performance reminiscent of his rookie year.
  • Eric Kendricks had some skills on display tonight. Will be interesting to see how that develops.
  • Mike Zimmer is 6-0 in the preseason. What I’d love is 16-0 in the regular season! I’ll take 11-5 though, in a pinch.
Sloppy play was exacerbated by stupid penalties.

Sloppy play was exacerbated by stupid penalties.

The Bad

  • The Vikings’ first drive was a bit anemic and resulted in only 3 points.
  • The Vikings’ second drive ended in a punt. The starters couldn’t put any points on the board against the Bucs’ starters on the drive.
  • The Vikings failed to successfully execute a 2-point conversion attempt after their first touch down. I like when Zimmer is aggressive, but clearly the execution needs to be there. The Vikings were also penalized for tripping on the failed attempt.
  • Shaun Hill’s first drive was less than auspicious, ending in a big sack for a loss.
  • After Exum’s interception early in the 2nd quarter, Shaun Hill started the offensive drive with an incomplete pass to Stefon Diggs. Later performance looked better so he may have just needed to knock the rust off.
  • The Vikings’ defense were able to get after Jameis Winston well in the 6 series the Bucs’ QB played.
  • Vikings D allowed Winston to run in a TD late in the 2nd quarter, breaking their 9 preseason quarters without allowing a TD streak. Paul Allen will be sad since he seemed extremely proud of that fact just prior to the TD. Sorry Paul!
  • Zach Line coughed up the ball on a carry at the very end of the 2nd quarter, leaving the Bucs with the ball and 25 seconds to do something with it.
  • Taylor Heinicke had a rough first series.
  • Early in the 3rd quarter, the Vikings drew a false-start penalty and immediately followed that with a Banyard fumble resulting in a turn-over. On the sidelines, Zimmer shook his head in disgust and I was with him on that.
  • Dominique Williams coughed up the ball on the goal line, resulting in a touchback for the Bucs.
This stuff is not good.

This stuff is not good.

The Ugly

  • Phil Loadholt looked to have suffered a serious lower leg injury during the first offensive series. Initial reports are now saying his injury is a torn Achilles, which is a season-ending injury from what I’ve seen. Assume we’ll get a full update from Zimmer after the game or tomorrow as the salient details are known.
  • Missed tackles. I’m tired of them.
  • Sloppy play – from penalties to turnovers. Zimmer will be very unhappy with this team post-game.
  • In the 3rd quarter, the Vikings’ defense was tripped up by a no-huddle offense and some general sloppiness. The end result was the Bucs basically walking into the end zone untouched. Let’s hope Zimmer takes care of that quickly.

The Inexplicable

  • Patterson taking an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty for taunting. When is that dude going to realize that he just needs to play and keep his mouth shut? Sometimes he reminds me of Percy Harvin or maybe the other 84 who only ever played when he felt like playing. Not good!

That’s the first preseason game, my Vikings friends. Based on tonight’s performance, what are your predictions for the Vikings’ 2015 Season?


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Aug 09

2015 Preseason: Hall of Fame Game

It’s a new season. A new chance for the Vikings to triumph. The question we always ask ourselves as Vikings fans is: will they?

The Hall of Fame Game is never played at anything that even resembles the same intensity as a regular season game. I think we can still learn a little about what the Vikings will look like this year. Let’s break it down.

Football is finally here!

Football is finally here!

The Good

  • The Vikings won. Preseason or not – I’ll take it.
  • Everson Griffen looks to be a great shape.
  • Marcus Sherels still looks speedy. He’s always been a favorite of mine so I’m hoping for some improved decision making from him this year.
  • Bridgewater’s first play was a snappy screen to Kyle Rudolph for an immediate first down. He was great for most of the first drive. One throw was a little low – but hey – it’s the preseason!
  • Zimmer had the defense looking aggressive early in the game.
  • Audie Cole sighting! Tipped a pass during the Steelers’ 2nd drive and is currently the starting mike, according to the unofficial depth chart. I like that move.
  • Matt Asiata picked up 18 yards on a great run. The o-line did a great job moving the action away from the ball carrier.
  • The Vikings scored a touch down in the 1st half!  Mike Kafka to MyCole Pruitt for 34 yards.
  • The Vikings managed to avoid a ton of penalties, although Trattou had a face-mask at the end of the first half and Waynes got flagged for holding at the start of the 2nd half. Sloppy mistakes.
  • Stefon Diggs had a great punt return and, according to the analysts, he’s been making some seriously good catches in practice. If he makes the team, we may have a chance to assess his skills in a higher pressure environment.
  • Brian Peters stripped a ball for a turnover right after the Vikings had turned the ball over (as referenced below in the “Bad” section).
  • Joe Banyard looks to be fairly speedy – good acceleration coming out of the backfield.
  • Heading into the 4th quarter, the Vikings defense still looked aggressive. I hope that is the theme for 2015 – I would love to see the Vikings have a disruptive defense feared by the other 31 teams. Impossible, you say? Well – a girl can dream…
  • It was nice to see the Vikings scoring touchdowns instead of field goal after field goal. Let’s hope that type of performance continues into the regular season.
Blair Walsh isn't performing like he did rookie year.

