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Jan 22

QB or Not to QB: That’s The Question, Man.

Anyone who’s been a Vikings fan for more than, say, 5 minutes, knows we’ve had a bit of an issue at quarterback since, oh… Tommy Kramer was replaced. The Vikings have a long history of short-term drivers at the helm. The closest we’ve been to a franchise QB in recent memory was Daunte Culpepper. Yes, he spent 7 seasons with us, but he only started all 16 games during 3 of those seasons. And they weren’t even consecutive seasons. And still somehow he made the 50 Greatest Vikings of All-Time. That’s how you know there were a lot of younger people voting who weren’t alive during the 70’s and 80’s. But, that’s a topic for a different time.

The Vikings are at a crossroads right now as it pertains to the quarterback position. I think we all know that the Vikings need to find a long-term capable QB to man the helm – but are we willing to go through a Panthers-, Browns- or Lions-like season as we wait for our newbie QB to percolate? I guess it could be argued that we just had one of those kinds of seasons – but with a veteran QB… but I digress. The prevailing wisdom says that the Vikings are going to find a veteran QB to lead the team for 2 years or so while Joe Webb or some QB we draft this year or next “grows” under said-veteran’s tutelage.

There has been a lot of speculation as to what the Vikings might do vis à vis the temporary stop-gap at QB. Before Chilly was rightly fired, there was talk of Donovan McNabb joining the team. After Chilly was fired, there was talk that Brett Favre might come back for a third season with the Vikings since Chilly was gone. When the Vikings were interviewing Josh McDaniels for OC, there was Kyle Orton-to-the-Vikings talk. Now with the hiring of Craig Johnson as the quarterbacks coach, talk of Vince Young are heating up. I’ve even heard Alex Smith brandied about due to the Mike Singletary acquisition, which is odd given that Singletary sat Alex Smith in favor of Troy Smith. And unrelated to all of these – but maybe more salient now given Chilly’s recent dinner with Marvin Lewis – mentions of Carson Palmer to the Vikings.

Now. Let me tell you from whom the Vikings should stay FAR, FAR AWAY during this search.

Vince Young wonders why he couldn't keep his cool.

1. Vince Young. The Vikings do not need another high-maintenance head-case on the team. No, I’m not talking about Brett Favre. I am talking about Randy Moss stopping by for 3ish weeks during the 2010 season and other assorted Vikings players who have embarrassed the franchise over the last 6 or so years (yeah, Bryant McKinnie & Daunte Culpepper – I’m talking to you!). I don’t care what Vince Young’s record is. I believe him to be a locker-room cancer. That is something we don’t need. I’d rather watch Joe Webb run around like a chicken with its head cut off than introduce someone as volatile as Young to the mix.

Donovan McNabb: We shouldn't McNabb him.

2. Donovan McNabb. McNabb’s tank is about 62% full. Which is to say he can make it through about 41.5 minutes of a 60 minute game. The Vikings need a quarterback who can play all 60 minutes. There’s a reason McNabb was benched and it’s not because he’s supremely awesome or even the Donovan McNabb of 5 years ago. Let us cut our Philly ties and let McNabb walk on by. For truly it would be better to watch Aaron Rodgers throw to imaginary receivers all day long than it would be to see McNabb in the sacred Purple.

Carson Palmer has had better days.

3. Carson Palmer. Palmer spent his rookie season (2003) learning from Jon Kitna, who earned the NFL Comeback Player of the Year that season. In 2004, Palmer took over the helm and in 2005, gave the Bengals their first winning season since 1990. That all sounds great, but Palmer hasn’t posted a passer rating above 87 since 2006. In 2008 his elbow was surgically repaired. Not to mention he just doesn’t look commanding on the field. So, if I hear one more KFAN pundit or see one more Tweet saying we should go after Carson Palmer, I will scream. Carson Palmer is not the answer.

So. You may be wondering what I think we should do. Or, maybe you’re not. But you’re here reading, so I’m going to tell you. I think we should draft a QB in the 1st round of 2011 (assuming there is still a decent one to be had) and bring in <drum roll> Shaun Hill to compete with Joe Webb and the other drafted QB. That’s right. I said Shaun Hill. In 2009, he did a solid job for the 49ers and in 2010, he filled in capably for an injured Matthew Stafford, until he was injured himself, with a fracture to his left non-throwing arm. It’s worth noting that Shaun’s NFL career started with the Minnesota Vikings. He joined the team as an undrafted free-agent in 2002 and saw his first snaps at the end of the 2005 season… ok, so he took a knee twice to end a game, but still!

Shaun Hill hasn't always enjoyed his time with the Vikings.

I think Shaun Hill is seasoned enough to mentor the younger QBs and would be thankful to join a team with a receiving corps that included players like Percy Harvin, Visanthe Shiancoe and (probably) Sidney Rice. Paired with a runningback like Adrian Peterson, I think Shaun Hill could be very competitive. It also helps that he signed a 1 year contract with the Lions, which would mean that the Vikings wouldn’t have to trade draft picks they don’t have due to Chilly’s insanity.

