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Sep 18

2014 Week 3 Picks

Here are my picks this week.


Match Up Pick Winner Commentary
Buccaneers vs Falcons Falcons Bucs are 0-2 and the Falcons are at home; advantage Falcons.
Chargers vs Bills Chargers Chargers are coming off a big win.
Cowboys vs Rams Cowboys Cowboys look like they’ve got some momentum.
Washington vs Eagles Eagles Eagles have home field advantage.
Texans vs Giants Texans Texans are looking strong.
Vikings vs Saints Saints Vikings will not win in that Dome. With or without Peterson & Simpson.
Titans vs Bengals Bengals Bengals are off to a solid start.
Ravens vs Browns Browns Ravens could take this one but the Browns have been a surprise.
Packers vs Lions Lions Packers have gaps and the Lions have home field advantage.
Colts vs Jaguars Colts Colts have got them some Luck.
Raiders vs Patriots Patriots Patriots don’t often lose at home.
49ers vs Cardinals 49ers 49ers have a great defense and the Cardinals have some issues.
Broncos vs Seahawks Seahawks The 12th man will keep the Broncos in the corral.
Chiefs vs Dolphins Dolphins The Dolphins could lose since I picked them. Sorry Miami.
Steelers vs Panthers Panthers Panthers will have the home field advantage here.
Bears vs Jets Jets Most people picking the Bears on this one; but they’ve been inconsistent.
Week 3 Results Correct:




2014 Regular Season Correct:




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Sep 15

2014 Week 2 Picks Results

Not overly impressed with my selections this week, but I guess it could have been worse.


Match Up Pick Winner Commentary
Steelers vs Ravens Ravens Ravens Team rallied to dislodge the horrible Rice aftertaste.
Dolphins vs Bills Bills Bills Are the Bills good or just lucky?
Jaguars vs Washington Washington Washington RG3 apparently not a factor here. Huh.
Cowboys vs Titans Titans Cowboys I don’t understand the Cowboys.
Cardinals vs Giants Cardinals Cardinals QB apparently is irrelevant for this team.
Patriots vs Vikings Vikings Patriots Total embarrassment.
Saints vs Browns Saints Browns Wut? That is what I like.
Falcons vs Bengals Bengals Bengals Did the Bengals win or did the Falcons lose it for themselves?
Lions vs Panthers Lions Panthers The Lions are their own worst enemy sometimes.
Rams vs Buccaneers Bucs Rams Rams managed a late field goal to secure the win.
Seahawks vs Chargers Seahawks Chargers Did not see that coming.
Texans vs Raiders Texans Texans No surprise here.
Jets vs Packers Packers Packers I really wanted them to lose.
Chiefs vs Broncos Broncos Broncos A closer game than the score let on.
Bears vs 49ers 49ers Bears Kapernick did his best Cassel and came up with the same results.
Eagles vs Colts Eagles Eagles Place kickers are way under-valued
Week 2 Results Correct:




That’s not so good!
2014 Regular Season Correct:




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Sep 14

Week Two: Vikings vs Patriots

The Vikings looked great on the opening drive today. Matt Asiata didn’t quite break free on his runs, but eventually he found the end zone.

And that, my friends, would be the highlight of the game. For Vikings fans, anyway. The truth of the matter is that you’re not going to stand a chance of winning a game when your QB’s passer rating is 39.1.  The harsh reality is that 4 interceptions are going to lose you the game. Now that we’ve all returned to earth from our trip into the stratosphere of excitement after the Vikings stomped the Rams, we must acknowledge that beating the Rams last week is probably going to be an anomaly. Especially if the NFL rightly suspends Adrian Peterson and Matt Cassel remains our starting quarterback.

Coach Zimmer is constantly assessing.

Coach Zimmer is constantly assessing.

The Good:

Since I am hard-pressed to find anything good about today, here are some funny quotes from Cassel’s presser.

“We… I… I can’t turn the ball over.”  (Captain Obvious in the house!)