Blair Walsh isn’t performing like he did rookie year.

The Bad

  • The first drive ended in a non-converted 4th down attempt. Would have been great to see some real holes opened by the o-line on a 4th and 1. Even with a fullback, the Vikings couldn’t convert. No reason to not be aggressive in the play calling in the preseason; hope Zimmer takes some calculated chances in the regular season.
  • Steelers converted a 4th and 1 on the drive immediately following the one in which the Vikings did not. Preseason or not, we need to see those results reversed.
  • Still seeing a plethora of missed tackles out there. Gotta assume that Zimmer isn’t going to be happy with that, whether this is preseason or not. He strikes me as the kind of guy who isn’t going to accept low effort/lack of heart performances from anyone who wants a starting spot.
  • Blair Walsh didn’t make his first 48 yard field goal attempt. He didn’t consistently boot the ball out of the back of the end zone, either. Was his rookie season an anomaly? Is this the performance he’s settling into?
  • Mike Kafka… really?
  • Jeff Locke often makes me miss Chris Kluwe for actual football reasons, not just his social commentary.
  • Chase Ford basically handed a mishandled ball to the Steelers defense, causing a turn-over that will go down as an interception for Heinicke.
This capuchin monkey isn't happy with this stuff!

This capuchin monkey isn’t happy with this stuff!

The Ugly

  • Steelers converted a 3rd and 14 with ease. Yeah, I know it’s the preseason, but let’s recognize that the Vikings’ defense has had a history of allowing the opponent to convert 3rd downs with relative ease. I’m hoping for a big change there this year as Zimmer heads into his 2nd year as a head coach.
  • Vikings came out of the gate in 2nd half with Heinicke at the helm and… punted it away after failing to convert a 3rd down. Locke punted it right out of the end zone for a touch back.

The Inexplicable (at least for now)

  •  Trae Waynes was a 1st round pick? He got totally burned, committed blatant pass interference and generally didn’t impress. Had to agree with Collingsworth (as much as that hurt): good thing he’s getting his ego right-sized in the preseason. Cris also said he was going to be a very good player in the league. I’ll be the judge of that, Cris!
  • Mick Tinglehoff wasn’t mentioned until very late (less than 4 minutes remaining) in the 4th quarter. I understand he wasn’t a first-ballot nominee, but the Vikings were one of the two selected teams to play the game and they should have mentioned him earlier and they should have provided him the same coverage. Especially given his short term memory loss from playing the sport (which the announcers mentioned in passing).

And that’s that, my Viking brethren. The first of 5 preseason games is in the hopper. I kind of like the fact that the Vikings have this extra preseason game. Hopefully it will give us a strong start to the regular season!

Based on what you saw tonight, what’s your prediction for the 2015-2016 Vikings season?


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Oct 12

Week Six: Vikings vs Detroit

The Vikings are 2-4 Vikings Nation. Not where we wanted to be.

Where to start with this game? I could talk for days about the atrocity that is the offensive line. Or I could drone on about needless penalties. Or I could lament the lack of Cordarrelle Patterson in Norv Turner’s offense, who I believe may be completely demotivating Mr. Patterson with his offensive “game planning”. Should we talk about turn-overs? Oh, so much to say.

But first, let’s start with some of my favorite quotes from Coach Mike Zimmer in my new post-game section, “Zimmerisms”.

Coach Zimmer isn't taking any crap from undisciplined dodos.

Coach Zimmer isn’t taking any crap from undisciplined dodos.


