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Oct 31

Week Nine Picks

Here are my week 9 picks.


Match Up Pick
Bengals vs Dolphins Dolphins
Chiefs vs Bills Chiefs
Falcons vs Panthers Panthers
Vikings vs Cowboys Cowboys
Saints vs Jets Saints
Titans vs Rams Rams
Chargers vs Redskins Chargers
Eagles vs Raiders Raiders
Buccaneers vs Seahawks Seahawks
Ravens vs Browns Ravens
Steelers vs Patriots Patriots
Colts vs Texans Colts
Bears vs Packers Packers

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Oct 30

Week Eight Pick Results

Coming into Week 8, I was 67-40 for picks. With an 11-2 showing for Week 8 picks, I’m now at 78-42.


Correct Incorrect
Panthers Eagles
Lions Steelers

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Oct 21

Week Seven Pick Results

Coming into this week I was at 57-35 on the season. A 10-5 showing this week (including correctly picking the Giants over the Vikings), brings me to 67-40 for the year.


Correct Incorrect
Seahawks Lions
Falcons Dolphins
Panthers Bears
Chargers Patriots
Cowboys Broncos

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Oct 17

Week Seven Picks

Here are my picks for Week 7:


Match Up Pick
Seahawks vs Cardinals Seahawks
Buccaneers vs Falcons Falcons
Rams vs Panthers Panthers
Bengals vs Lions Lions
Chargers vs Jaguars Chargers
Bills vs Dolphins Dolphins
Patriots vs Jets Patriots
Cowboys vs Eagles Cowboys
Bears vs Redskins Bears
49ers vs Titans 49ers
Browns vs Packers Packers
Texans vs Chiefs Chiefs
Ravens vs Steelers Steelers
Broncos vs Colts Broncos
Vikings vs Giants Giants

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Oct 08

Week Five Pick Results

Coming into week 5, I was at 37-26 on the season. For week 5, I had a 11-3 showing (not too shabby!), which brings me to 48-29 for the season.


Correct Incorrect
Browns Patriots
Saints Chargers
Packers Falcons

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Oct 03

Week Five Picks

Vikings are on a bye this week, which means they win, I guess!


Match Up Pick
Bills vs Browns Browns
Saints vs Bears Saints
Patriots vs Bengals Patriots
Lions vs Packers Packers
Seahawks vs Colts Colts
Ravens vs Dolphins Ravens
Eagles vs Giants Eagles
Jaguars vs Rams Rams
Chiefs vs Titans Chiefs
Panthers vs Cardinals Cardinals
Broncos vs Cowboys Broncos
Texans vs 49ers 49ers
Chargers vs Raiders Chargers
Jets vs Falcons Falcons

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Oct 02

Week Four Pick Results

Coming into this week I was 29-19 on the season. With this pathetic 8-7 showing, I’m now at 37-26 on the season. Not good…!


Correct Incorrect
49ers Ravens
Seahawks Bengals
Colts Bears
Chiefs Steelers
Cardinals Raiders
Titans Cowboys
Broncos Falcons

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Sep 26

Week Four Picks

Here are my Week 4 picks. So you don’t have to read too far ahead, I’ll reveal my Vikings vs Steelers pick. HINT: I didn’t pick the Vikings, even though Matt Cassel is starting. We’ll see if that’s a long-term gig for him or not.


Match Up Pick
49ers vs Rams 49ers
Ravens vs Bills Ravens
Bengals vs Browns Bengals
Bears vs Lions Bears
Seahawks vs Texans Seahawks
Colts vs Jaguars Colts
Giants vs Chiefs Chiefs
Steelers vs Vikings Steelers
Cardinals vs Buccaneers Cardinals
Jets vs Titans Titans
Eagles vs Broncos Broncos
Redskins vs Raiders Raiders
Cowboys vs Chargers Cowboys
Patriots vs Falcons Falcons
Dolphins vs Saints Saints

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Sep 19

Week Three Picks

It’s a new week with all new match ups. I’m 21-11 in my picks heading into week 3. Let’s see how I do with these!

Match Up Pick
Chiefs vs Eagles Chiefs
Texans vs Ravens Ravens
Giants vs Panthers Giants
Packers vs Bengals Packers
Rams vs Cowboys Cowboys
Browns vs Vikings Vikings
Buccaneers vs Patriots Patriots
Cardinals vs Saints Saints
Chargers vs Titans Chargers
Lions vs Redskins Redskins
Falcons vs Dolphins Falcons
Bills vs Jets Bills
Jaguars vs Seahawks Seahawks
Colts vs 49ers 49ers
Bears vs Steelers Bears
Raiders vs Broncos Broncos

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