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Jan 17

Brett Favre Files Retirement Papers

Brett Favre

Brett Favre filed retirement papers today, indicating that he had no plans to return to the NFL. Judd Zulgad of the Star Tribune tweeted that this news wouldn’t impact Vikings fans because even if Favre plays in 2011, it wouldn’t be for the Vikings. No further indication from Zulgad as to why he phrased his tweet the way he did, but here are my thoughts:

1. Brett Favre retiring impacts all fans of football, irrespective of team affiliation. Favre has been one of the most revered QBs in the game for the majority of his career, not just for his Super Bowl win, but also for his enthusiasm for the game. I’ve watched a lot of football in my life, but you rarely see a player show as much emotion as Favre does on the field. He has been a delight to watch. In purple.

2. I don’t know if Zulgad has intel from the team regarding whether or not Favre might have an option with the Vikings next year. I know Leslie Frazier indicated that he couldn’t foresee a circumstance that would cause him to call Favre up and ask him back. I agree that based on his 2010 performance, it would be unlikely that the Vikings would bring him back for a 3rd year. But let’s face it – the Vikings have no solid options at QB right now and they’re in a position where they still need a veteran to bridge the gap. If Favre had time to heal, he might be a solid QB again. And the Vikings might consider that. But – mentally, I think he’s done. In fact, I thought he was done mentally after the 2009 season. So I think the point is moot: Brett Favre has accepted that he’s played his last game and will not be attempting another comeback.

I have this to say about Brett Favre. He gave us, what I consider to be, the most entertaining season I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen 37 seasons. He brought excitement every week – whether he was playing well or not. I’m glad he wore purple for 2 seasons and frankly, I wish it had been longer.

So, Brett Favre – best of luck to you in your retirement. I wish you nothing but the best. Thank you for the joy you brought to Vikings Nation. Skol!

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Jan 02

Brett Favre Press Conference: Is It The Final Good-bye?

Brett Favre addressed the media today after the Vikings’ loss to the Detroit Lions. He appeared resolute in his last press conference as a Minnesota Viking. He thanked the fans – both the Vikings fans and the Green Bay fans, and seemed uncomfortable mixing the two together, perhaps not wanting to sound like an ungrateful Randy Moss.

Favre’s time in purple was a mixed bag of tremendous highs and discouraging lows. Some have suggested he shouldn’t have come back. Hindsight always adds clarity, but he’s a risk taker. It’s what made him a great quarterback. Things don’t always work out, but you will never know if you don’t take the chance.

Thanks #4 for the memories.

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Jan 02

Minnesota Vikings: Remembering Better Times

2010 has been an incredibly tough season for Vikings fans. Especially coming after the 2009 season, one of the best seasons in franchise history. 2011 is a season as yet unwritten. Can we recapture the glory from days gone by? Do you remember how the 2009 season felt? Relive it.

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Jan 02

Brett Favre: Inactive Against the Lions

Brett Favre & Adrian Peterson

Brett Favre has been officially listed as inactive against the Lions today. This is likely his last appearance as a player in the NFL after a 20 year career spanning 4 teams: the Falcons, the Packers, the Jets and the Vikings. 18 of the 20 years were spent on teams in the NFC North.

In 2009, Favre had a tremendous year with 33 TDs, 7 INTs and a 2nd seed play-off berth, taking the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game against the Saints. 2010 has been far less stellar.

Irrespective of the drama that Favre brings with him, Vikings fans embraced him during 2009. Favre said himself “winning helps”. We’ve seen a different tone from the purple faithful this year towards Favre. I’ll be writing more about that in the near future, because I think that this year’s team performance doesn’t rest on Favre’s shoulders alone.

Brett Favre & Visanthe Shiancoe

Brett Favre will enter the Hall of Fame in 2015 – assuming this really is the last season of his career. And I do think it is. We were lucky to have him, despite what the local radio pundits have been saying on KFAN. I’ll be writing more about that later, as well: media negativity.

I’ve been cheering for the Vikings since I was 5. In the 37 seasons I’ve watched, 2009 was the single best season I can remember. Brett Favre had a lot to do with that and I will always be grateful.

I hope when Brett Favre looks back at the time he spent in Minnesota, he remembers all the love he got from the fan base. 2010 has been rough, but 2009 was a journey we all took together and it was incredible.

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Jan 01

Brett Favre: Does "Doubtful" Really Mean "Probable"?

Brett Favre is listed as Doubtful for tomorrow’s season finale against Detroit. Interim Head Coach Leslie Frazier has not closed the door on his playing in the game, however.

I’ve been torn as to whether or not I wanted Favre to play in tomorrow’s game. Part of me would like to see him end on a high note, and the other wants to see Joe Webb manage another full game. I’ve decided that I’m no longer torn on this topic. I think Brett Favre should sit tomorrow, even if he’s able to play.

There are two reasons for that. 1) We need another full game of Joe Webb to make sure that the coaching staff has enough film to evaluate prior to the draft. If we don’t need to use a 1st round draft choice on a QB, we should go after an offensive lineman. We need to see more from Joe to make that type of determination. 2) I think if Brett can play and does, it’s likely that the current offensive line will not be able to protect him from the likes of Ndamukong Suh, increasing the risk of more serious injury. Favre’s been through a lot this year with surgery on his ankle, tendonitis, a stress fracture, an avulsion fracture, a sternoclavicular strain and now a concussion. Joe is far more mobile than Favre.