  • “I’m the boss. Their job is to please me. Not the other way around.” (This nearly contained an “f” bomb!)
  • “This team cares. When things are going good we are pretty good… Trust me, we are going to get disciplined.
  • “I expected better today. It was disappointing.”
  • “I’m extremely disappointed about this loss. I can handle getting beat, but I can’t handle getting our butts whipped like that.”
  • “They kicked our butts.”
  • “We didn’t block guys… and until we can figure out that this game is about blocking and tackling and catching the ball… doing your job, we’re going to have results like this.”
  • “I think we physically got beat.”
  • On Cordarrelle Patterson: “if he wants the ball he has to get open”.
  • Question: “Overall, were you pretty pleased with the defense?” After a long pause, Zimmer shook his head and said “I don’t know… (pause) we were better on 3rd downs.”
  • Not a direct quote, but Zimmer said he’s been fining players for showing up late to meetings and treatment. And those fines are about to go to the max allowed. Quote: “Those fines are going to start going to the max. I’m tired of it.” My thoughts: a) he’s pissed about it, otherwise a head coach wouldn’t say this to the press and b) money talks and that money is saying that Zimmer isn’t taking any amateur crap from a bunch of kids. I like this coach!
Teddy has lots of upside at this point.

Teddy has lots of upside at this point.

The Good

  • The Vikings have some new players and a new head coach this week. Leading the team is “Don Zimmer”. New players: CORD-ar-elle Patterson. Matt Ahzee-AY-ta. Brian ROBE-isson.
  • It was still just 10-0 going into the 4th quarter. It felt like it should have been 34-0 at that point. 9 missed points on fields goals helped…. speaking of which…
  • Prater is not the answer to the Lions’ field goal problem, ensuring that the beating the Vikings took didn’t look as bad if you just looked at the score.
  • The defense finally found a bit of a groove in the game but it wasn’t enough.
  • Bridgewater didn’t give up. Despite multiple tipped passes for INTs, a number of dropped balls and a continually collapsing pocket, he kept soldiering on.
  • There was a Greg Jennings sighting.
  • The Vikings weren’t completely shut out. At home. On a nice day.
Is Robison only good when Jared Allen is on the other end?

Is Robison only good when Jared Allen is on the other end?

The Bad

  • Dropped balls. Asiata. Jennings. Patterson. Wright.
  • Deflected balls.
  • Deflected balls resulting in 2 interceptions.
  • Can passing plays to players behind the line of scrimmage be taken out of the playbook? I’m tired of watching those fail. You need a stout o-line for that to work and we don’t have that.
  • Norv Turner’s play calling. I remain completely unimpressed with him. He started out with a great reverse. And it worked, so consequently we’ll never see it again. I sometimes wonder if old Norvy thought Musgrave’s play list was too extensive.
  • The defense looks perpetually confused for the first 2 defensive drives of every game. Yes, EVERY game. As a result, teams march right down the field and score. And this after the Vikings defer when winning the coin toss. You can’t defer if you can’t trust your defense.
  • Penalties. Every. Freakin. Week. I don’t know what’s wrong with the discipline on this team, but for YEARS this has been an on-going issue.
  • The lack of high-impact defensive plays. No forced fumbles. No interceptions. Vikings lost the turnover game again.
  • Asiata’s running production: 2 carries for -5 yards. His longest run was -2 yards.
Matt Kalil: still getting beat.

Matt Kalil: still getting beat.

The Ugly

  • The Vikings’ offensive line. Especially Matt Kalil. It took our former star Running Back years to learn how to pick up a blitz. Jerick McKinnon isn’t going to be able to do it in a few weeks. Consequently, Teddy was sacked 8 times. EIGHT!
  • 9 penalties for 60 yards. If you’re a mediocre team, you can’t afford to have 9 penalties week after week. Nice to know the lack of discipline extends to the in-week activities, too. [heavy sarcasm]
  • Norv Turner’s plan for the 4th quarter. With time being short, Turner kept the plays centered on… dink & dunk away from the sidelines and running plays. When you’re down 17 points, you conserve time. You put your team in the position to do a long ball or two to someone like… Cordarrelle Patterson. You don’t eat up time in the middle of the field.
  • Red Zone Efficiency (when they could get there): 0%
  • Third Down Efficiency: 21% (this is not going in the right direction)

The Even Worse

  • The FOX announcers for today’s game. Now, granted, a team performing like the Vikings is not going to get the A squad… but this was like a couple of local Pop Warner announcers trying hard to sound smart.
  • There are still 10 games left in the season for the Vikings. Plenty of opportunity to continue to rip our hearts out and stomp all over them.