Kyle Orton looking like a Packer fan.

The other option might be Kyle Orton. The Broncos have made coaching changes and have added John Elway to the front office and there appear to be some Tebow fans in the group, so Orton may be at risk for demotion. He is under contract with the Broncos through the 2011 season, so obtaining him might cost the Vikings a draft pick or two.

What other options do we have Vikings Nation? Leave a comment and get the discussion started. And don’t forget to vote below.

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Jan 16

Frazier on Webb: The Door is Open

Leslie Frazier has left the door wide open for Joe Webb to prove himself for the 2011 season.

In an interview with Vikings Weekly, Frazier said that Webb would be given the opportunity and benefits of full participation in OTAs and training camp so that the coaching staff could better assess his progress as a QB in the NFL.

For me, the jury is still out on Webb. I would like to see him compete for the job against a veteran (who’s under 30) and perhaps a 1st round QB we might be able to secure in the 2011 draft.

What do you think?

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Dec 30

Brett Favre Fails Neurological Exam, Will Be Game-time Decision

Injured QBs: Brett Favre and Tarvaris Jackson

Brett Favre didn’t address the media again this week. There’s been speculation that he didn’t want to be asked about the $50,000 fine that was imposed upon him by the NFL. After watching Favre get queried about the sexting scandal early in the season, noting his extremely adept method of not answering the question, I’m fairly certain that the ruling didn’t influence whether or not he addressed the media today.

I believe it’s related to his concussion. He still hasn’t been able to pass the initial neurological exam. Leslie Frazier indicated that he’ll be a game-time decision, which I believe means we’ll see him as Doubtful on the Saturday active/inactive/injury list.

I was listening to Dan Berreiro tonight on KFAN. He doesn’t want Favre to start, even if he’s healthy. I’ve been surprised at the tremendous negativity towards Favre by the local media. The intensity is what has been the most surprising. I understand wanting to see Joe Webb. I’d like to see him. But I’d like to see Favre play one last time as well.

What do you think? Should Favre start if he’s healthy?

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Dec 30

Joe Webb: To QB or Not to QB?

Brett Favre has been coaching Joe Webb.

My relationship with Joe Webb has ebbed and flowed since August 2010. A couple of friends and I went down to Mankato on a ridiculously hot day to watch the training camp activities. We were sitting right in front of where the quarterbacks and receivers were working on route running. We watched the quarterbacks cycle through. When Joe Webb stepped up to start throwing, his first pass sailed by Bernard Berrian. I thought, “Oh great. T-Jack Jr.” Webb’s next pass was a long bomb to Taye Biddles. It was a beauty and I thought, “Oh! Uh. Hmmm?” (As an aside, Jackson later knocked the wind out of Biddles because he rocketed a ball right at him with his usual lack of touch)

Fast forward to the preseason, watching the Vikings vs 49ers on TV. Joe Webb scampered for a TD and I cheered. Later he took a sack in the end zone for a safety. I stared. My training camp friends and I went to the Vikings vs Broncos preseason game. The crowd cheered for Favre, booed Jackson and cheered for Joe Webb. Again it was a mix of “Oh!” and “No.”

Fast forward again to the Giants game in Week 14. Favre’s streak ends and Jackson gets the start. Jackson cracks knees with Peterson because he doesn’t know how to hand off properly. Joe Webb comes in for a play. In the 4th quarter, Jackson limps off and in comes Joe Webb, Savior du jour. It was a whole lot of “Meh.” Jackson goes out on IR. We acquire Patrick Ramsey and Rhett Bomar. When you’re shedding QBs right and left, it pays to have back ups that aren’t Greg Camarillo.

In Week 15, Joe Webb was to start. Favre recovered (mostly) from his Bills’ injury and started instead. Wootten knocked Favre out in the 2nd quarter and it was Joe Webb to the rescue. Or not. After the game, I was convinced it was time to move Webb back to wide out.

Week 16. Favre hadn’t passed the initial exam for his concussion and Joe Webb starts against the Eagles on Sunday Night Football on Tuesday, because it’s been that kind of season. The first 2 quarters were full of “Eh? Better than last week…” The second 2 quarters? Long bomb to Percy. A rushing TD. Another missed TD where Peterson was wide open as Webb rolled out to the right but Webb never threw (not a highlight). The incredible 3rd down and 11 laser to Percy.

The Vikings, led by Joe Webb, upset the play-off bound Eagles with their third string quarterback on the national stage, preventing the Eagles from earning a bye and stunning the nation. Joe Webb’s response? “My teammates rallied around me.” and “I give the credit to my teammates.”

I think we’re on to something with Webb. I think Joe may have what it takes to be a formidable QB in the NFL with more game experience. If I were the Vikings, I would use my first round pick in the draft for an offensive lineman and see what Joe can do next year. What do you think?

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