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Oct 23

2016 Week Seven: Vikings vs Eagles

The game started out slow with the Eagles going 3 and out, and then the Vikings going 3 and out – until Locke sold a “hitting the kicker” penalty and the Vikings got another shot… which, they promptly squandered. Let me say for the 103rd time: the Vikings need to learn how to start fast and complete drives if they’re going to compete for a title – with or without that defense.

Let me use a few adjectives to describe the game: revolting, sloppy, bush league, unprofessional, pathetic. Do you disagree? If so, leave me a comment.

For me, this was a hard game to watch because it was the first time I really and truly doubted that the Vikings were as good as we thought they were. Coming off the bye they looked sluggish, imprecise, fatigued. Zimmer summed it up best when he said the offense was embarrassing.  Add to that a lack of urgency and low energy, I am VERY concerned that this team isn’t going to get their momentum back.

Sigh. Let’s go ahead and break this travesty of a game down.

Thank you Blair Walsh for points to avoid a shut out.

Thank you Blair Walsh for points to avoid a shut out.

The Good

  • Sendejo intercepted Wentz on the Eagles’ 2nd offensive series, taking the ball to the 3 yard line. See the Inexplicable for what happens next.
  • After Bradford’s interception, Wentz fumbled and Barr recovered. And what happened next? See The Inexplicable for the answer.
  • After Bradford was stripped and the Eagles recovered, Wentz tried to throw downfield and Xavier Rhodes decided he’d throw a wrench in that plan as he intercepted the ball.
  • The Vikings defense held the Eagles to no points and a punt on a drive that had previously been a march down the field. Since I write this in real time, I hope this heralds a momentum swing that favors the Vikings.
  • Late in the 2nd quarter, Bradford was able to connect with Thielen and Patterson for completions to help move the Vikings how the field.
  • The Vikings recovered a fumble late in the 4th.
  • The Vikings scored a TD. With 34 seconds left to play. Literally no one cared.
Marcus Sherels fumbled when we needed him to work his magic.

Marcus Sherels fumbled when we needed him to work his magic.

The Bad

  • On the first offensive drive, the Vikings got a 2nd chance at putting up some points and they couldn’t deliver.
  • Kyle Rudolph dropped a ball on a pass. Again. I don’t understand why he doesn’t show up 100% of the time.
  • Stefon Diggs was subjected to PI, and a ref threw a flag and then they decided, because the officials routinely prove they hate the Vikings, they picked up the flag and pretended it never happened.
  • Sendejo was injured on his interception. Ankle.
  • Walsh was able to put the first points for either team up on the board.
  • The Vikings started the 2nd half in the same crappy fashion they ended the 1st half. Make no mistake – this game wasn’t fun to watch at any point.
  • With only 6 minutes left in the game, Vikings players were strolling about with no sense of urgency at all. It was infuriating.

The Ugly

  • The o-line. It sucks and if that isn’t addressed (for real this time), the Vikings have no chance to win in the play-offs. You cannot have an ineffective offense, no matter how good your defense is.
  • Bradford’s timing was off or the o-line sucked so badly it made him look terrible.
  • Late in the 2nd quarter, the Eagles managed to break off a 21 yard run, which is unheard of for the Zimmer defense. This led to another 3 points for the Eagles.
  • The Vikings penalties. THE PENALTIES.
  • The Vikings were at the goal line for a 3rd time and handed it to Zach Line, who couldn’t convert a 3rd at 1. So they went for it and our own stupid left tackle blocked the hole Asiata was supposed to go through…. so we turned it over on downs.
It's been a while since I've had to dig out the angry monkey - but this very much resembles my own expression for nearly the entire game.

It’s been a while since I’ve had to dig out the angry monkey – but this very much resembles my own expression for nearly the entire game.

The Inexplicable

  • After Sendejo’s interception, Sam Bradford threw his first interception of the season in the end zone, thereby ending his no interception streak and knocking a little magic off the season. The Vikings, coming off the bye, were clearly not sharp.
  • After Barr recovered, Bradford was stripped of the ball and the Eagles recovered. You cannot make this stuff up. At this point in the game I was furious. Aren’t these people supposed to be professionals? It was Pop Warner all the way out there between Clemmings and Long – unbelievable.
  • Total turnovers in the 1st quarter: 5
  • Total points in the 1st quarter: 0
  • The Vikings special teams let the team down BIG TIME when they let the Eagles return a kick off for a TD. It was ridiculous. To make it worse, Harrison Smith managed to hit the kicker on the after point and gave the Eagles a chance to go for 2 points. Which they, of course, got.
  • Bradford was stripped of the ball yet again late in the 2nd quarter.
  • Marcus Sherels fumbled a punt, giving the ball right back to the Eagles. It was an unbelievable mistake.