So that’s it, my Vikings friends. Another week, another loss. Next up, the Bills.



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Oct 02

Week Five: Vikings vs Packers

There was lots of angry, aggressive typing at my house tonight as I live tweeted during the game. This showing by the Vikings was absolutely pathetic. I understand we’re down 5 starters, but that’s no excuse for the poor game planning, the offensive travesty and the absolute lack of run stopping by the defense. Heck – the Vikings defense managed to make chunky Eddie Lacy look like a power running back with finesse. Frankly, I cannot believe I watched the whole game. But, I did.

Let’s break it down.

The Good

  • The Vikings managed to score a touchdown, thereby avoiding a complete shut-out.
  • Teddy will be back next week.

The Bad

  • The Vikings on the national stage. The Vikings cannot play in nationally televised games. The NFL should stop putting them in those time slots. I don’t care if they have a rotation. Just stick the Vikings in the early games on Sunday and move on. NFL – I will call you if the Vikings are ever ready for the national stage. I hope I’m still alive when that happens.

The Ugly

  • Ponder’s QB rating barely made it to double digits.
  • The offensive line was like a sieve.
  • Patterson was barely utilized again. Someone needs to explain to me what the hell Norv Turner is doing. Because I don’t understand it.
  • The first three defensive series.
  • Matt Asiata fumbling.
  • Christian Ponder throwing interceptions.
  • 3rd down efficiency at 33%.
  • 9 penalties for 91 yards.
  • Red zone efficiency: 33%

The Worst Thing Ever

  • Christian Ponder starting a game as a Viking. I never want to see that again. Someone please get McLeod John Balthazar Bethel-Thompson off the practice squad and put him in as the 3rd string QB. Stick Ponder on the practice squad. Guaranteed he’d get there because no one would claim him off waivers.

I am going to work really hard at forgetting this game ever happened.

Skol, Vikings Nation. Next up: Lions. If only they still sucked.



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Sep 22

2014 Week 3 Picks Results

Not a terrible showing with the picks this week but it could have been better. Note to self: stop picking against Chicago. That’s been a terrible strategy to date.

Match Up Pick Winner Commentary
Buccaneers vs Falcons Falcons Falcons LOLBucs. Holy lopsided cow.
Chargers vs Bills Chargers Chargers Chargers held the Bills to 10.
Cowboys vs Rams Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys with a major comeback. Interception to seal the deal.
Washington vs Eagles Eagles Eagles Nail-biter. A tied up at 27 half-way thru the 4th. 2 ejections…
Texans vs Giants Texans Giants Sad Eli must be feeling pretty happy today.
Vikings vs Saints Saints Saints What didn’t go wrong for the Vikings? 5 players hurt, Cassel out, Teddy in.
Titans vs Bengals Bengals Bengals Bengals dominated and Dalton caught a  TD reception.
Ravens vs Browns Browns Ravens Ravens snuck by with a late field goal.
Packers vs Lions Lions Lions LOLPackers. Lions held them to 7.
Colts vs Jaguars Colts Colts Colts manhandled the Jaguars.
Raiders vs Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots won, but not decisively.
49ers vs Cardinals 49ers Cardinals Hmmm… seems like the Niners have been exposed!
Broncos vs Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks … in overtime with a flying TD. Manning almost did it…
Chiefs vs Dolphins Dolphins Chiefs … and that’s what I get for picking the Dolphins. They always fail me.
Steelers vs Panthers Panthers Steelers Steelers manhandled the Panthers on their own turf.
Bears vs Jets Jets Bears The Jets could have won. The Jets should have won. Ugh.
Week 3 Results Correct:




2014 Regular Season Correct:




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Sep 14

Week Two: Vikings vs Patriots

The Vikings looked great on the opening drive today. Matt Asiata didn’t quite break free on his runs, but eventually he found the end zone.

And that, my friends, would be the highlight of the game. For Vikings fans, anyway. The truth of the matter is that you’re not going to stand a chance of winning a game when your QB’s passer rating is 39.1.  The harsh reality is that 4 interceptions are going to lose you the game. Now that we’ve all returned to earth from our trip into the stratosphere of excitement after the Vikings stomped the Rams, we must acknowledge that beating the Rams last week is probably going to be an anomaly. Especially if the NFL rightly suspends Adrian Peterson and Matt Cassel remains our starting quarterback.