“I thought the safety did a good job getting over to that ball.” (On the Patriots’ safety Devin McCourty)

“I have to do a better job. And I will.” (Should we ask the Chiefs fans about that?)

“After that first drive, we never got back into rhythm.”

I’d highlight Zimmer’s press conference as “good”, too. Per his usual approach, he was quite candid. He started by shutting down any talk about Adrian Peterson and the blight he has brought down upon the team. My favorite quote, “You know what affected the team? Throwing interceptions, getting a field goal blocked, not tackling well enough and having penalties on defense. That’s what affected the team.”

By Odin, I really like this guy. Another zinger when asked about bringing in Bridgewater… “I hold the quarterback position to the same level of expectation as any other position. Matt needs to play better, it’s pretty obvious… we all need to play better. And I need to coach better.”

“It’s a team game and we all have to step it up.” Praise Odin, Zimmer. Thank you for your candor.

Offensive mastermind?

Offensive mastermind?

The Bad:

Cordarrelle Patterson had just 4 receptions and zero rushing attempts. With his performance in 2013 and his performance in the season opener, how the heck could Norv Turner completely ignore him in the game plan for today. Understood that Turner was likely planning for Peterson’s presence. Why not try a few end-arounds with Patterson instead of expecting Matt Asiata, who is a serviceable running back, to try to replace the “star” RB? That doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

Speaking of game planning… why can the Vikings never seem to adjust as other teams do? If Belichick is over on the other sideline, adjusting away, why isn’t the Vikings coaching staff doing the same? These are the days I really miss Bud Grant. I’ll just say this… I am so far not overly impressed with Norv Turner. I know people think he’s an offensive mastermind… but I’m just not seeing it yet.

Other bad things…

Dropped passes by Rudolph and Jennings. 19 total rushing plays. 2 fewer rushing plays than Peterson had all by himself last week.

Penalties – 7 for 58 yards. Total return yardage – 11 (Patriots had 126). Tackling fundamentals appeared to go out the window and the team displayed a general lack of urgency and no heart. No heart! The whole outing was completely uninspired and an absolutely unmitigated disaster.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The Ugly:

4 Interceptions by a quarterback who could not mentally recover after the first one. Cassel displays a general lack of intestinal fortitude when the chips are down. He fumbled, too.

Brian Robison had one tackle today. Add that to the 2 from last week, he’s got 3 on the season. He’s a very good defensive end. Where is he???

The defense was able to manage ONE whole sack today. Where was the defense from last week? Where was the blitzing? Where was the pressure? Brady could have made flapjacks on a griddle back there – he had that much time to find a receiver! “Order UP!” <ding>

Blocked field goal. I’ll repeat that. BLOCKED FIELD GOAL. Nice job, Special Teams.

Oh, there are probably 900 other terrible, ugly and atrocious things I could call out that happened during today’s game. If I had more energy, I might even talk about 3rd down efficiency. Or maybe I’d mention that the Patriots had almost 3 times as many rushing yards on us as we did on them. Anyone concerned those Patriots racked up 150 rushing yards today? I think that’s disturbing.

So much ugly in one game. It’s amazing how this team in particular has the ability to take us on an emotional roller-coaster every season. It’s not a ride I’m currently enjoying. Now, I’m not going to do anything stupid – like trade my beautiful purple secondary color to pair with gold for a truly butt-ugly green secondary color to pair with what Packer fans pretend is gold (hello mustard yellow!). But I was really hoping a complete coaching change would bring about some consistency in performance from our team.

It’d be easy to blame Peterson and the ugliness he has brought to the team for this loss; however, I think all the current situation has done is highlight the fact that the Vikings are not mentally resilient and they have a number of flaws that need to be addressed as quickly as possible.

That’s it for today, Vikings Nation. I’ll leave you with a Skol and let’s see what next week brings.




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Sep 11

2014 Week 2 Picks

Here are my picks for this week. Let’s see how I do.