So that’s week 7 in a nutshell my Vikings brethren. The Vikings are 5-1 and none of us feels good today.

How did today’s game influence how you feel about the Vikings?



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Aug 25

Pre-Season Game 3: Vikings vs Chargers

If you happen to follow me on Twitter, you know I spent much of Friday evening in full aneurysm mode. If you’re not following me on Twitter, you’re either a homer who used to follow me but couldn’t take my honesty, or you just weren’t aware I’m on Twitter. Frankly, the thought of you denying yourself access to my real-time commentary makes me sad. As a hint: you can click “Follow Me on Twitter” and you’ll be all set!

Chris Kluwe is awesome. And, unfortunately, was the only player on his game Friday night.

Like all Vikings fans, I guess I’m a bit masochistic. And what I mean by that is I had to rewatch the first two quarters of the game in order to do this commentary. It was like having hot pokers driven into my eyes the first time. Watching it again was like committing emotional suicide. If I can help you here, take this advice: if the 3rd pre-season game is waiting for you in your DVR but you haven’t watched it yet, don’t. Unless you’re a Chris Kluwe fan. He did a lot of tremendous punting (averaging over 50 yards per punt!) and what he was calling his “Gangnam Style” celebration, which essentially was some enthusiastic air roping. In any case, it was awesome. If anyone has a .gif of Kluwe doing that celebration, let me know, because my friend at Purple Jesus Diaries is looking for one.

If we think back to the first game of the 2011 season, you might recall that our favorite team played the Chargers. And the Vikings dominated them… for 2 whole quarters. And then they uncovered the fact that the shadow of the Purple People Eaters could only play 30 minutes of football. In this pre-season game, the Chargers had many of their starters sitting on the bench (or pacing the sidelines looking petulant… yes, Philip Rivers, I’m talking about you!) so, in theory, we should have been up 28 points at the half. As we all know, however, the Theory of Evolution proves itself out every day while the Theory of Vikings Competence hasn’t proven itself since the Vikings vs Cowboys divisional play-off game in January 2010.

On, it looks like Ponder and Whitehurst are having some kind of crazy hair battle. Ponder’s smiling like he’s winning but he doesn’t realize Whitehurst is planning to ambush him with a quasi-mullet.

The problems started immediately. Matt Kalil is not living up to the hype of the draft. Veteran Chad Greenway took atrocious angles. Ponder couldn’t hit a receiver to save his life. Until he was intercepted. That was a perfect pass to the wrong color jersey. Even our beloved Percy Harvin was out-of-sync. The interesting thing about the game stats is that the Vikings were better than the Chargers in nearly every category… but a) lost and b) were apparently deceptively better than they looked. Honestly – if you watched that game, you would never have anticipated that the Vikings had more passing yards than the Chargers.

Vikings’ QBs were sacked 5 times. I was shocked to see that the Vikings sacked the Chargers’ QBs 6 times.  If you’d asked me before I looked at the stats, I would have said we got to the QB 3, potentially 4, times. The Vikings fumbled and lost the ball 3 different times. The offending parties are: Asiata, Coleman & Hilliard. The great news is that Adrian Peterson hasn’t fumbled once on zero carries! Yes, I know he’s improved, but I still blame his fumble in Chicago in December 2009 for our loss of home field advantage for the NFCCG, and ultimately our first Super Bowl appearance in decades. But I digress.

Christian Ponder’s QB rating for the evening was 76.2. It’s like T-Jack is still on the field with no jump balls to mock. He and the receiver corp were out of sync all night long. It was painful to watch. It reminded me of the 2010 season when Favre came back (but didn’t really want to) and Berrian and Greg Lewis went off to California to “relax” during our early bye week instead of sticking around to try to fix things. This good news is that, since neither Berrian nor Lewis is still on this team or playing anywhere in the league, I consider things to be “fixed” to a certain degree.

