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Sep 15

2014 Week 2 Picks Results

Not overly impressed with my selections this week, but I guess it could have been worse.


Match Up Pick Winner Commentary
Steelers vs Ravens Ravens Ravens Team rallied to dislodge the horrible Rice aftertaste.
Dolphins vs Bills Bills Bills Are the Bills good or just lucky?
Jaguars vs Washington Washington Washington RG3 apparently not a factor here. Huh.
Cowboys vs Titans Titans Cowboys I don’t understand the Cowboys.
Cardinals vs Giants Cardinals Cardinals QB apparently is irrelevant for this team.
Patriots vs Vikings Vikings Patriots Total embarrassment.
Saints vs Browns Saints Browns Wut? That is what I like.
Falcons vs Bengals Bengals Bengals Did the Bengals win or did the Falcons lose it for themselves?
Lions vs Panthers Lions Panthers The Lions are their own worst enemy sometimes.
Rams vs Buccaneers Bucs Rams Rams managed a late field goal to secure the win.
Seahawks vs Chargers Seahawks Chargers Did not see that coming.
Texans vs Raiders Texans Texans No surprise here.
Jets vs Packers Packers Packers I really wanted them to lose.
Chiefs vs Broncos Broncos Broncos A closer game than the score let on.
Bears vs 49ers 49ers Bears Kapernick did his best Cassel and came up with the same results.
Eagles vs Colts Eagles Eagles Place kickers are way under-valued
Week 2 Results Correct:




That’s not so good!
2014 Regular Season Correct:




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Sep 11

2014 Week 2 Picks

Here are my picks for this week. Let’s see how I do.


Match Up Pick Winner Commentary
Steelers vs Ravens Ravens TBD Thrilled to say that Ray Rice will not be anywhere near the stadium.
Dolphins vs Bills Bills TBD This is a hard one to call. Going with the home team.
Jaguars vs Washington Washington TBD Another hard one to call. Going with the home team again.
Cowboys vs Titans Titans TBD Can the Cowboys implode for a 2nd week? I think so.
Cardinals vs Giants Cardinals TBD Cardinals looked good. The Giants looked exceptionally bad.
Patriots vs Vikings Vikings TBD Patriots seem out of sorts; the Vikings appear to actually have game!
Saints vs Browns Saints TBD Saints lost a nail-biter; the Browns are the Browns.
Falcons vs Bengals Bengals TBD The Bengals looked good & they’re the home team.
Lions vs Panthers Lions TBD Lions looked unnervingly proficient. Yuck!
Rams vs Buccaneers Bucs TBD If Sean Hill is out for the game, there’s no chance for the Rams.
Seahawks vs Chargers Seahawks TBD This will probably be an entertaining game.
Texans vs Raiders Texans TBD The Raiders lost to the Jets. Do I need to explain more?
Jets vs Packers Packers TBD Unfortunately, the Packers likely have this one in the bag.
Chiefs vs Broncos Broncos TBD Andy Reid will likely be affected by the altitude. And a week 1 loss.
Bears vs 49ers 49ers TBD I look forward to watching this stomping.
Eagles vs Colts Eagles TBD This could go either way – depends on how the Colts start the game.
Week 2 Results Correct:




2014 Regular Season Correct:




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Sep 09

2014 Week 1 Picks Results

For week one of the 2014 season, I went 10-6. Not great, but not too terrible either.


Match Up Pick Winner Commentary
Packers vs Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Packers got SPANKED and I loved it.
Saints vs Falcons Saints Falcons I hate the Saints and I’m glad they lost. Now I’m just sorry I picked ‘em.
Bengals vs Ravens Ravens Bengals I used to live in Cincinnati. I should have more faith in this team.
Bills vs Bears Bears Bills LOL Bears. Nice home opener. Hahahaha….
Washington vs Texans Texans Texans I like when I’m right.
Titans vs Chiefs Chiefs Titans Andy Reid may be wondering what the hell happened.
Patriots vs Dolphins Patriots Dolphins Damn Dolphins. They never win when I pick them.
Raiders vs Jets Jets Jets Still glad I didn’t have to watch this game.
Jaguars vs Eagles Eagles Eagles Apparently the Eagles had a bad start, but ultimately won.
Browns vs Steelers Steelers Steelers Don’t like the Steelers, but I like when I’m right.
Vikings vs Rams Vikings Vikings Wooooo!
49ers vs Cowboys 49ers 49ers This game was hilarious. I’m glad I had the chance to watch it.
Panthers vs Buccaneers Panthers Panthers The Bucs… oh brudda!
Colts vs Broncos Broncos Broncos This game heated up at the end. It took the Colts a long time to get there.
Giants vs Lions Giants Lions Clearly I was out of my mind when I thought the Giants might win this.
Chargers vs Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals managed to just squeak by.
Week’s Results Correct:                   10Incorrect:                 6
Full Season Results Correct:                   10Incorrect:                 6

