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Oct 23

Vikings vs Packers: A Post Game Hope

Jared Allen: 2 sacks today, 9 consecutive games with sacks!

Well, Vikings Nation, we lost again. We’re 1-6 and just lost to a division rival. One we all hate, mostly because of their completely obnoxious fan base. My mom passed a year ago today and the game just ended with another “L” so you’d think that I’d be down in the dumps, right?

While I miss my mom tremendously, I don’t feel too bad about the game. Except for our defense – but I’ll get to that. The vaunted Packers beat us by… 2 field goals. One of which was 58 yards so props to Crosby on that one. The undefeated Packers barely eked out a win against a 1-5 team. We should feel pretty good about that!

And how ’bout that Christian Ponder, hooking up with Michael Jenkins for 72 yards on the first play of the game? I’m sure I wasn’t alone when I stood up and yelled and clapped in my house, cackling with glee. Just to see that we had a QB that could throw down field… honestly, at that point, I couldn’t care less about what happened the rest of the game. I felt that glimmer of hope that perhaps we might actually have a franchise QB for the first time since… dinosaurs walked the earth?

The Good

Ponder made his first NFL start today and had 2 TDs! (Let's ignore the INTs...)

Gotta start with Christian Ponder in his first NFL start. Sure, he completed fewer than half of his passes. And he threw 2 TDs and also 2 INTs. But for the love of Pete! We have a QB that is pretty accurate and doesn’t force our receivers to Plank and Catch. Immediate upgrade in my opinion. Ponder hit 6 different receivers during today’s game. Way to spread it around, kid.

Bernard Berrian was benched again! And I saw on Twitter that the hot rumor is that his lazy butt is getting cut this week. Hey – Bernie! Don’t let the door hit ya on the way back to the west coast, dude! Thanks for nothing much during your time here. And Bernie’s benching led to…

Greg Camarillo resurfacing with his sure hands for 2 receptions for 35 yards on critical 3rd downs. Way to give Christian somewhere to go with the ball.

Heads up play by Toby Gerhart when Cobb muffed a punt. Too bad Toby couldn’t contribute much more during the game. But that one play led to a delicious rushing TD by…

175 rushing yards, a rushing TD and just generally BAD ASS!

Adrian Peterson! Who ran right over AJ Hawk. I flipped AJ Hawk off after that. Hopefully it wasn’t caught on camera. I’d hate for the Commish to fine me $10K like he did to Hawk this week. All-Day rushed for 175 yards against that “world champion” defense. This, folks, is what happens when you have a QB that can actually throw. Rock on!

Jared Allen with TWO delightful ARodg face plants, thereby setting a new team record for consecutive games with sacks at 9. Nothing makes this Vikings fan happier than seeing men in purple and gold uniforms smashing that smug QB to the turf. ARodg didn’t have to go to Jared. Jared came to him! Shout out to Marcus Sherels and Everson Griffen who both sacked ARodg today as well. 4 times we saw ARodg covered in purple – and 4 times I laughed maniacally.

Well – that’s the most “good” I’ve had to write about this entire season! Let’s continue…

The Bad

Our o-line remains a woe-line. They looked slightly better than other weeks, but Herrera had his knee hyper extended and you know things are weird when Letroy Guion, DT, is suddenly making appearances in the offense. Now that we seem to have a capable QB, let’s make sure the 2012 draft includes some aggressive offensive linemen.

Kluwe can kick - but he sure the hell can't tackle!

Percy Harvin reinjured his ribs and missed about half the game. We need to get him healthy and active in the offense. I think Ponder could do a lot with him and his amazing receiving abilities.

Chris Kluwe attempting to tackle. Seriously, Chris. I love you. I do. But a half hearted grab is NOT a tackle anywhere on this planet. You’re our last line of defense on those plays so if you can’t execute a decent punt, at LEAST tackle.

Ponder makes an appearance here, too, just as a caution. I saw a few accuracy issues and he still has a tendency to rabbit out of the pocket… but let’s just keep an eye on him and hopefully as he gains experience, both will fade.

The Ugly

Leslie... You don't impress me. C'mon man! 2nd half is STILL part of the game.

2nd half collapse is still an issue. Of course, I hadn’t expected that would change because we still have the same bloody coach we had last week. I’ve said it all season long – and I will say it again: Leslie Frazier needs to either go now or the Wilfs need to Steckel him. One and done. We need a coaching staff that can make second half adjustments. End of story.

Brian Robison. Not only did you get ZERO sacks on ARodg – but you kick a dude in the nether-region on America’s Game of the Week? And this, after Cook has his worthless butt in a jail cell for felony strangulation? If you cannot play CLEAN then get back on the bench. Honestly – B-Rob is one of my favorite guys and I was extremely disappointed in his lack of class. I understand that it’s hard to not hate the Packers to that level, but we all just need to keep our hands (and apparently FEET) to ourselves. 5 demerits to B-Rob. And this: 🙁

In case you’re wondering, I sent him a tweet stating my displeasure. I’m sure he’s feeling quite contrite now.