Joe Webb looked better than Ponder while he was on the field. Which destroyed that little seed of hope I had after last week’s game. The saddest thing about last night’s game was that I was looking forward to Rosenfels to take the field. He did and he was solid, scoring the only Vikings TD of the evening. And, let’s be clear, it was only the 2nd offensive TD of the pre-season. My Vikings brethren – I believe we are in for a long season that will do nothing to alleviate the pain of the last 2 seasons. The only bright spot here is that we’re not Packer fans. We do not have to wear moldy cheese wedges on our heads to games and we don’t have to worry about cheddar dust covering our persons.

Leslie Frazier inadvertently reveals he actually possesses emotions.

Let’s get to the real reason I was angry throughout the game. Two words: Leslie Frazier. As I stated back in January of 2011, Leslie Frazier is not head coach material. He cannot motivate a team sufficiently so that they show up and try. This is apparent on multiple levels. Trouble with the law for the players. 30 minutes of football vs 60 minutes of football for most of the 2010 season. Complete lack of passion or engagement during the dress rehearsal game for the regular season. Leslie Frazier is weak and he lacks vision. His coaching bench lacks creativity. No one on that coaching staff is inspiring the players to earn their overblown paychecks. The starters, with the exception of a few of them, feel entitled to their positions because Frazier refuses to create competition and hold people accountable. Frazier will lead us to a lot of mediocrity but he will never lead us to a Super Bowl. It is time for the Wilfs to start interviewing his replacement. If they want to throw away the 2012 season while they identify his successor, I’m ok with that – as long as I know they’re going to act.

Who am I kidding? The Wilfs have money, not football savvy. They confuse feelings of warmth generated out of familiarity and friendship with conviction that Frazier will get the job done. Good leaders know you hire talent – focusing on attitude and aptitude – you don’t hire people you like. If you come to like your talent – great. If not, you have to figure out how to motivate your talent. Likeability is not a reason to hire someone. The fact that Frazier rarely shows emotion, to me, indicates that he cannot feel the depth of passion needed to inspire his staff and his team. Like many things in life, coaching a football team requires aggressiveness and vision and the ability to articulate that and plan around it. Frazier has none of these skills because he’s not a visionary. He’s a great Defensive Coordinator who was always tremendous at reacting, but rarely designed a proactive attack. The last one I remember was the postponed Philadelphia game in 2010 that the Vikings won with Webb at QB and Winfield blitzing Vick like a maniac.

A head coach must have a comprehensive game plan that is proactive and takes advantage of gaps in the other team’s defenses and offenses. Leslie Frazier has shown that his game planning is weak and, as we saw in every single game during the 2011 season, he is completely unable to adjust at half-time. It’s time for him to go. You may not agree with me right now – but you will after another 2 mediocre seasons back to back. Honestly, I hope it doesn’t take the fan base that long to wise up. I’d love to see red Fire Frazier t-shirts well before mid-season.

One thing I’m sure we all agree on is that last night’s most important pre-season game was pathetic. What are your thoughts now about the 2012 season?


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Nov 17

For Vikings Fans, the Heart-Break Starts Early

If you’ve been a Vikings fan for longer than 10 minutes, there’s no way you aren’t going to empathize with this little girl. I started watching the Vikings when I was around her age and when I think about all the heartache she has in front of her, it almost makes me want to tell her to save herself and choose another team before it’s too late. And then I remember how awesome purple and gold look together and how cool all the Vikings paraphernalia is and I think, “Hell, it’s not so bad…”

I think, in just 49 seconds, this little girl outwardly shows what every Vikings fan has been doing inside for the last 2 seasons.


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Nov 14

Vikings vs Packers (Game 2): A Post Game Rant

Jared only managed to do this once tonight.

Wow. This team totally sucks. The coaching staff is pathetic. I’m so angry you may have noticed I jumped right into my commentary. Yeah. I’m that mad.

For the last 2 weeks I have been looking forward to this game. The Packers have the 31st worst defense against the pass. We had started to have a passing game. The Packers do not look invincible. They have gaps. I thought that Leslie Frazier and Bill Musgrave were spending the last 2 weeks planning for this game. I assumed they were watching film and putting together a comprehensive plan based on 8 games of Packers film. If I were on the coaching staff in either of their positions, that is what I would be doing.

I thought that the Vikings players would take a break and come back focused and ready to play one of the Vikings’ divisional rivals on Monday Night Football. I assumed that those players had pride in their craft and that they would not want to be embarrassed yet again on the national stage.

Well, I was wrong. About all of it.

You can see more of this on my blog than on the actual field.

