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Jan 02

Brett Favre Press Conference: Is It The Final Good-bye?

Brett Favre addressed the media today after the Vikings’ loss to the Detroit Lions. He appeared resolute in his last press conference as a Minnesota Viking. He thanked the fans – both the Vikings fans and the Green Bay fans, and seemed uncomfortable mixing the two together, perhaps not wanting to sound like an ungrateful Randy Moss.

Favre’s time in purple was a mixed bag of tremendous highs and discouraging lows. Some have suggested he shouldn’t have come back. Hindsight always adds clarity, but he’s a risk taker. It’s what made him a great quarterback. Things don’t always work out, but you will never know if you don’t take the chance.

Thanks #4 for the memories.

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Jan 02

Vikings vs Lions: Post Game Breakdown

Joe Webb, Brett Favre

Ford Field was full of C squads today. The crowd was barely engaged (and didn’t fill the stadium). The FOX announcers wore purple, which is the best thing I can say about them. And the Vikings, who played like a team already on their 5 month cushy vacation. And what was with Favre and his #4 cap? He couldn’t be bothered to wear a Vikings cap? Change it out at half-time?

I think like many, I had high expectations of Joe Webb after his performance on Tuesday against the Eagles. In the first half, Joe wasn’t doing himself any favors. He threw an INT, when he could have run for the first down. He overthrew a totally open Lorenzo Booker. He checked down to Peterson leaving no room for him to run. Joe Cool didn’t have a spectacular, or even good, first half, swinging me back to the opinion that we should use our first round pick on a QB. The o-line was decent on pass protection, but couldn’t open up even a sliver of space for Adrian Peterson to run through, leading Frazier to try Toby Gerhart in his stead. Webb took several sacks in the second half. O-Line failure or hanging on to the ball too long? A little of both it seemed.

Leslie Frazier: Future Head Coach was unable to motivate the defensive secondary.

The Vikings defense during the first half was atrocious. They played like a team that didn’t care if a loss would result in the Vikings holding last place in the division for the 1st time since 1984. Frank Walker missed tackle after tackle. He commented about the Timberwolves dancers looking like replacements this week, because he’s a class-act like that. Well, Frank, here’s a little news for you: it would be GREAT if you could even PLAY like a replacement player. Two words: you suck. If Leslie Frazier brings Walker back next year, I will have serious doubts about the Wilf’s choice in our new head coach.

Coming out of half time, the defense was ready to go. Or not. The Lions marched down the field like the Vikings’ defense hadn’t left the locker room. The drive ended with a field goal. Things improved with a delicious pick-6 by Jared Allen in the waning minutes of the 3rd quarter. Allen now has more TDs than Bernard Berrian this season. It was an amazing play that ended in the end zone with his modified non-knee-to-the-turf calf roping celebration. Would it be enough to swing the momentum in the Vikings’ favor?

No. The Vikings could not get it together. Webb missed Percy several times. Frank Walker continued to be one of the worst cornerbacks I have ever seen. A late on-side kick was similarly wasted due to poor execution. The broadcast ended with Favre running alone down a tunnel without congratulating the winning team.

And so ends the incredibly painful 2010 Vikings season. It’s been a long and disheartening one. Here’s hoping for a better 2011 season full of excitement and low on the drama. Skol Vikings Nation!

PS – Just because the season is over doesn’t mean I won’t be blogging. There’s a lot still to cover: the play-offs, the Super Bowl, the CBA negotions, the draft and progress on a new stadium. I’ll be here. I hope you will, too.

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Jan 01

Brett Favre: Long Term Career Prospects

Brett Favre has insisted that this is his last season in the NFL. There has been speculation that he may not mean it, although I’m not sure why people don’t believe him… it’s not like he’s retired and unretired a couple of times, right?

Some have wondered what the future will hold for Favre, who has been playing football in the NFL since the 1991 season. What are his long-term career prospects after dedicating the last 20 years to throwing bullets, long bombs and lasers to his receiving corps?

I think he’d make a great dance instructor!

Brett Favre Entertains His Teammates with his 80s Dance Moves (NFL.com link)

PS – thanks to NoraTeele for tweeting the link earlier today.

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Dec 31

Frazier & the Wilfs to Meet Next Week

Leslie Frazier, Interim Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings, indicated that he will be meeting with the team’s owners next week after the conclusion of the season. The speculation is that the Wilfs will at least indicate their intent as it pertains to Frazier’s long-term role with the Vikings.

Leslie Frazier has stated emphatically that he would like to stay in Minnesota. He’s indicated that currently he’s focused on beating Detroit and that he’s not worried about whether or not he’ll be the head coach.

Previously I had predicted that if Leslie Frazier were able to show that he could motivate the team and end his 6 game audition at 3-3 at least, it was likely he’d be a lock for the role. A lot of things have happened since that prediction. Rumors of the Wilfs reaching out to Bill Parcells. More uncertainty around the CBA negotiations.

After the team’s performance in the Giants & Bears games, I lost some of my faith in Leslie. However, maybe a collapsing stadium roof, relocation of a game to Detroit and swirl around game location the following week was far more adversity than any coach could handle. I don’t know. I’m still watching though with a critical eye.

What do you think? Should Leslie Frazier be the Head Coach?

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