Cook: Cut him loose, Frazier! (Photo: Hennepin County Sheriff's Office)

Chris Cook. He’s in a jail cell. 2 counts of assault – one of which is felony strangulation. If he’s not off this team by Tuesday, I’ll be calling the front office. And no, I’m not kidding. Vikings players have been arrested a total of 6 times in the last 9 months. This is the second time for Cook. He needs to be cut, if nothing else, then to send a message to the rest.

Well, that’s it for this week my faithful readers. I very much appreciate you coming back week after week to read my posts! It’s been a l-o-n-g stretch of tough games for us as a fan base, but we’ve all hung in here and I think we can all see some light at the end of the tunnel. So put on your purple & gold and hold your heads up high Vikings Nation!



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Sep 08

NFC North Week One Match Ups: Who Wins?

Cast your vote!

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Jan 22

The Packers Are Headed to… Chicaco.

Well done, Green Bay Press-Gazette! I don’t know who your editor is, but s/he deserves a raise! The headline in the photo below is priceless…. The Green Bay Press-Gazette announces that the Packers are going to Chicaco!

Um... WHERE are the Packers headed? Chicaco? Rock on!

Kinda makes you wonder what else will go wrong for the Packers and their fans this weekend. If you’re like me, and if you’re on my blog, I assume you are like me… you’re hoping for a triumphant Bears team to emerge the victor… only to have their hopes & dreams crushed in the Super Bowl. So… BEAR DOWN tomorrow and DOWN with the BEARS in 2 weeks! Skol!

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Jan 22

NFC and AFC Championship Games: Lisa’s Picks

A year ago, Vikings fans everywhere were picking up supplies for their NFCCG parties. Most Vikings fans thought we would win and go on to our first Super Bowl appearance since the 70’s. In the darkest corners of my brain, I knew that we would not win that game. In the way that I knew that we would pummel the Cowboys, my intuition told me that we wouldn’t be moving past the NFCCG. That nagging sense of doom made the game very tough to watch. Unfortunately, the sense of doom was well-founded.

This year, two of our divisional rivals are battling in the NFC Championship Game. What a terrible time for Vikings fans. I’d much rather see the Eagles and the Falcons battling for the NFC Championship. But a bird fight was not to be. Instead we have mammals who hibernate in the winter and people who pack crap. Gee, that sounds super exciting!

Here are my picks this week:


Jets vs Steelers: The Jets are angry. Very, very angry. Apparently that’s a great way for them to play because they certainly put the nay-sayers to shame last weekend when they beat the previously referenced “unbeatable” Patriots. After the game, Tigger Brady needed surgery for a stress fracture in his foot. Gee – didn’t #4 play with one of those and an avulsion fracture for most of the season? These newer models of QBs don’t seem as durable, do they. I don’t like either of these teams. In fact, the reality is that the Super Bowl Champion this year will be a team I hate… and we’ll be forced to watch all of those terrible commercials with their stupid fans jumping around as their damn team wins the game. Great! But I digress. Jets 28, Steelers 24.


Packers vs Bears: Sweet babies Odin & Thor. This is a horrendous turn of events. The last truly fabulous thing that happened in the NFC this year was the Seahawks beating the Saints. Let me marinade with that delicious outcome for a moment……… and I’m back. I’m back to the harsh reality that either the Packers or the Bears will be going to the Super Bowl this year. Personally, I can’t think of a team that deserves it less. Oh, well… maybe the Saints. But let’s look at the truth: The Bears played against back-up QBs for 37.5% of their games. That’s right: 6 times out of 16 games the Bears faced the aerial stylings of these elite QBs: Drew Stanton, Joe Webb, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Shaun Hill, Jimmy Clausen and Tyler Thigpen. Yes, indeed, you’re right – there are three THIRD string QBs in there. The Bears’ record in those games? 6-0. The Packers, of course, wouldn’t even be in the post season were it not for the officials awarding them a TD for a Quarless “catch” against the Vikings… that clearly was not a catch. In that same game, the officials ruled a Shiancoe TD a NON-TD, thereby handing the Packers the game… and then called on Monday to say, “Oops… you know that actually WAS a TD. Sorry boys!” So… if not for the horrendous officiating in that game, the Packers would NOT have made it to the post-season. Which is how it should have been. Bears 24, Packers 19.

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Jan 16

Did Aaron Rodgers Snub a Cancer Patient?