The Good

The post game pressers were brief. Not much to say when your team was handed their collective ascot on a platter by some crappy small town team from the frozen tundra sporting the most god-awful combination of colors known to mankind.

ARodg was face planted twice. And frankly, with that Puker o-line of extra fat Michelin Men, that’s really not that good. Hi, Brian Robison – where have you been?

And that’s the end of the good. Note that I was generous to even put anything under “good” after this travesty. Especially with just 2 sacks on ARodg. Pathetic!

Note again that I had to dig deep into the pressers to even come up with a enough words to border the picture of ARodg getting sacked there to the right.

Yeah - we're not masters of any half anymore. (Photo: Brian Peterson, Star Tribune)

The Bad

Being a Vikings fan. This team makes it hard to have any sense of excitement or optimism year after year. The team has been woefully mismanaged and poorly coached since Bud Grant retired. It’s a miracle that the team has gotten to the NFC Championship Game at all since Bud left. Please note that if these players actually TRIED week in and week out, it wouldn’t be so hard to support them. But when you look at tonight’s game with Cedric Griffin whiffing on tackles because he’s mentally done with this game and Asher Allen getting burned… and Chad Greenway missing tackles… these mistakes are 100% effort and focus related.

Fred Evans. Every time he’s on the field he draws a penalty. Typically for being offsides. Guess what Fred: I want you off my team. Forever. Get the hell out of dodge dude.

Ponder’s 3rd down conversion rate. For those of you who, on Twitter, praised Ponder’s performance… his 3rd down conversion rate equaled Donovan McNabb’s average. His completion rate was under 50%.

Chris Kluwe’s punting. Yeah – he was out-performed by Masthay.  Ryan Longwell’s place kicking. I’m starting to think his leg is too old and he needs to retire. He’s been missing a lot of field goals lately.

Can't get your players motivated? Hey, ho, time to go!

The Ugly

10 penalties for 80 yards! The mental errors of amateurs.

Pretty much everything else. This team was so pathetic that Rodgers (in 50% of the last 4 games with these dodos) sat to watch Matt Flynn (who’s a hell of a QB in his own right) finish us off. Well isn’t that just grand. Nothing like going to work tomorrow to look the two Packer fans that work for me in the eye as we say good morning and they smirk. I can’t wait. Thanks a lot Vikings!

Let’s be clear on one thing: Leslie Frazier needs to be Les Steckeled. One and done. And he never should have had one year as head coach. He could have fixed this team. Back in September I wrote this post where I delineated what needed to be done. I hypothesized that Frazier didn’t have the guts to do it. And I was right.

The question is now: Will the Wilfs have the guts to do what needs to be done with Frazier & the rest of the offensive coaching staff? They all need to be fired and replaced with a new regime. And I wouldn’t wait either. Start making calls Zygi & Mark. Line up a replacement coach and bring him (or her, if they want to hire me!) in and let him establish the new offensive coaching staff and take the rest of the year to get some chemistry going. Bring in a general manager – hell, move Leslie Frazier to personnel if you want to keep him involved as I do think he has talent there – and let that person manage and let the coaches coach.

I watched this whole game from painful start to pathetic finish. I will watch the rest of the games this year and think about what might have been if Ponder had started from week one and if the Wilfs had hired a proven coach last season. Not that considering those possibilities will change anything… but I can pretend we had a totally different season in my head.

I am angry as hell at the entire team, the coaches & the owners right now, but I will never cheer for another team.

Skol Vikings Nation. I’m going to bed.


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Oct 29

Leslie Frazier: Silent Waters Might Run Deeper Than We Think

Frazier's Head Coaching Approach... I'm Watching Him!

I’ve been critical of Leslie Frazier since he became the interim coach of the Vikings. I said repeatedly last year that he shouldn’t be offered the full-time head coaching position. I’ve not held back on my criticism of him this season, either.

I’m not reversing my opinion on Frazier. I think he’s over-matched by a head coaching gig. I think he was foolish to support McNabb as long as he did. Of course, I think he was foolish to lobby to bring McNabb onto the team in the first place (handing over draft picks for an obviously washed up QB?) – although I can partially understand the logic of doing so with the shortened off-season.