Match Up Pick Winner Commentary
Steelers vs Ravens Ravens TBD Thrilled to say that Ray Rice will not be anywhere near the stadium.
Dolphins vs Bills Bills TBD This is a hard one to call. Going with the home team.
Jaguars vs Washington Washington TBD Another hard one to call. Going with the home team again.
Cowboys vs Titans Titans TBD Can the Cowboys implode for a 2nd week? I think so.
Cardinals vs Giants Cardinals TBD Cardinals looked good. The Giants looked exceptionally bad.
Patriots vs Vikings Vikings TBD Patriots seem out of sorts; the Vikings appear to actually have game!
Saints vs Browns Saints TBD Saints lost a nail-biter; the Browns are the Browns.
Falcons vs Bengals Bengals TBD The Bengals looked good & they’re the home team.
Lions vs Panthers Lions TBD Lions looked unnervingly proficient. Yuck!
Rams vs Buccaneers Bucs TBD If Sean Hill is out for the game, there’s no chance for the Rams.
Seahawks vs Chargers Seahawks TBD This will probably be an entertaining game.
Texans vs Raiders Texans TBD The Raiders lost to the Jets. Do I need to explain more?
Jets vs Packers Packers TBD Unfortunately, the Packers likely have this one in the bag.
Chiefs vs Broncos Broncos TBD Andy Reid will likely be affected by the altitude. And a week 1 loss.
Bears vs 49ers 49ers TBD I look forward to watching this stomping.
Eagles vs Colts Eagles TBD This could go either way – depends on how the Colts start the game.
Week 2 Results Correct:




2014 Regular Season Correct:




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Sep 09

2014 Week 1 Picks Results

For week one of the 2014 season, I went 10-6. Not great, but not too terrible either.


Match Up Pick Winner Commentary
Packers vs Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Packers got SPANKED and I loved it.
Saints vs Falcons Saints Falcons I hate the Saints and I’m glad they lost. Now I’m just sorry I picked ‘em.
Bengals vs Ravens Ravens Bengals I used to live in Cincinnati. I should have more faith in this team.
Bills vs Bears Bears Bills LOL Bears. Nice home opener. Hahahaha….
Washington vs Texans Texans Texans I like when I’m right.
Titans vs Chiefs Chiefs Titans Andy Reid may be wondering what the hell happened.
Patriots vs Dolphins Patriots Dolphins Damn Dolphins. They never win when I pick them.
Raiders vs Jets Jets Jets Still glad I didn’t have to watch this game.
Jaguars vs Eagles Eagles Eagles Apparently the Eagles had a bad start, but ultimately won.
Browns vs Steelers Steelers Steelers Don’t like the Steelers, but I like when I’m right.
Vikings vs Rams Vikings Vikings Wooooo!
49ers vs Cowboys 49ers 49ers This game was hilarious. I’m glad I had the chance to watch it.
Panthers vs Buccaneers Panthers Panthers The Bucs… oh brudda!
Colts vs Broncos Broncos Broncos This game heated up at the end. It took the Colts a long time to get there.
Giants vs Lions Giants Lions Clearly I was out of my mind when I thought the Giants might win this.
Chargers vs Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals managed to just squeak by.
Week’s Results Correct:                   10Incorrect:                 6
Full Season Results Correct:                   10Incorrect:                 6

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Sep 07

Week One: Vikings vs Rams

I’m going to start today’s game commentary a little backwards. If you haven’t already done so, head over to and check out the Full Highlights video in the video archive. The entirety of the highlight video is the Vikings. The VIKINGS! When was the last time we saw that? 2009?

Coach Zimmer got the game ball awarded to him by Zygi Wilf. I think that’s fitting. It’s been a long time since the Vikings have won on the road, it was Zimmer’s first win as an NFL Head Coach and it’s clear that Zimmer has had a positive effect on the Vikings defense, which looked proficient and maybe even really good today. Quite a turn-around over the travesty of a defense we had in 2013.

There was a lot to love about today’s game. There were quite a few things to dislike, too. Let’s break it down.