Coach Zimmer is constantly assessing.

Coach Zimmer is constantly assessing.

The Good:

Since I am hard-pressed to find anything good about today, here are some funny quotes from Cassel’s presser.

“We… I… I can’t turn the ball over.”  (Captain Obvious in the house!)

“I thought the safety did a good job getting over to that ball.” (On the Patriots’ safety Devin McCourty)

“I have to do a better job. And I will.” (Should we ask the Chiefs fans about that?)

“After that first drive, we never got back into rhythm.”

I’d highlight Zimmer’s press conference as “good”, too. Per his usual approach, he was quite candid. He started by shutting down any talk about Adrian Peterson and the blight he has brought down upon the team. My favorite quote, “You know what affected the team? Throwing interceptions, getting a field goal blocked, not tackling well enough and having penalties on defense. That’s what affected the team.”

By Odin, I really like this guy. Another zinger when asked about bringing in Bridgewater… “I hold the quarterback position to the same level of expectation as any other position. Matt needs to play better, it’s pretty obvious… we all need to play better. And I need to coach better.”

“It’s a team game and we all have to step it up.” Praise Odin, Zimmer. Thank you for your candor.

Offensive mastermind?

Offensive mastermind?

The Bad:

Cordarrelle Patterson had just 4 receptions and zero rushing attempts. With his performance in 2013 and his performance in the season opener, how the heck could Norv Turner completely ignore him in the game plan for today. Understood that Turner was likely planning for Peterson’s presence. Why not try a few end-arounds with Patterson instead of expecting Matt Asiata, who is a serviceable running back, to try to replace the “star” RB? That doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

Speaking of game planning… why can the Vikings never seem to adjust as other teams do? If Belichick is over on the other sideline, adjusting away, why isn’t the Vikings coaching staff doing the same? These are the days I really miss Bud Grant. I’ll just say this… I am so far not overly impressed with Norv Turner. I know people think he’s an offensive mastermind… but I’m just not seeing it yet.

Other bad things…

Dropped passes by Rudolph and Jennings. 19 total rushing plays. 2 fewer rushing plays than Peterson had all by himself last week.

Penalties – 7 for 58 yards. Total return yardage – 11 (Patriots had 126). Tackling fundamentals appeared to go out the window and the team displayed a general lack of urgency and no heart. No heart! The whole outing was completely uninspired and an absolutely unmitigated disaster.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The Ugly:

4 Interceptions by a quarterback who could not mentally recover after the first one. Cassel displays a general lack of intestinal fortitude when the chips are down. He fumbled, too.

Brian Robison had one tackle today. Add that to the 2 from last week, he’s got 3 on the season. He’s a very good defensive end. Where is he???

The defense was able to manage ONE whole sack today. Where was the defense from last week? Where was the blitzing? Where was the pressure? Brady could have made flapjacks on a griddle back there – he had that much time to find a receiver! “Order UP!” <ding>

Blocked field goal. I’ll repeat that. BLOCKED FIELD GOAL. Nice job, Special Teams.

Oh, there are probably 900 other terrible, ugly and atrocious things I could call out that happened during today’s game. If I had more energy, I might even talk about 3rd down efficiency. Or maybe I’d mention that the Patriots had almost 3 times as many rushing yards on us as we did on them. Anyone concerned those Patriots racked up 150 rushing yards today? I think that’s disturbing.

So much ugly in one game. It’s amazing how this team in particular has the ability to take us on an emotional roller-coaster every season. It’s not a ride I’m currently enjoying. Now, I’m not going to do anything stupid – like trade my beautiful purple secondary color to pair with gold for a truly butt-ugly green secondary color to pair with what Packer fans pretend is gold (hello mustard yellow!). But I was really hoping a complete coaching change would bring about some consistency in performance from our team.

It’d be easy to blame Peterson and the ugliness he has brought to the team for this loss; however, I think all the current situation has done is highlight the fact that the Vikings are not mentally resilient and they have a number of flaws that need to be addressed as quickly as possible.

That’s it for today, Vikings Nation. I’ll leave you with a Skol and let’s see what next week brings.




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Oct 27

Week Eight: Vikings vs Packers

I’m just going to jump right into my usual assessment.