I think it was misguided to restructure Berrian’s contract in the off-season when clearly his attitude was bad and his production was worse as his tenure increased with the team. Frazier still has almost no perceptible ability to adjust during half-time. I could go on and on about the deficiencies we have in the head coaching position. However, what I want to do with this post is talk about how I see some changes in Frazier’s approach that I like. These recent decisions make sense to me:

Bernard Berrian. Former Viking.

1) Benching Berrian the first time. When Berrian couldn’t be bothered to show up to team meetings the night before a game, Frazier benched him. Absolutely the right decision. As a leader, you cannot allow people to usurp your authority. Frazier showing Berrian that he was going to be held accountable is exactly what needed to occur.

2) Benching McNabb in Chicago and staying the course. Frazier watched Donovan struggle week after week. Reports emerged that McNugget wasn’t putting in the time necessary to be successful. I believe we all saw evidence of that on the field, no matter how much McNabb and Frazier denied the stories. Frazier had finally seen enough as the Bears completely embarrassed the Vikings on national TV. After the game, Frazier, despite his loyalty to McNabb, stayed true to his decision and started Ponder against the Packers.

3) Benching Berrian a second time. I don’t believe any of us know what the last straw was right before the Green Bay game but surely that’s when “it” occurred. It was enough for Frazier to strike through Berrian’s name on the Active Roster and no one can say that Berrian was missed during the game.

Cook: Cut him loose, Frazier! (Photo: Hennepin County Sheriff's Office)

4) Finally cutting Berrian last Tuesday. I’m not aware of anyone who thought this wasn’t a stupendous move. Well – probably Berrian doesn’t like the move, but who cares?

Berrian is still a “free agent”. It’s interesting to see that no other NFL teams are interested in the fashion guru and Tweeter extraordinaire. He made it right through waivers after the release. Well – good riddance to him!

5) Indefinitely suspending Chris Cook after he was arrested for felony assault by strangulation. The Vikings lead the league… in ARRESTS since 2000. That’s deplorable and I’m glad to see Frazier taking a hard line on this type of thing. The next decision I expect to see here is cutting Chris Cook from the squad, which will hopefully herald the demise of his career. Yeah – for you people who keep wanting to wait for Cook to make it through the criminal justice system – innocent until proven guilty, etc… let’s just admit that it’s highly unlikely that Cook’s girlfriend choked herself until she had petechiae (hemorrhaging) in her eye. I see no need to wait for the trial. He’s been formally charged and we’ve all read the police reports. He’s guilty and his side is indefensible.

All of the above has me watching Frazier carefully. I’m always willing to change my opinion if evidence is presented that supports a different conclusion. Certainly there is still the glaring 1-6 record we currently sit with that doesn’t do Frazier any favors. Right now what I see is that Frazier might make a heck of a GM dealing with personnel.

For me to completely reverse my opinion on Frazier, he needs to do the following things:

McNabb Can't Stop Talking. Time for him to go!

1) Start Winning!

2) Cut Chris Cook. Much sooner rather than later.

3) Bench Kevin Williams next time he makes noise in the media about Frazier & calling out the defense for lack of effort. Maybe Frazier addressed the first episode behind the scenes but I thought Williams should have been benched for his lack of class.

4) Cut McNabb. McNabb is all over the place right now, talking about how he should still be the starter. Well ya know what, McNugget: you suck. You’re done. Sit down and be quiet. Frazier needs to  cut him from  the team. He’s clearly becoming a cancer in the locker room.

4) Start showing some “go for the kill” attitude. Frazier is too cautious. Slow and steady rarely wins the race in the NFL.

Let’s watch the next 9 games and see what happens!

Vikings vs Panthers tomorrow, Purple Nation! Skol!


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Oct 10

Bernard Berrian: Time to Go Bucko

Berrian likes the life-style, but doesn't want to actually "work" for it.

Ah, what a crazy week for #87 on the Vikings roster.

Bernard Berrian addressed the media after last week’s Twitter War. He spoke about his twitter war with a state representative – who supports the new stadium, by the way – and even co-authored the bill.

He compounded the problem by insisting that his performance has been perfect – not lackluster and lazy. But, as it turns out, in his own mind he thinks like this: Bernard Berrian: It’s not really his fault. Any of it.

According to Berrian, he has been open for the last 4 years. 5 different professional starting QBs – mostly veterans, by the way – had issues getting him the ball. (Frerotte,T-Jack, Favre, Webb, McNabb). Yep. Their fault – not Berrian’s. Heck, even the limited action seen by Kelly Holcomb & Brooks Bollinger – again, Berrian was wide open waiting for a perfectly lobbed ball to come his way, and these gentlemen just couldn’t get the job done.