So my hope is that Favre waves his hat to the crowd and gracefully allows Joe to make his 2nd NFL start. What do you think?

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Jan 01

Brett Favre: Long Term Career Prospects

Brett Favre has insisted that this is his last season in the NFL. There has been speculation that he may not mean it, although I’m not sure why people don’t believe him… it’s not like he’s retired and unretired a couple of times, right?

Some have wondered what the future will hold for Favre, who has been playing football in the NFL since the 1991 season. What are his long-term career prospects after dedicating the last 20 years to throwing bullets, long bombs and lasers to his receiving corps?

I think he’d make a great dance instructor!

Brett Favre Entertains His Teammates with his 80s Dance Moves (NFL.com link)

PS – thanks to NoraTeele for tweeting the link earlier today.

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Dec 30

Brett Favre Fails Neurological Exam, Will Be Game-time Decision

Injured QBs: Brett Favre and Tarvaris Jackson

Brett Favre didn’t address the media again this week. There’s been speculation that he didn’t want to be asked about the $50,000 fine that was imposed upon him by the NFL. After watching Favre get queried about the sexting scandal early in the season, noting his extremely adept method of not answering the question, I’m fairly certain that the ruling didn’t influence whether or not he addressed the media today.

I believe it’s related to his concussion. He still hasn’t been able to pass the initial neurological exam. Leslie Frazier indicated that he’ll be a game-time decision, which I believe means we’ll see him as Doubtful on the Saturday active/inactive/injury list.

I was listening to Dan Berreiro tonight on KFAN. He doesn’t want Favre to start, even if he’s healthy. I’ve been surprised at the tremendous negativity towards Favre by the local media. The intensity is what has been the most surprising. I understand wanting to see Joe Webb. I’d like to see him. But I’d like to see Favre play one last time as well.

What do you think? Should Favre start if he’s healthy?

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Dec 30

Joe Webb: To QB or Not to QB?

Brett Favre has been coaching Joe Webb.

My relationship with Joe Webb has ebbed and flowed since August 2010. A couple of friends and I went down to Mankato on a ridiculously hot day to watch the training camp activities. We were sitting right in front of where the quarterbacks and receivers were working on route running. We watched the quarterbacks cycle through. When Joe Webb stepped up to start throwing, his first pass sailed by Bernard Berrian. I thought, “Oh great. T-Jack Jr.” Webb’s next pass was a long bomb to Taye Biddles. It was a beauty and I thought, “Oh! Uh. Hmmm?” (As an aside, Jackson later knocked the wind out of Biddles because he rocketed a ball right at him with his usual lack of touch)

Fast forward to the preseason, watching the Vikings vs 49ers on TV. Joe Webb scampered for a TD and I cheered. Later he took a sack in the end zone for a safety. I stared. My training camp friends and I went to the Vikings vs Broncos preseason game. The crowd cheered for Favre, booed Jackson and cheered for Joe Webb. Again it was a mix of “Oh!” and “No.”

Fast forward again to the Giants game in Week 14. Favre’s streak ends and Jackson gets the start. Jackson cracks knees with Peterson because he doesn’t know how to hand off properly. Joe Webb comes in for a play. In the 4th quarter, Jackson limps off and in comes Joe Webb, Savior du jour. It was a whole lot of “Meh.” Jackson goes out on IR. We acquire Patrick Ramsey and Rhett Bomar. When you’re shedding QBs right and left, it pays to have back ups that aren’t Greg Camarillo.

In Week 15, Joe Webb was to start. Favre recovered (mostly) from his Bills’ injury and started instead. Wootten knocked Favre out in the 2nd quarter and it was Joe Webb to the rescue. Or not. After the game, I was convinced it was time to move Webb back to wide out.

Week 16. Favre hadn’t passed the initial exam for his concussion and Joe Webb starts against the Eagles on Sunday Night Football on Tuesday, because it’s been that kind of season. The first 2 quarters were full of “Eh? Better than last week…” The second 2 quarters? Long bomb to Percy. A rushing TD. Another missed TD where Peterson was wide open as Webb rolled out to the right but Webb never threw (not a highlight). The incredible 3rd down and 11 laser to Percy.

The Vikings, led by Joe Webb, upset the play-off bound Eagles with their third string quarterback on the national stage, preventing the Eagles from earning a bye and stunning the nation. Joe Webb’s response? “My teammates rallied around me.” and “I give the credit to my teammates.”

I think we’re on to something with Webb. I think Joe may have what it takes to be a formidable QB in the NFL with more game experience. If I were the Vikings, I would use my first round pick in the draft for an offensive lineman and see what Joe can do next year. What do you think?

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Dec 29

Brett Favre & the Backwards 4

After the Bears/Vikings game in Week 16, Brett Favre was asked by a reporter in his post game presser what the significance of the towel with the backwards 4 was. Brett Favre said a few words about how he and Deanna had visited a 5-year-old boy named Anderson the previous Friday. Anderson has an incurable brain tumor that has caused him to write his 4s backwards. Prior to the game, Deanna sent the towel down to the field knowing Brett would know the significance.

In the last two seasons, I’ve noticed that Favre isn’t comfortable talking about his charity work, especially about his Make-A-Wish involvement. Anderson’s family posted a video and pictures of Brett’s visit with Anderson. I hope you’ll watch it.

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