The Good

  • Cordarrelle Patterson’s 109 yard kick off return for a TD
  • An Adrian Peterson rushing TD
  • Toby Gerhardt’s rumbling rushing TD in which he ran over Greg Jennings (that latter part wasn’t good but Greg laughed)
  • Minneapolis looked GREAT in the aerial shots
  • Did I mention that Minneapolis looked really pretty from the air?

The Bad

  • Cris Collingsworth having a microphone broadcasting his irritating commentary
  • Packers driving up the score just because they could; but hey – why not? If the Vikings can’t stop them then they deserved to be scored on.

The Ugly

  • Everything else. Literally.
  • Ponder was as terrible as he’s always been.
  • The o-line continues to do basically nothing.
  • The defense is inept, with no ability to make game-changing plays whatsoever.
  • Jeff Locke is a bust.
  • Coaching. The entire coaching staff. All of them.

The Packers scored the most points they ever have in the Dome. Aaron Rodgers has nearly perfect stats against the Vikings. The SNF crew was chock-full of horrible statistics showing just how much the Vikings have sucked under Frazier.

I don’t know what else to say other than the Vikings will take the field next Sunday once again, likely headed for another loss. The good news is that the game isn’t on prime-time. We won’t be embarrassed on the national stage again until Thursday, November 7th.

Let me end this with a poll. What do you think the real problem is with the Vikings?



See you next week.


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Oct 21

Week Seven: Vikings vs Giants on MNF

Vikings and prime time football are like oil and water, as we all know. The great news is that we have 3 weeks in a row of prime time! Our humiliation has just begun and it’s only going to get worse.

Because I cheer for the Vikings, I went into the game with low expectations. The good news is that I was not disappointed. At this point, I feel like we should petition to give a nickname to the offense; we can call them the 3 & Outs. I’ll break down the issues in a bit, but at its core, our inability to convert 3rd downs is why we continue to lose, not just games but the battle for clock time. Make no mistake though: our inability to convert is the result of numerous issues, as I lay out below.

My Favorite

  • Color commentary about Josh Freeman: “Uncatchable is an understatement.” And that, my friends, is the theme of tonight’s game.

The Good

  • Marcus Sherels and his punt return TD in the 1st quarter.
  • Jared Allen’s long armed, one handed sack in the 2nd quarter.
  • Half-time. I really enjoyed the break from the atrocity tonight. In many respects I would have been happy with just one half of a game tonight.
  • Cullen Loeffler’s fumble recovery. You don’t see that from a long snapper every day… or ever.

The Bad

  • The Vikings played in prime time. That’s never a good idea, unless Brett Favre is facing his former team for the first time. But we only had one of those.
  • Josh Freeman is a professional QB. One would think he could hit open receivers down field… but apparently not.
  • Josh Freeman can, however, throw an INT instead of taking a sack which was very Christian Ponder of him. It’s great to know that we have 3 mediocre QBs on board. Maybe Webb can move back to QB just to shake things up.
  • Cornerbacks missing easy INTs. There were 3 of those by the start of the 4th quarter.
  • A Sherels fumble on a punt return and a subsequent Giants recovery.
  • Sharrif Floyd fumbling a kick return… that actually made me laugh and I didn’t stop until the Giants kicked their field goal.
  • The 2 minute warning of the 4th quarter took FOREVER to arrive.

The Ugly

  • Xavier Rhodes and his PI penalty in the first half. That was a costly and unnecessary error.
  • The o-line’s inability to generate even a whisper of space for Peterson to exploit. What ARE they doing?
  • Leslie Frazier did a terrible job of pre-game planning once again.
  • Bill Musgrave didn’t reduce the size of his play card so he could do hand signals. I don’t care what the color commentators say about that. We’ve suffered through 2 seasons of Musgrave and we know he’s unimaginative, uninspired and unable to construct explosive plays.
  • We had more passing plays than running plays… nevermind the fact that the starting QB has had 2 weeks to practice with team and we have the NFL MVP at running back. Clearly Musgrave couldn’t be dumber if he tried.
  • I wanted to cry when I realized that there were still 12:13 seconds left in the 4th quarter.
  • 8:40 left in the 4th quarter didn’t make me happy either.
  • This was a terribly embarrassing performance that was worse than I could have anticipated.

Week 7 comes to a close with the single worst football game I believe I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot. The collective ineptitude of the entire coaching staff, coupled with the bottom of the barrel execution by the team was nauseating. Not to be the voice of doom, but this team is going to suck until someone wakes up and cleans out the coaching staff. And I’m a HUGE fan of taking the front office with them.