The Twitterverse exploded with news of Berrian’s benching prior to today’s game. I noticed that many of the people I followed expressed delight & glee at the news. I don’t recall seeing anyone who was saddened by it. Naturally, the speculation was that Berrian was being reprimanded for his less than pleasing attitude on his social media interactions.

I saw a Tweet from @VikingsNow (Pioneer Press) stating that the reason for the benching was that Berrian actually missed 2 team meetings at the hotel on Saturday. As everyone knows, those are not optional.

It shouldn’t be news to Frazier that Berrian is worthless. Let’s look at his stats:

Year Team


# Recs




2011 Vikings






2010 Vikings






2009 Vikings






2008 Vikings






2007 Bears






2006 Bears






2005 Bears






2004 Bears






So what do these tell us? Berrian worked hard just prior to becoming a free agent to set himself up for a pay day and then worked hard enough to put it in some people’s minds that he was worth something to the team, when clearly he is not.

Remember when Berrian inferred that Favre didn’t like him and that’s why his 2010 season was so sub-par? Take a look at his stats: he had his 2nd highest number of receptions with Favre! Can’t have it both ways, Bernie!

It’s time for the Vikings to cut Bernard Berrian from the team – and learn from their mistake. All Frazier has to do is look at the numbers – they don’t lie.


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Oct 05

So – I’m Momentarily Famous

Imagine my surprise this evening. Ok – wait. I was surprised twice, actually. First I was surprised – and saddened – to learn of the passing of Steve Jobs. Like any good dooby of the technology age, I immediately sent a RIP Steve Jobs into cyberspace on Twitter and Facebook, and texted a couple of my friends that were likely not paying attention to the news to ensure they knew about the loss of Apple’s visionary CEO (both having iPhones…).

The second time I was surprised was when I read Michael Oher’s tweet regarding Steve Jobs. Apparently he was blindsided by the news (yes – pun totally intended) of Steve Jobs’ passing – but not because Steve Jobs was no longer on the planet, but rather because he couldn’t understand why people were making a big deal about it because he literally didn’t know who Steve Jobs was.

Naturally I retweeted his Tweet – because, frankly, the fact that he was tweeting from a Twitter application for the iPhone (yes, friends, I do not lie) was too ironic to pass up. What I got for my troubles was the following image on DeadSpin. Thanks to @theVikingPig for pointing this out to me!

VikesPrinces: Oh yeah - famous for 10 maybe 15 seconds!

You know what really gets me about this? Michael Oher wasn’t the only football player who sent a tweet saying he didn’t know who Steve Jobs was. Our own Jamarca Sanford was equally as clueless.

I’m here to tell these football players that nothing they will ever do in their careers will ever match the launch of the iPod, let alone the iMac, the iPhone and the iPad. They will never change the world and they will never impact as many people as he did. How can they possibly be so unaware of American culture & life that they would not know who Steve Jobs is? And yes, that’s meant to be a rhetorical question.

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Sep 26

If I Were Leslie Frazier…

Righting the Vikings' Longboat

After yesterday’s game, I thought a lot about what needs to happen to right the Vikings’ longboat. I wondered what I would do if I were Leslie Frazier, leading a team that was 0-3 after systematically handing over half-time leads in a town where the team was trying to make a case for a stadium – all while my job was literally on the line.

This post is where I netted out.

Offense – By Position

QB: Bench Donovan McNabb, run both Ponder and Webb packages – mix it up, keep opposing defenses off balance.

C: No change.

RB: No change – other than I would stop the predictability of run-run-oh-no-we-need-to-pass-on-third-down to something less predictable. In yesterday’s game, AD had 35% of the touches in the 1st half and a little over 30% of the touches during the second half. Frazier should level load that after reducing the predictability.

TE: Increase utilization of Shiancoe with Rudolph as back up.

LT: Make Demarcus Love and Charlie Johnson compete for the LT job – meanwhile, look for other options.

RT: Put Phil Loadholt on notice that he’ll need to compete for his position if he doesn’t start solving for being run over in inopportune moments.

OGs: No change – but these gentlemen (Hutchinson, Herrera) have no one listed on the depth chart as a 2nd string. Given that both of these players have had injuries in the last few years, is anyone else concerned besides me? Chris DeGeare is on the practice squad – but what if one of these guys goes down during a game?