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Sep 04

2014 Week 1 Picks

Match Up Pick Rationale
Packers vs Seahawks Seahawks Defending Super Bowl Champs vs cheddar heads… what more is there to say?
Saints vs Falcons Saints As much as I hate the Saints, they will probably win.
Bengals vs Ravens Ravens Home field advantage and their former OC is coaching a new team now. If only I could remember which one…
Bills vs Bears Bears Home field advantage and Jared Allen wearing the wrong colors will probably garner the Bears a win.
Washington vs Texans Texans Why not the Texans?
Titans vs Chiefs Chiefs Andy Reid has coached the Chiefs to a whole new place.
Patriots vs Dolphins Patriots Dolphins always fail me when I pick them to win. So I learned from my mistakes and stopped picking them.
Raiders vs Jets Jets Thankfully I won’t be forced to watch this game in my area. Expecting an ugly game full of nothing good.
Jaguars vs Eagles Eagles Florida teams just don’t seem very impressive these days. Let’s see if home field will give the Eagles the edge.
Browns vs Steelers Steelers When is Big Ben retiring? Seems like he’s overstayed his welcome at this point, but regardless, I can’t envision the Browns winning at Heinz Field.
Vikings vs Rams Vikings Skoooooooool!!!! I think Norv Turner’s offense might be pretty interesting once the real thing hits the field.
49ers vs Cowboys 49ers It’s a whole new season. What’s not new is Tony Romo’s ability to choke when the pressure is on.
Panthers vs Buccaneers Panthers Again with the Florida teams. They just don’t inspire me to pick them this week.
Colts vs Broncos Broncos Thin air for the visiting team and home field advantage will probably allow the Broncos to go 1-0.
Giants vs Lions Giants While I look forward to seeing the patented “Sad Eli” face when he throws an interception, I don’t think Manning will throw enough to give the Motor City Kitties a win on Ford Field.
Chargers vs Cardinals Cardinals The Chargers are in a year of change with a new head coach and the Cardinals still have Larry Fitzgerald. And the game’s at their house.

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Oct 31

Week Nine Picks

Here are my week 9 picks.


Match Up Pick
Bengals vs Dolphins Dolphins
Chiefs vs Bills Chiefs
Falcons vs Panthers Panthers
Vikings vs Cowboys Cowboys
Saints vs Jets Saints
Titans vs Rams Rams
Chargers vs Redskins Chargers
Eagles vs Raiders Raiders
Buccaneers vs Seahawks Seahawks
Ravens vs Browns Ravens
Steelers vs Patriots Patriots
Colts vs Texans Colts
Bears vs Packers Packers

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Oct 30

Week Eight Pick Results

Coming into Week 8, I was 67-40 for picks. With an 11-2 showing for Week 8 picks, I’m now at 78-42.


Correct Incorrect
Panthers Eagles
Lions Steelers

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Oct 21

Week Seven Pick Results

Coming into this week I was at 57-35 on the season. A 10-5 showing this week (including correctly picking the Giants over the Vikings), brings me to 67-40 for the year.


Correct Incorrect
Seahawks Lions
Falcons Dolphins
Panthers Bears
Chargers Patriots
Cowboys Broncos

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Oct 17

Week Seven Picks

Here are my picks for Week 7:


Match Up Pick
Seahawks vs Cardinals Seahawks
Buccaneers vs Falcons Falcons
Rams vs Panthers Panthers
Bengals vs Lions Lions
Chargers vs Jaguars Chargers
Bills vs Dolphins Dolphins
Patriots vs Jets Patriots
Cowboys vs Eagles Cowboys
Bears vs Redskins Bears
49ers vs Titans 49ers
Browns vs Packers Packers
Texans vs Chiefs Chiefs
Ravens vs Steelers Steelers
Broncos vs Colts Broncos
Vikings vs Giants Giants

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Oct 08

Week Five Pick Results

Coming into week 5, I was at 37-26 on the season. For week 5, I had a 11-3 showing (not too shabby!), which brings me to 48-29 for the season.


Correct Incorrect
Browns Patriots
Saints Chargers
Packers Falcons

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