We need a regime change and we need people who are actually proficient in managing and coaching an NFL team. We’ve been waiting for SOMEONE to bring excellence to Minnesota since Bud Grant retired for the 2nd time in 1985. How long are we going to have to wait?

My dad died without seeing the Vikings win a Super Bowl. This coaching staff? This front office? They are NEVER taking us anywhere. I have no interest in dying without ever seeing a Vikings Super Bowl win. The Wilfs should cut their losses and move on en masse.



And that’s it for this week my fellow sufferers. At the end of the day, this is our team… and it’s time to take it back. Frazier has to go. Red shirts anyone???

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Oct 13

Week Six: Vikings vs Panthers

Another week, another game for the Vikings.

In the first offensive series for the Vikings, Matt Cassel was competently driving the team down the field. Great passing, Gerhardt picked up a blitz and everything was going according to plan. I was just thinking to myself that Cassel was a great upgrade over Ponder as Cassel threw an interception. That interception led to a Panthers TD.

And so it goes.

The first half was an offensive and defensive travesty. Looked like the Vikings were going to score a TD just before the half, but naturally the Vikings were only able to get a field goal. Because that’s what they do. Oh – and did I mention that Adrian Peterson fumbled the ball, nearly ending the drive for those pathetic 3 points? Brian Billick had some hilarious commentary about AD’s “strong handshake”. Well, Brian, this isn’t the first season AD hasn’t been able to hang onto the ball. Probably won’t be his last either. Not that I’m in the pit of despair or anything.

The second half would be better, right?

The Panther’s first offensive series of the second half started out strong and went right to amazing when Newton hit an open receiver, who took it 50+ yards right to the house. Because – why would the Vikings be covering an open receiver right? Just let him run! In fact, cheer him on as you stroll in Brandon LaFell’s direction as he runs on by.

Needless to say, the Vikings lost. It was a trouncing and the entire organization should be embarrassed.

The Good

  • Brian Robison played strong the whole game, batting down balls and keeping up the pressure.
  • Locke finally had 2 punts worth talking about. We need 7 data points to call a trend though and his previous 7 punts weren’t impressive. We’ll see if he’s on an up-swing.

The Bad

  • Adrian Peterson couldn’t shake the Panthers’ defense… because the o-line couldn’t produce any real gaps for him to exploit.
  • The o-line did no one any favors in general.
  • While the front 4 tried hard to make a difference, the other 7 members of the defense couldn’t be bothered to generate anything that resembled… defense.

The Ugly

Oh… where do I start?

  • The crowd. Hey you jackalopes – if you’re going to go to the game, make some damn NOISE. It was depressing to watch you people sitting there like lumps on TV. I don’t care if you’re cheering or booing – do something.
  • Coaching – all phases. Musgrave in particular, but Alan Williams certainly doesn’t get a pass with the defense sucking all year long.
  • 2 interceptions by Mike Mitchell. In case you’re not aware, Mike Mitchell is a Panther. That’s why it’s under “Ugly”.
  • Time of possession. I’m going to keep harping on that as we continue to lose.
  • Leslie Frazier, after a bye week, has been outscored 108-27. Remember in early 2011 when I said that he should NEVER be the head coach? I stand by that.
  • Leslie Frazier’s press conference post game. “They were playing their coverage, they just weren’t doing it well.” And that folks, is our HEAD coach. Also, he thought the preparation was there and that the effort was good. THIS is why he doesn’t belong as a head coach in the NFL. He’s clueless.

I have quite a few more comments about today’s game, but I try to keep my blog clean and family friendly so it’s best I wrap this breakdown up.

I’m pretty fed up with this team right now. And the Wilfs. There have been enough indications that they do not have the right coaching staff in place for this last 2 seasons – and yet they’ve done nothing. Great football minds they are not.

It’s not like I could ever cheer for a different team – but I don’t look forward to games anymore. I watch out of obligation, turning the TV precisely at noon and shutting it off as the coaches shake hands. I sit through the games, cringing the vast majority of the time and then sigh as they disappoint once again. It’s pretty infuriating that we, as fans, have to put up with the sheer incompetence year after year.

So that’s it for another week. I’ve predicted that the Vikings would go 5-11 this season. I feel like I may have overestimated their ability to win. What do you think?



See you next week Vikings fans! Same Bat Time, Same Bat Place.



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