The Great

Cordarrelle Patterson runs 67 yards for a TD

Cordarrelle Patterson runs 67 yards for a TD

Cordarrelle Patterson. Whether he’s receiving a kick, catching a pass or rushing down the field, he definitely makes an impact.

During today’s game he had 3 rushing attempts for 102 yards, 3 receptions for 26 yards and 2 kick off returns, with a 29 yard return being the longest effort.

Last season, Patterson had a total of 158 yards rushing. In this new Norv Turner offense, it looks like he could easily double, triple, quadruple… you get the idea.

The question I’m left with is… what does this mean for Adrian Peterson’s production? Time will tell.

Coach Zimmer gives the distinct impression that he's engaged, involved and constantly assessing the team's performance.

Coach Zimmer gives the distinct impression that he’s engaged, involved and constantly assessing the team’s performance.

The Good

I have to start this section with my appreciation for Coach Zimmer’s absolute candor during the post-game presser. If you haven’t watched his press conferences in the past, I would highly recommend you start watching him after the game. He’s brutally honest, direct and, in my humble opinion, quite charming as he takes his team to task for those things that didn’t meet his expectations. It’s so refreshing to have a coach who’s willing to state things as they are; especially after having had 2 coaches in a row who excelled at moving their lips a lot without ever saying anything of import.

Enough about the new coach – about whom I’m feeling oddly positive – let’s talk about the team.

The DEFENSE. That’s right my Vikings brethren… we appear to have an actual defense that takes the field and actually plays 60 minutes of football. I’m trying to stay objective, waiting for additional data points as the season continues, but I can’t quite kill the feeling of glee that wants to escape my person as I think about the Vikings not having one of the worst defenses in the league. Now, I know that bar is set low… but just imagine! Wait – we don’t have to imagine, because…

Josh Robinson had a stellar interception during today’s game, demonstrating great awareness as he touched both feet down in bounds as he secured the ball. That was a great interception… but not the best of the day!

How ’bout that Harrison Smith, flying across the field and picking off a pass with perfect form. That would have been fantastic if that’s where it ended… but that’s not where it ended. Not only did he pick off that pass, but he also took it to the house and every Viking fan rejoiced as a Pick Six was successfully executed during a REGULAR season game.

Let’s take a quick break here so that those of you who have been following me over the last 4 years can unfurrow your brow as you try to comprehend how it could possibly be that you’re reading so much positivity from me. It’s ok – I’m sure I’ll be mega-disappointed soon and things can get back to the snarky normal… but for now, just remember that I can, in fact, be positive about the Vikings.

More good things….

Greg Jennings scored a beautiful TD, getting both feet down just inside the field of play.

Greg Jennings scored a beautiful TD, getting both feet down just inside the field of play.

Greg Jennings had 6 receptions for 58 yards and he and Cassel seem to have found a groove. Jennings also logged his first receiving TD of the season. I’m sure there are many more in his future.

Kyle Rudolph had a receiving TD – which ain’t too shabby when you consider he had 2 total receptions.

Robert Blanton had 7 tackles. Anthony Barr had 6 tackles and 1 assist. Everson Griffin had 2 sacks and the Vikings were able to tally up 5 total of those. Lastly, on the defense, Tom Johnson stripped the football away from Hill – but the Vikings weren’t able to capitalize on that, unfortunately.

The Bad

Ok. Now I’ll probably start sounding more like myself.

Plenty of bad things to comment on today. First, out of the gate, the offense was less than stellar. Lots of missed opportunities. Clear issues with snapping between Sullivan and Cassel. Even by the end of the game – and this is a concern – the offense only converted 27% of the 3rd down opportunities. I know the Patriots lost to the Dolphins today – but I can’t imagine that we’ll be able to log 2-0 if we don’t do a better job of converting 3rd downs.

The offense looked better as the game progressed, but I’m sure we all remember the last two seasons where the offense would either come out of the gate like a tiger and then wane or take forever to warm up and then finally start clicking – all with the result of lost games. I have zero desire to relive that frustration. Let’s hope Norv Turner and Mike Zimmer can get the offense to engage consistently.