On ProFootballTalk tonight, I saw a story about Aaron Rodgers snubbing a cancer patient, while Clay Matthews stopped to sign her hat. The Packers faithful are rallying around ARodg, saying he was “in a zone” and “didn’t see her”.

If you watch the last few seconds of the video below, I think it’s clear that Rodgers saw her and then studiously looked away and kept walking. I assure you, I even tried to be objective as I watched.

As an aside, I’ll say that I’m not surprised by this at all. A dear friend of mine (a former Packer fan, in fact), grew up outside of Green Bay and was on a small commuter flight with Aaron back in 2008. As my friend tells the story, Aaron was completely rude to his fellow travelers on the flight and wouldn’t even acknowledge a gentleman who was wishing him luck in his first starting season after Favre went to the Jets. In fact, this experience is why my friend no longer cheers for the Packers.

Here’s the video:

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Jan 16

Saturday: A Bad Day to Be a Bird

I was at a play-off party on Saturday, so my usual detailed commentary & snarkiness may be reduced in this post given that I was not fully concentrating on evaluating performance. I’ll start like this: Saturday did not go as I had hoped.

Steelers vs Ravens:

I don’t like the Steelers. Never have. I don’t like Ben Roethlisberger; ergo, I do not wish for the Steelers to go to the Super Bowl. They certainly played far better than the Ravens yesterday. Joe Flacco needs to learn how to throw the ball away and his receivers need to re-learn how to catch.

Packers vs Falcons:

I had high hopes for the Falcons… and by that I mean that I hoped they would beat the crap out of the Packers and then lose to the Bears. Where was Matty Ice yesterday? I had expected the Falcons to be rested up and rarin’ to go. Instead, they resembled the Key Stone Cops at times. Their defense was terrible as the game wore on. I was excited when they knocked the ball out of Jenning’s hands in the first quarter – and then proceeded to return a kick for a TD. That all looked great, right up until they imploded. I have to confess that I didn’t even bother watching most of the 4th quarter and talked to others at the party instead.

So – two teams I wanted out of the picture soldier on – one to Soldier Field while the other will be hosting the Jets. Definitely not what I had envisioned.

Do the Steelers have what it takes to beat the Jets? Will the NFC North match up end with the hated Green & Gold headed to Dallas? I guess we’ll all find out together next weekend!

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Jan 14

NFL Divisional Round: Lisa’s Picks

Last week saw some incredibly fun games (see: Colts’ loss, Saints’ loss). There were also some games – or one – that wasn’t so fun (see: Philadelphia’s loss). Damn those Packers. Boo. Will this weekend feature the NFC North or will the division get knocked out? Find out below! Well – you won’t find out – I don’t have ESP – but you’ll find out what I think at least.

Here are my picks this week:


  • Ravens at Steelers: Joe Flacco vs Ben Roethlisberger in the land of Steel. The Ravens looked good against the Chiefs last weekend, but something tells me that the only way they could have looked better is if they had been playing the Seachickens. Oh… wait… that didn’t work out too well for those Aints! But I digress. This may not be the popular choice for this game, but I think the Steelers will be slow coming off their bye and I hear Troy Polamalu’s hair will be flat. Ravens 28, Steelers 21.
  • Packers at Falcons: Clay Matthews’ name is being brandied about for Defensive Player of the Year. I’ll be writing soon about how ridiculous it is to assume that he should win it. Yes, people, I will be backing up that analysis with actual STATS. That’s how you can tell I’m not a Packer fan. But I digress. We already know which QB is clutch between Rodgers and Ryan. Ryan may be alphabetically behind Rodgers, but he’s the better QB. Falcons 24, Packers 20.


  • Seahawks at Bears: Oh, I do love me some Seachickens. They made my whole weekend last week. The Bears let the Packers win (or did they?) during week 17, when they should have been focusing on momentum. Now they’ve had a week off while the Seahawks are coming off a stunning upset with the momentum in their favor. If this game were being played in Seattle, I would pick the Seahawks without hesitation. Unfortunately, I think the Bears may have weather on their side. Damn snowmageddon. Bears 21, Seahawks 19.
  • Jets at Patriots: Oh dear Odin – the last time these two teams met, the Jets were blown out of the water. Let’s be honest – we know the Jets really have no business being in the play-offs. They’re there because the league was so mediocre this year – and they just happened to be less mediocre than others. They’re not making it past Tigger Brady and his Bounce Bounce aerial attack. Starting Sunday night, Rex Ryan can spend more time with that wife I hear he’s been neglecting. Patriots 38, Jets 17.

Those are my picks this week. Only 2 weeks left. May the best team win. As long as it’s not the Packers. Skol!

Vote for your own picks!

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Jan 09

The Packers: 90% Luck, 10% Skill

Packer Fans: These are the people for whom the team fights.

