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Nov 05

Jared Allen: NFC Defensive Player of the Month for October

Jared Allen is the heart of our defense.

Jared Allen was named the NFC Defensive Player of the Month for October based on his continued dominance at right defensive end for the valiant Vikings.

Let’s look at the stats. With the exception of interceptions, Allen is on track to exceed every metric for his position over last year. And look at the sacks: already this season Allen has 1.5 more sacks than he did in all of 2010. Putting his current pace (and 10 game streak with sacks) in perspective, last season, through 16 regular season games, the leader in the NFL was Demarcus Ware – with just 3 more sacks than Allen does right now, with 8 games to go.

Category 2010 Regular Season – 16 Games 2011 Regular Season – 8 Games
Combined Tackles 60 34
… Solo 45 26
… Assists 15 8
Sacks 11 12.5
Safeties 0 0
Passes Defended 8 5
Interceptions 2 1
…TDs 1 0
Forced Fumbles 1 3
Fumbles Recovered 1 3
… TDs 0 0

Jared Allen is having a monster year and is on track to decimate Michael Strahan’s single season sack record. Let’s continue to watch as he works towards that goal.

Skol Jared Allen!


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Nov 02

Tripping Icarus: Oakland

Even the most casual of Vikings fans are likely to know that our team’s Renaissance Man, Chris Kluwe, taught himself to play the bass and, in fact, is the bassist for Tripping Icarus. If you’re a fan of the bass guitar (like me), don’t miss their song “False Flag”. It’s got a great bass line.

I studiously have avoided incorporating politics into this blog. Which has been extremely difficult, I assure you. Nevertheless, I believe this video should be seen and shared.

Don’t miss the launch party for the new Tripping Icarus CD! And don’t be one of the 150 million that don’t care.

Thursday, December 1st at 8:00 PM, at the 7th Street Entry. The Purple Jesus Diaries is calling for a Tweet Up. Are you in?

Skol Vikings Nation!

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Oct 18

While Moving On, Let’s Look Back

NFL Networks reported today that Leslie Frazier is benching Donovan McNabb and starting Christian Ponder this Sunday against the team that pairs the WRONG color with gold (all hail to the PURPLE!). I missed this big announcement, but a hearty shout out to Jim Anderson for texting me with the news while I was doing an interview. If you’re wondering if the interviewee knew that I was getting good news, the answer is yes. I helpfully informed her as well.

If you’re like me, you’re hoping for a fresh start and some high-energy performance out of our Purple & Gold. In the spirit of that, I’m posting the following video for your viewing enjoyment to see if we can’t capture some of that unwavering belief we had in our team back in 2009.

Credit goes to EasternVike for compiling this video.

Skol Vikings Nation!


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Oct 10

Bernard Berrian: Time to Go Bucko

Berrian likes the life-style, but doesn't want to actually "work" for it.

Ah, what a crazy week for #87 on the Vikings roster.

Bernard Berrian addressed the media after last week’s Twitter War. He spoke about his twitter war with a state representative – who supports the new stadium, by the way – and even co-authored the bill.

He compounded the problem by insisting that his performance has been perfect – not lackluster and lazy. But, as it turns out, in his own mind he thinks like this: Bernard Berrian: It’s not really his fault. Any of it.

According to Berrian, he has been open for the last 4 years. 5 different professional starting QBs – mostly veterans, by the way – had issues getting him the ball. (Frerotte,T-Jack, Favre, Webb, McNabb). Yep. Their fault – not Berrian’s. Heck, even the limited action seen by Kelly Holcomb & Brooks Bollinger – again, Berrian was wide open waiting for a perfectly lobbed ball to come his way, and these gentlemen just couldn’t get the job done.

The Twitterverse exploded with news of Berrian’s benching prior to today’s game. I noticed that many of the people I followed expressed delight & glee at the news. I don’t recall seeing anyone who was saddened by it. Naturally, the speculation was that Berrian was being reprimanded for his less than pleasing attitude on his social media interactions.

I saw a Tweet from @VikingsNow (Pioneer Press) stating that the reason for the benching was that Berrian actually missed 2 team meetings at the hotel on Saturday. As everyone knows, those are not optional.

It shouldn’t be news to Frazier that Berrian is worthless. Let’s look at his stats:

Year Team


# Recs




2011 Vikings






2010 Vikings






2009 Vikings






2008 Vikings






2007 Bears






2006 Bears






2005 Bears






2004 Bears






So what do these tell us? Berrian worked hard just prior to becoming a free agent to set himself up for a pay day and then worked hard enough to put it in some people’s minds that he was worth something to the team, when clearly he is not.

Remember when Berrian inferred that Favre didn’t like him and that’s why his 2010 season was so sub-par? Take a look at his stats: he had his 2nd highest number of receptions with Favre! Can’t have it both ways, Bernie!

It’s time for the Vikings to cut Bernard Berrian from the team – and learn from their mistake. All Frazier has to do is look at the numbers – they don’t lie.


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Oct 05

So – I’m Momentarily Famous

Imagine my surprise this evening. Ok – wait. I was surprised twice, actually. First I was surprised – and saddened – to learn of the passing of Steve Jobs. Like any good dooby of the technology age, I immediately sent a RIP Steve Jobs into cyberspace on Twitter and Facebook, and texted a couple of my friends that were likely not paying attention to the news to ensure they knew about the loss of Apple’s visionary CEO (both having iPhones…).