Speaking of Norv Turner… am I the only one worried that he doesn’t have enough focus on Adrian Peterson? Adrian had 21 rushing attempts today, but was only able to rack up 75 yards rushing. Clearly not the performance we expect to see out of AD. I hope Adrian doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

In other unexpected events… Greenway logged only 2 tackles, which seems really low given his long-running standard of having the most tackles on the team over the last few seasons. In other silent performances, where was Brian Robison?

The Ugly

The Vikings racked up 7 penalties for 60 yards. Granted, they weren’t as terrible as the Rams (who had 13 penalties for 121 yards), but still… just the false starts alone were disheartening. Zimmer was very firm during the post-game presser – he wants those cleaned up. And for the first time in a LONG time I think we actually have a coach that can clean that lack of discipline up.

Well. That’s it Vikings fans. The team won. ON THE ROAD. Let’s celebrate! I’ll just end this first game review of the season with the following observation: it feels 9 different kinds of fantastic to not have to complain about coaching in “The Bad” and/or “The Ugly” sections. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have coaching in those sections so that (finally) is something to celebrate. Skol!



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Sep 04

2014 Week 1 Picks

Match Up Pick Rationale
Packers vs Seahawks Seahawks Defending Super Bowl Champs vs cheddar heads… what more is there to say?
Saints vs Falcons Saints As much as I hate the Saints, they will probably win.
Bengals vs Ravens Ravens Home field advantage and their former OC is coaching a new team now. If only I could remember which one…
Bills vs Bears Bears Home field advantage and Jared Allen wearing the wrong colors will probably garner the Bears a win.
Washington vs Texans Texans Why not the Texans?
Titans vs Chiefs Chiefs Andy Reid has coached the Chiefs to a whole new place.
Patriots vs Dolphins Patriots Dolphins always fail me when I pick them to win. So I learned from my mistakes and stopped picking them.
Raiders vs Jets Jets Thankfully I won’t be forced to watch this game in my area. Expecting an ugly game full of nothing good.
Jaguars vs Eagles Eagles Florida teams just don’t seem very impressive these days. Let’s see if home field will give the Eagles the edge.
Browns vs Steelers Steelers When is Big Ben retiring? Seems like he’s overstayed his welcome at this point, but regardless, I can’t envision the Browns winning at Heinz Field.
Vikings vs Rams Vikings Skoooooooool!!!! I think Norv Turner’s offense might be pretty interesting once the real thing hits the field.
49ers vs Cowboys 49ers It’s a whole new season. What’s not new is Tony Romo’s ability to choke when the pressure is on.
Panthers vs Buccaneers Panthers Again with the Florida teams. They just don’t inspire me to pick them this week.
Colts vs Broncos Broncos Thin air for the visiting team and home field advantage will probably allow the Broncos to go 1-0.
Giants vs Lions Giants While I look forward to seeing the patented “Sad Eli” face when he throws an interception, I don’t think Manning will throw enough to give the Motor City Kitties a win on Ford Field.
Chargers vs Cardinals Cardinals The Chargers are in a year of change with a new head coach and the Cardinals still have Larry Fitzgerald. And the game’s at their house.

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Oct 31

Week Nine Picks

Here are my week 9 picks.


Match Up Pick
Bengals vs Dolphins Dolphins
Chiefs vs Bills Chiefs
Falcons vs Panthers Panthers
Vikings vs Cowboys Cowboys
Saints vs Jets Saints
Titans vs Rams Rams
Chargers vs Redskins Chargers
Eagles vs Raiders Raiders
Buccaneers vs Seahawks Seahawks
Ravens vs Browns Ravens
Steelers vs Patriots Patriots
Colts vs Texans Colts
Bears vs Packers Packers

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Oct 30

Week Eight Pick Results

Coming into Week 8, I was 67-40 for picks. With an 11-2 showing for Week 8 picks, I’m now at 78-42.


Correct Incorrect
Panthers Eagles
Lions Steelers

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