Well. The Packers “won”. And by “won” I mean the Eagles lost because their place kicker, David Akers, missed 2 field goals that would have ensured a win and the amoral and overrated Vick ended the game with an interception in the end zone, doing his best Jay Cutler impersonation.

This is the trouble with wanting another team to do well on your behalf: it rarely ever happens. I wanted the Eagles to beat the Packers ergo it wasn’t going to happen. But it’s not my fault! It’s the Eagles. Let’s face it – the Eagles and the Packers didn’t really belong in the post-season. The Giants and the Buccaneers would have been more appropriate, given their teams’ performance over the course of the season. The Packers snuck in, not only through a game in which the Bears had nothing to fight for, but they were also credited with at least 2 wins that were handed to them by the officials when they played the Lions & the Vikings earlier in the season. Were it not for that, we wouldn’t be talking about their lack of a running game because they wouldn’t be traipsing around in the post-season.

Michael Vick: More Overrated than Aaron Rodgers

But I digress. The Eagles were terrible today. It’s awesome that Vick shot himself in the foot when it comes to the MVP race, because who really wants a dog murderer to win something after pretending he didn’t know that what he was doing was wrong? The Eagles defense was a mixed bag of great plays and great mistakes. I wonder if Akers’ contract is up because if I were Andy Reid, I would be trying out some kickers in the off-season. Heck – Akers’ contract doesn’t even have to be up – just bring in some competition!

The Packers weren’t that great either. Remember, this is an Eagles team that got blown out of the water by the Minnesota Vikings a couple of weeks back. Our 3rd string QB tore up that Eagles defense. And the Packers couldn’t even score as many points as the discombobulated Vikings did.

Aaron Rodgers logged another huge chunk of rushing yards for the Packers so that it looks like they have a run game. Or would have. Let me be more precise: AR dashed around for his life, but he also lost a lot of yardage on sacks so he only netted out at 4 yards. His longest rush was 8 yards. His efforts constitute a “huge” chunk for a team that barely averages 100 yards rushing per game during the regular season. He also fumbled and helped the other team put up a TD, which seems VERY familiar (see: Wild Card game, Packers vs Cardinals, 2009).

Aaron Rodgers: Fumble-rama!

So the hated Packers move on to the divisional round. I thought I’d care more, but it turns out I don’t like the Eagles either – especially with Mikey Vick leading the offense – so I’m totally agnostic. We already know that the Falcons can beat the Packers. So I remain calm as the Packers’ demise is just one week away. Give their fans a little hope – and then take it away. That would be tremendous. Maybe then the Packer fans could stop shouting about how much better ARodg is than Favre. I’m tired of listening to it. Another play-off loss by ARodg will break their tiny little hearts and remind them that Brett Favre brought their team out of 20+ years of complete & utter irrelevancy and perhaps should be referred to with a little more respect.

Wait. I’m trying to use logic on Packer fans. What am I thinking? We all know they don’t use – or understand – logic. I apologize.

On a different note: the FOX commentators were a hot mess tonight. I don’t know who dressed Jimmy Johnson, but I’m sorry to say that a pink shirt with a lime green tie and a different green pocket square – no matter how intricately folded – do NOT match. Please refrain from that color combo going forward.

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Jan 03

Potential Vikings/Packers Peace Treaty?

Percy Harvin: Nobel Peace Prize or Enemy Infiltration?

As we all know, there is a somewhat contentious rivalry between the fans of the Green Bay Packers and the much more congenial fans of the Minnesota Vikings. It’s a rivalry that goes back to 1961, when the Minnesota expansion team entered the division.

During our first few years, we lulled the division into complacency by flying below the radar. If I were to equate it to Risk, we were quietly adding men on Australia and Papua New Guinea while the other teams fought it out over Europe. Suddenly, we stormed Africa and walked away with the 1969 NFL Championship – the last one of its kind – and subsequently lost in the AFL/NFL “Super Bowl” Championship game.

In 1970, the AFL and NFL merged to create the modern-day NFL. And we’ve owned our division ever since. 18 division titles, with Chicago next at 10 with the one they added this year. This dominance is what has caused the Green Bay Packer fans to turn west from Chicago and fix us in their steely glare.

Charles Woodson: Friendly rival or Sneaky Spy?

But there is hope! As the Vikings prepared to break camp today after their final team meeting, Percy Harvin mentioned that he and Charles Woodson, veteran cornerback for the Green Bay Packers, had plans to work out together in the off-season. Woodson has said that Percy Harvin is one of the best receivers he’s ever had to cover. Percy said that infiltration is the best way to bring down the enemy. Okay – he didn’t say that out loud… he just said it in my head.

Could this be the event that thaws the icy relationship between Packers and Vikings fans? Probably not, but hopefully Percy will be able to gather some intelligence and keep mum on secrets of the Vikings.

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