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Sep 08

NFC North Week One Match Ups: Who Wins?

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Jan 02

Brett Favre: Inactive Against the Lions

Brett Favre & Adrian Peterson

Brett Favre has been officially listed as inactive against the Lions today. This is likely his last appearance as a player in the NFL after a 20 year career spanning 4 teams: the Falcons, the Packers, the Jets and the Vikings. 18 of the 20 years were spent on teams in the NFC North.

In 2009, Favre had a tremendous year with 33 TDs, 7 INTs and a 2nd seed play-off berth, taking the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game against the Saints. 2010 has been far less stellar.

Irrespective of the drama that Favre brings with him, Vikings fans embraced him during 2009. Favre said himself “winning helps”. We’ve seen a different tone from the purple faithful this year towards Favre. I’ll be writing more about that in the near future, because I think that this year’s team performance doesn’t rest on Favre’s shoulders alone.

Brett Favre & Visanthe Shiancoe

Brett Favre will enter the Hall of Fame in 2015 – assuming this really is the last season of his career. And I do think it is. We were lucky to have him, despite what the local radio pundits have been saying on KFAN. I’ll be writing more about that later, as well: media negativity.

I’ve been cheering for the Vikings since I was 5. In the 37 seasons I’ve watched, 2009 was the single best season I can remember. Brett Favre had a lot to do with that and I will always be grateful.

I hope when Brett Favre looks back at the time he spent in Minnesota, he remembers all the love he got from the fan base. 2010 has been rough, but 2009 was a journey we all took together and it was incredible.

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Jan 01

Brett Favre: Does "Doubtful" Really Mean "Probable"?

Brett Favre is listed as Doubtful for tomorrow’s season finale against Detroit. Interim Head Coach Leslie Frazier has not closed the door on his playing in the game, however.

I’ve been torn as to whether or not I wanted Favre to play in tomorrow’s game. Part of me would like to see him end on a high note, and the other wants to see Joe Webb manage another full game. I’ve decided that I’m no longer torn on this topic. I think Brett Favre should sit tomorrow, even if he’s able to play.

There are two reasons for that. 1) We need another full game of Joe Webb to make sure that the coaching staff has enough film to evaluate prior to the draft. If we don’t need to use a 1st round draft choice on a QB, we should go after an offensive lineman. We need to see more from Joe to make that type of determination. 2) I think if Brett can play and does, it’s likely that the current offensive line will not be able to protect him from the likes of Ndamukong Suh, increasing the risk of more serious injury. Favre’s been through a lot this year with surgery on his ankle, tendonitis, a stress fracture, an avulsion fracture, a sternoclavicular strain and now a concussion. Joe is far more mobile than Favre.

So my hope is that Favre waves his hat to the crowd and gracefully allows Joe to make his 2nd NFL start. What do you think?

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Dec 30

Brett Favre Fails Neurological Exam, Will Be Game-time Decision

Injured QBs: Brett Favre and Tarvaris Jackson

Brett Favre didn’t address the media again this week. There’s been speculation that he didn’t want to be asked about the $50,000 fine that was imposed upon him by the NFL. After watching Favre get queried about the sexting scandal early in the season, noting his extremely adept method of not answering the question, I’m fairly certain that the ruling didn’t influence whether or not he addressed the media today.

I believe it’s related to his concussion. He still hasn’t been able to pass the initial neurological exam. Leslie Frazier indicated that he’ll be a game-time decision, which I believe means we’ll see him as Doubtful on the Saturday active/inactive/injury list.

I was listening to Dan Berreiro tonight on KFAN. He doesn’t want Favre to start, even if he’s healthy. I’ve been surprised at the tremendous negativity towards Favre by the local media. The intensity is what has been the most surprising. I understand wanting to see Joe Webb. I’d like to see him. But I’d like to see Favre play one last time as well.

What do you think? Should Favre start if he’s healthy?

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Dec 29

Week 17 Match Up: Vikings vs Lions

The Vikings are coming off an incredible upset on the first Tuesday night football game since 1946. The Lions are on a 3 game winning streak and no longer resemble the Lions team we’ve loved for years for their ability to hand us 2 guaranteed wins each season. What does the season finale hold for these two teams who will conclude their 2010 season this weekend?

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