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Aug 09

Preseason Game 1: Vikings vs Texans

Welcome back, Vikings fans! As we head into the 2013 NFL season, I know we’re all asking ourselves the age old question… Will the Vikings suck this year?

Things I liked tonight:

  • Mike Mayock was nowhere to be found
  • Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are not a concern until later in the season
  • The Packers got shut out by the Cardinals at Lambeau
  • Ben Leber’s shirt
  • Mike Maunti’s plays in the goal-line stand
  • Blair Walsh

Things that concern me:

  • Christian Ponder and his 50% INT rate (yes, I know there were only 2 throws but… he looked in mid-2012 season form, not like he had a bunch of months off to practice).
  • Tackling fundamentals (for 3 years running now)
  • Coverage gaps – Spielman sounded blasé about the gaps, stating the players were getting “pulled off” by the constant switching of the offense’s direction. Why, yes, Rick. That’s what offenses (*good* ones) DO. Do you really want to be unconcerned by players being duped?
  • The absolute lack of effort by the Vikings at the end of the game. Yes. It’s preseason. But those guys are theoretically competing for roster spots and they ended flatter than a pancake. Meanwhile, the Texans kept playing aggressive and focused. I’m going to renew my efforts in calling for Frazier’s head if I see that crap in a regular season game. Let’s just frame it up this way: preseason game or not, Bud Grant would have NEVER allowed the team to stop trying.

Things I hate:

  • The Packers. I know that’s redundant because I’m a Vikings fan, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew where I stood with regard to the green and mustard.
  • This is seriously going to bother me: someone please explain to me WHY does the Vikings’ new helmet NOT match the new uniform???? Those helmets would have looked delightful with the previous uniform. They should be dark purple. Who approved that???

Next up for the Vikings: The Buffalo Bills. T-Jack won’t be there to greet his former team since Pete Carroll decided to give him another go in June. Pete’s so sweet… but I digress. The game starts at 6 PM CDT so make sure to tune in to see the first moderate action of the starters. Let’s hope that they look solid!


See you after next week’s game, Vikings brethren! Skol!





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Nov 17

For Vikings Fans, the Heart-Break Starts Early

If you’ve been a Vikings fan for longer than 10 minutes, there’s no way you aren’t going to empathize with this little girl. I started watching the Vikings when I was around her age and when I think about all the heartache she has in front of her, it almost makes me want to tell her to save herself and choose another team before it’s too late. And then I remember how awesome purple and gold look together and how cool all the Vikings paraphernalia is and I think, “Hell, it’s not so bad…”

I think, in just 49 seconds, this little girl outwardly shows what every Vikings fan has been doing inside for the last 2 seasons.


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Nov 02

Tripping Icarus: Oakland

Even the most casual of Vikings fans are likely to know that our team’s Renaissance Man, Chris Kluwe, taught himself to play the bass and, in fact, is the bassist for Tripping Icarus. If you’re a fan of the bass guitar (like me), don’t miss their song “False Flag”. It’s got a great bass line.

I studiously have avoided incorporating politics into this blog. Which has been extremely difficult, I assure you. Nevertheless, I believe this video should be seen and shared.

Don’t miss the launch party for the new Tripping Icarus CD! And don’t be one of the 150 million that don’t care.

Thursday, December 1st at 8:00 PM, at the 7th Street Entry. The Purple Jesus Diaries is calling for a Tweet Up. Are you in?

Skol Vikings Nation!

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Oct 18

The Age Old Question: Will the Vikings Suck This Year?

I found this video a couple of years ago, and it’s been making me laugh ever since. Why can we laugh? Because we’re Vikings fans – and unlike those baby-barf colored opponents to the east, WE have a sense of humor. We’re not dyed-in-the-wool homers… we have brains and enjoy critical thought and critiquing our team’s performance!

For me, this video captures our spirit of fun and self-deprecation. On the other hand – when we’ve had enough, we’ve had enough – and we’ll hold up Fire Chilly signs, boo our QB when we’re up 28 points and stomp “FIRE DENNY” in the snow along 494 in front of Winter Park if we have to in order to express ourselves.

You’ll find a little nugget of truth & humor towards the end of the video. I had fun sending this to all of my Packer friends back in 2009.

Shout out to ZilchZone for the video.


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Oct 18

While Moving On, Let’s Look Back

NFL Networks reported today that Leslie Frazier is benching Donovan McNabb and starting Christian Ponder this Sunday against the team that pairs the WRONG color with gold (all hail to the PURPLE!). I missed this big announcement, but a hearty shout out to Jim Anderson for texting me with the news while I was doing an interview. If you’re wondering if the interviewee knew that I was getting good news, the answer is yes. I helpfully informed her as well.

If you’re like me, you’re hoping for a fresh start and some high-energy performance out of our Purple & Gold. In the spirit of that, I’m posting the following video for your viewing enjoyment to see if we can’t capture some of that unwavering belief we had in our team back in 2009.

Credit goes to EasternVike for compiling this video.

Skol Vikings Nation!


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Jan 16

Did Aaron Rodgers Snub a Cancer Patient?

On ProFootballTalk tonight, I saw a story about Aaron Rodgers snubbing a cancer patient, while Clay Matthews stopped to sign her hat. The Packers faithful are rallying around ARodg, saying he was “in a zone” and “didn’t see her”.

If you watch the last few seconds of the video below, I think it’s clear that Rodgers saw her and then studiously looked away and kept walking. I assure you, I even tried to be objective as I watched.

As an aside, I’ll say that I’m not surprised by this at all. A dear friend of mine (a former Packer fan, in fact), grew up outside of Green Bay and was on a small commuter flight with Aaron back in 2008. As my friend tells the story, Aaron was completely rude to his fellow travelers on the flight and wouldn’t even acknowledge a gentleman who was wishing him luck in his first starting season after Favre went to the Jets. In fact, this experience is why my friend no longer cheers for the Packers.

Here’s the video:

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Jan 05

Leslie Frazier on ProFootballTalk Live

Leslie Frazier appeared on Mike Florio’s ProFootballTalk Live today. Not only is Leslie Frazier the 8th coach of the Minnesota Vikings, he’s also the 1st guest ever on Mike’s new show.

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Jan 03

Vikings Depart Winter Park posted a video of interviews with players prior to their departure today. The video shows clips from Ryan Longwell, Chris DeGeare, Bryant McKinnie, and Tarvaris Jackson, among others.

A common theme was that the year was difficult, they were focused on 2011 now and hope that they can individually improve for the season ahead.

The video is less than 4 minutes. You can click here to watch it.

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Jan 02

Tom Pelissero: Making Sense of the Madness

I’ll be doing a recap of the season over the next couple of weeks, but to get things started, I want to share a video of Tom Pelissero of 1500 ESPN Twin Cities talking about all of the strange and wacky things the Vikings have had to deal with this season. His list was extensive, but far from complete, which I’ll be exploring in a series of posts soon.

This video is worth watching, if you have 4 minutes and 17 seconds to spare.

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