WRs: Cut Bernard Berrian. Today. Do not engage Randy Moss. Do not engage Terrell Owens. Put Devin Aromashodu in the WR2 spot, promote Emmanuel Arceneaux from the practice squad (despite his annoying Tweets) and let ‘er ride. ANYTHING is better than watching Berrian drop ball after ball. Allowing that level of mediocrity to continue to get the start sends the wrong message to the team. USE Percy Harvin. Buy the kjd some Pepto Bismol and get him on the field. He’s the starting WR1. Let’s start acting like it, Musgrave.

Defense – By Position

Jared and B-Rob take down Stafford.

DE:   :: blowing kisses :: (see – I can get away with this where men cannot). NO change to our delicious defensive ends. Jared and Brian are fantastic.

DT: Minimize play time for Letroy Guion and Fred Evans. Any pro that can be duped 3 times in a row on a hard count belongs on the practice squad. Christian Ballard is the better option.

Will/Mike/Sam: Chad Greenway isn’t leading the team in tackles – yet – but he’ll get there. The Henderson brothers are holding their own. EJ seems to tire in the 2nd half if they’re on the field too long. I’m wondering if there are lingering effects of his broken leg. No change.

CBs: Cut Asher Allen. Promote Marcus Sherels from 3rd string to 2nd string. Find a CB as insurance since Cook seems injury prone – and we know Cedric has knees that have been surgically repaired. If Cook or Griffin miss tackles/coverage – bench them and put in Sherels and Burton. They might not be better – but you know Sherels will play his heart out and those veterans will soon know that blown coverage and missed tackles will not be tolerated.

SS: Cut Tyrell Johnson. Look for a secondary journeyman that can play safety or CB to give us additional depth. Let Frampton earn additional field time outside of special teams.


Will Frazier do what needs to be done?


1. Put Musgrave on notice. Give him 2 games to prove the Vikings can successfully score in the 2nd half. Interview new OC people while Musgrave proves he can do it. If he can’t, fire him.

2. Stop talking about “figuring things out” and actually do it. Along these lines – stop talking about “finding a sense of urgency” – give people one. Make the hard decisions, bench non-producers. Cut those players who consistently under perform and show no concern about having done so. Yeah – BERNARD – I have YOU in mind right there.

3. Stop feeding the fanbase a load of crap during pressers. Your team sucks. SAY IT. Your coaching has been pathetic. SAY IT. Follow up those acknowledgments with your plans to mitigate that.

4. Go big or go home. Greatness never triumphs when someone is taking baby steps. That only ever worked in the movie “What About Bob?”

That’s what I would do to right the Vikings’ 2011 season. Agree with me? Disagree? Leave a comment and let’s discuss.


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Aug 21

Wondrous or Ponderous?

The Vikings drafted Christian Ponder during the first round of this year’s draft. I didn’t know much about him at the time, but I’ve had several guys at work give me the scoop from his college days. The consensus is that when Christian Ponder is “on”, he’s on. When he’s not on, he’s totally off.

Ponder Joining the Vikings

I have to tell you that I haven’t been impressed with Ponder to date. Yeah – I know it’s game #2 of the preseason and my expectations should be calibrated accordingly… but I have not moved from my original reaction to the Vikings selecting him in the 1st round, which was: WTF?

Sure, we heard great things about him in the off-season (aka Babies R Us Lock Out Season).

He grabbed the play book as soon as he could… He was busy committing the plays to memory. He hosted a non-league sanctioned practice in Florida – to which the Vikings veterans could not be bothered to travel, of course. I’m not saying the kid isn’t trying.

But really – what have we seen so far? Being the football dork I am, I DVR all the games and watch them twice. What can I say? There’s just something about watching my team running around on the field that makes me happy. Well, to be honest, it wasn’t very fun to watch last year’s games twice, but we’ll set that aside for now.

Ponder is inconsistent. Moments of brilliance with moments of deer in the headlights. He aired it out twice last night and overthrew both receivers. He’s frenetic in the pocket… dancing around with happy feet until he bolts to the sides where he seems to be more comfortable.

I don’t want to sound alarmist – but is this a guy that should be our franchise QB of the future? For me, the jury is out yet, as it should be. But I’m not sure this guy has what it takes to lead this team to where we need to go: first, the top of the NFC North, then NFC Champions and finally – our long-anticipated Super Bowl victory. What do you think?

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