The second time I was surprised was when I read Michael Oher’s tweet regarding Steve Jobs. Apparently he was blindsided by the news (yes – pun totally intended) of Steve Jobs’ passing – but not because Steve Jobs was no longer on the planet, but rather because he couldn’t understand why people were making a big deal about it because he literally didn’t know who Steve Jobs was.

Naturally I retweeted his Tweet – because, frankly, the fact that he was tweeting from a Twitter application for the iPhone (yes, friends, I do not lie) was too ironic to pass up. What I got for my troubles was the following image on DeadSpin. Thanks to @theVikingPig for pointing this out to me!

VikesPrinces: Oh yeah - famous for 10 maybe 15 seconds!

You know what really gets me about this? Michael Oher wasn’t the only football player who sent a tweet saying he didn’t know who Steve Jobs was. Our own Jamarca Sanford was equally as clueless.

I’m here to tell these football players that nothing they will ever do in their careers will ever match the launch of the iPod, let alone the iMac, the iPhone and the iPad. They will never change the world and they will never impact as many people as he did. How can they possibly be so unaware of American culture & life that they would not know who Steve Jobs is? And yes, that’s meant to be a rhetorical question.

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Sep 17

Will EJ Henderson Play Against the Buccaneers?

Middle linebacker EJ Henderson

EJ Henderson missed two practices this week with a swollen knee. The Vikings’ training staff had the knee examined earlier this week, but found no obvious pathology. EJ has been resting his knee and indicated to the Star Tribune that he expects to play. Other reports have emerged, however, saying that he will be a game-time decision.

The Vikings’ 4-3 defense relies heavily on EJ as the middle-linebacker. Xavier Adibi, who was previously with the Texans, is EJ’s back up on the Vikings’ depth chart. Would he be able to fill in capably for EJ in the event he can’t play tomorrow? Adibi joined the Vikings during the shortened off-season and hasn’t had much time to adapt to the Vikings’ defense. I think it would be difficult for him to step in as what is essentially the quarterback of the defense with his limited time here. Adibi is a 4 year veteran, however, so perhaps I’m being overly alarmist.

Keep your eye on this situation as inactives come out tomorrow.


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Sep 10

Peyton Manning: Done for the Season or Just Plain Done?

Alas, Peyton Manning. We knew thee well.

Reports have emerged that Peyton Manning has undergone a cervical fusion. I’ve not been able to find any information about which vertebrae were fused – or even how many. The reports from the Colts indicate that Manning will be out 2 – 3 months.

I’ve mentioned my own neck in previous posts. In December 2009, I had an ACDF (Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion) on my C5, C6 and C7 vertebrae. The operation can be tricky if there is spinal cord involvement like I had. The rupture in my C5/C6 disc region compressed my spinal cord to 1/3 of its normal size, causing balance issues and headaches. There’s no indication that Manning’s situation is as serious as mine was, but from a personal perspective, I believe Peyton Manning will not set foot on an NFL football field again.

Once fusion is complete (which typically takes 6 months to 1 year – not the 2 – 3 months indicated in reports), the vertebrae involved in the fusion process form a column of bone that has no flexibility or movement. At the base of the neck (where mine was), the results are typically better to retain movement. I have about 85% of the side to side range that I had prior to surgery. The motion is reduced the higher up the fusion is.

Since the fusion surgery creates a column of bone, if the fusion were to break, that would literally result in a broken neck. It’s for this reason I believe we will not see Peyton Manning back on the playing field. I had my doctor check my neck this week because I recently felt and heard a “crack” in my neck. She indicated that I broke off a bursa – or bony post-surgical growth. And I did it by moving wrong while I was sleeping. As we discussed my neck, she reminded me that I shouldn’t do things that are too jarring – no sky diving, no bungee jumping, no white water rafting, no rollercoasters – EVER.

I believe the abuse a QB takes on the field would be akin to any of the things on my list of “stuff not to do”. I wish Peyton a speedy recovery – but suspect it won’t be a complete enough one to allow him to play again.

What’s your take?

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Aug 28

Antoine Winfield: Committed to Minnesota

Winfield is here to stay.

Antoine Winfield has been a staple of the Vikings’ defense for many years. Minnesota fans everywhere love his hard-hitting approach and his pleasant off-field persona. He regularly appears on the Paul Allen show during the season to break down the previous weekend’s game and part of his charm is that he consistently remains positive, even in the face of defeat.

With the way the NFL has evolved over the last 2 decades, a player’s commitment to the community in which they play has been reduced. Players now go to the highest bidder and the average tenure with a team has dropped, so you don’t see as many players staying in town after their careers are over.

Antoine Winfield is not only committed to the success of the Vikings, he’s committed to Minnesota. A native of Akron, OH, Winfield stated on Vikings Weekly this week that he intends to stay in Minnesota post-retirement. This commitment from a player is something we can all celebrate!

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Aug 28

Shank Shakes Off 2010 Craziness

"It's VisanTAY!"

Taking a lesson from The Fonz, Visanthe Shiancoe has put the “Ayyyy” back in Visanthe.

During the 2010 season, Shiancoe made a big deal of changing the pronunciation of his first name, removing the familiar “ay” at the end in favor of a soft “T” sound. I thought it was weird at the time and find it even odder that he’s tacking the “ay” back on to the end this year. Why change it in the first place?

Could it be that he wants to shake off a disastrous 2010 season in which his first name wasn’t the only thing not working for him?

There wasn’t much fanfare to this switcharoo – just a mention of it in a sideline interview during last night’s game. Randy Shaver seemed amused and I believe I may have rolled my eyes.

Let’s hope this change signals big things for Visanthe this season. Get that hammy right, Shank, and show us what you can do!

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