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Jan 09

The Packers: 90% Luck, 10% Skill

Packer Fans: These are the people for whom the team fights.

Well. The Packers “won”. And by “won” I mean the Eagles lost because their place kicker, David Akers, missed 2 field goals that would have ensured a win and the amoral and overrated Vick ended the game with an interception in the end zone, doing his best Jay Cutler impersonation.

This is the trouble with wanting another team to do well on your behalf: it rarely ever happens. I wanted the Eagles to beat the Packers ergo it wasn’t going to happen. But it’s not my fault! It’s the Eagles. Let’s face it – the Eagles and the Packers didn’t really belong in the post-season. The Giants and the Buccaneers would have been more appropriate, given their teams’ performance over the course of the season. The Packers snuck in, not only through a game in which the Bears had nothing to fight for, but they were also credited with at least 2 wins that were handed to them by the officials when they played the Lions & the Vikings earlier in the season. Were it not for that, we wouldn’t be talking about their lack of a running game because they wouldn’t be traipsing around in the post-season.

Michael Vick: More Overrated than Aaron Rodgers

But I digress. The Eagles were terrible today. It’s awesome that Vick shot himself in the foot when it comes to the MVP race, because who really wants a dog murderer to win something after pretending he didn’t know that what he was doing was wrong? The Eagles defense was a mixed bag of great plays and great mistakes. I wonder if Akers’ contract is up because if I were Andy Reid, I would be trying out some kickers in the off-season. Heck – Akers’ contract doesn’t even have to be up – just bring in some competition!

The Packers weren’t that great either. Remember, this is an Eagles team that got blown out of the water by the Minnesota Vikings a couple of weeks back. Our 3rd string QB tore up that Eagles defense. And the Packers couldn’t even score as many points as the discombobulated Vikings did.

Aaron Rodgers logged another huge chunk of rushing yards for the Packers so that it looks like they have a run game. Or would have. Let me be more precise: AR dashed around for his life, but he also lost a lot of yardage on sacks so he only netted out at 4 yards. His longest rush was 8 yards. His efforts constitute a “huge” chunk for a team that barely averages 100 yards rushing per game during the regular season. He also fumbled and helped the other team put up a TD, which seems VERY familiar (see: Wild Card game, Packers vs Cardinals, 2009).

Aaron Rodgers: Fumble-rama!

So the hated Packers move on to the divisional round. I thought I’d care more, but it turns out I don’t like the Eagles either – especially with Mikey Vick leading the offense – so I’m totally agnostic. We already know that the Falcons can beat the Packers. So I remain calm as the Packers’ demise is just one week away. Give their fans a little hope – and then take it away. That would be tremendous. Maybe then the Packer fans could stop shouting about how much better ARodg is than Favre. I’m tired of listening to it. Another play-off loss by ARodg will break their tiny little hearts and remind them that Brett Favre brought their team out of 20+ years of complete & utter irrelevancy and perhaps should be referred to with a little more respect.

Wait. I’m trying to use logic on Packer fans. What am I thinking? We all know they don’t use – or understand – logic. I apologize.

On a different note: the FOX commentators were a hot mess tonight. I don’t know who dressed Jimmy Johnson, but I’m sorry to say that a pink shirt with a lime green tie and a different green pocket square – no matter how intricately folded – do NOT match. Please refrain from that color combo going forward.

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Jan 02

Bears vs Packers: A Vikings Fan Game Review

The Bears and the Packers met today in the frigid tundra of Lambeau field. Lovie Smith kept his starters in the game even though there was no hope for a #1 seed after the Falcons beat the Panthers earlier in the day. The Packers were playing for a Wild Card play-off berth and the #6 seed.

The first half was a defensive battle for both teams, causing both team’s offensives to look anemic. Aaron Rodgers was once again the Packers’ top rusher with 21 yards. Chicago’s top rusher, Matt Forte, on the other hand was able to rack up 91 yards on 15 carries with a 6.1 YPC average. The Packers ended the game as they have been since Ryan Grant went out on IR: 60 net yards in rushing.

The Bears only had pride to play for today. Their first round bye was safe & secure in their pocket. The Packers needed to win, but even after doing so, face a tough fight to make it past the first round of the play-offs.

The Packers will have a difficult time  moving past the Eagles next week for the following reasons:

  • No run game. No matter how much the Packer fans yell “Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhnnnnn”, their will is not enough to propel him forward. Despite 4 carries today, he posted no positive yardage.
  • Third down efficiency today was at 18%. The Packers’ offense was only able to convert 2 of 11 third downs. Overall the Eagles and the Packers are fairly evenly matched in 3rd down conversions – but today’s performance doesn’t bode well.
  • The Packers allowed 110 rushing yards by the Bears, with a 5.5 YPC average. That may not seem like much, but with Michael Vick running around and escaping the pocket, the Packers’ defense may be overmatched. It’s worth noting that the Bears are 23rd in rushing yards per game, while the Packers themselves are 25th. The Eagles? Top 5 rushing attack.
  • The Packers are the #5 overall defense with 309.1 yards allowed per game. Conversely, the Eagles are the #1 offense overall with 399.1 yards per game. That sounds like a good match up, but the Eagles are #3 in total points posted and are ahead of the Packers with +12 in turnovers.

The Bears, on the other hand, will have no trouble making it past the Wild Card round as they’ll be reclining in their houses in Chicago watching the lower seeded teams battle it out.

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Dec 29

Antoine Winfield: NFC Defensive Player of the Week

Congratulations to Antoine Winfield, veteran cornerback extraordinaire for the Minnesota Vikings, for winning the Week 16 NFC Defensive Player of the Week award for his performance Tuesday night against the Eagles.

Winfield recorded 9 tackles (8 solo), 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery and 1 defensive TD. Last night’s performance brings Winfield’s stats for 2010 to: 82 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and 2 interceptions.

Watching the game last night, I was reminded of our once mighty defense. I am a fan of the pressure we applied to Vick and hope that corner blitzes will become a staple in our defensive repertoire for years to come. While not appropriate for all situations, imagine Aaron Rodgers or Eli Manning trying to withstand that pressure. Guaranteed instant meltdown. We should employ that level of intensity judiciously during the 2011 season. Assuming we have one.

Relive Winfield’s sack, strip, recovery and TD right now:

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Dec 29

Vikings vs Eagles: VikesPrincess Breaks It Down

The Vikings beat the Eagles tonight, 24-14. I thought I was dreaming until I stubbed my toe on the step up from my family room into my kitchen. The pain reminded me that I was indeed awake and that the team that has made me curse since Week 1 of this season had just pulled out one of the greatest upsets of the season. This, after being stranded in Philadelphia for 4 days after the Sunday night game was moved to Tuesday. This, after trauma and turmoil, not just during the last 3 weeks with the Metrodome roof collapse and subsequent upheaval, but after the cluster that this entire season has been.

I’ve been hoping for the end to this horrific season for weeks now. I can’t remember the last time I was fully engaged in a game. Maybe week 2? I thought I didn’t care tonight either – until Antoine Winfield sacked Vick, stripped the ball, picked it up and ran it in for a touchdown. I launched from my couch, screamed and clapped, sending my 2 geriatric cats running for the hills for the first time this season. While the 2010 season has made me sad, mad, melancholy, infuriated and generally pissed off with a bad attitude – it has not broken my spirit. I can still cheer for my team. They may have sucked all season long – but dammit – they’re my team.

Things that were obviously not working: the 2nd string cornerbacks and their penchant for dropping easy interceptions. Lito & Frank: I’m talking to you both. You sucked tonight. Our o-line for run plays. Adrian Peterson should have had a special shoulder-mounted drill with a diamond tip to create a hole to run through since our o-line looked like the Keystone Cops on those running plays. Sidney Rice dropping 2 passes early in the game. And then being taken out of the game by Samuel.

Things that were working for me. Or rather, people! Jared Allen. Antoine Winfield. Jimmy Kennedy. Letroy Guion. Chad Greenway. Percy Harvin. Adrian Peterson. Sidney Rice (after the 1st quarter and a half). Kleinsasser. And, Joe Webb.

Just last week, I said we should move Webb back to WR. He looked like a different guy tonight. Careful with the ball. Great fades, great deep balls, great laser throws to Percy and Shank. I’m trying to keep calm – but it’s *almost* like we *might* have a long-term QB actually on our current roster. My friend John (an Eagles fan from Philly who feels conflicted when the Vikings and Eagles play because he’s always liked the Vikings and has lived here for 20 years now) called me between the 3rd and 4th quarters and said, “Joe Webb. He’s the next Tom Brady. Mark my words.” I don’t know about all that – but Joe Webb is looking more interesting the more he plays.  Something tells me that Brad Childress was watching the game tonight and was thinking, “Damn you, football gods, why wasn’t Joe available in 2006 instead of Tarvaris?” I’m going to say right now that maybe Chilly knew what he was doing when he moved Joe to QB from WR. I hate saying that because it makes it sound like Chilly was a good coach. Let’s be clear: he wasn’t.

Last week I also wanted Leslie Frazier to not get the head coaching job. I said I reserved the right to change my mind – and I haven’t yet – but maybe all of the uncertainty of the last two games was something no coach could have overcome. Let’s see how we do against Detroit on Sunday.

I watched both the Frazier presser and the Webb presser tonight. I like Joe Webb – he’s laid back and a roll-with-it kind of guy. He said that Favre gave him a lot of coaching on the sideline, which I think is terrific. And Brett seemed genuinely pleased for Joe as he cheered for him from the sideline. Donald Driver said that Brett Favre was the best teammate he’s ever had. I bet that’s true.

On to Detroit we go for a non-home game. There will be no Vikings logo decorating the 50 yard line this week. And Detroit is not the Detroit we always counted on to bring up the rear in the division. In fact, if we don’t beat Detroit, we would tie for last place in the division. We haven’t been last in the division by ourselves since 1984 (thanks Les Steckel!) so at least that streak will go on even if we tie for last with Detroit. But we won’t. Right? 7 – 9 sounds pretty good. Let’s do it! Skol!

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