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Jan 16

Sunday: A Mixed Bag for Air Travel

Sunday brought the interesting match ups of the Seahawks vs the Bears and the Jets vs the Patriots. It was a good day to watch the games and only give them half your attention – which is exactly what I did.

Seahawks vs Bears:

It was surprising that the Seahawks made it as far as they did. I don’t think anyone expected them to beat the Bears, and to that end, they did not. I had picked the Bears to win because I thought the weather would be on their side (based on what the weather has been in Minneapolis this week) and it was. Snow was falling pretty hard for part of the game. The Seachickens couldn’t keep up – even though I was secretly rooting for them. Hasselbeck looked like he normally does instead of the guy of the last 2 weeks. His receivers let him down several times… and Jay Cutler avoided playing like Jay Cutler, which is fortuitous for our NFC North rivals. The Bears will host the Packers next weekend in the NFC Championship Game. All I have to say about that is: BEAR DOWN!

Jets vs Patriots:

I think you’ll join me in expressing surprise that the Jets managed to pull out a victory against the Patriots. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that the Jets were embarrassed by the Patriots on that same field. To me, it looked like Tigger Brady never recovered his Bounce Bounce after the bye. He could not drive his team up and down the field at will as he usually does. Just yesterday every pundit in the world was predicting a Patriot’s victory… in the Super Bowl – because they were unbeatable. In waltzes the Jets…. and the Patriots get to sit the next 2 game out like 28 (Conference Championship Game) and 30 (Super Bowl) other teams are and will. Bet ya no one in Boston saw that coming!

So now we all wait to see who will win the AFC and the NFC. Will the Jets surprise the #2 seeded Steelers? Will the #6 seed in the NFC that shall remain nameless be the victor when they head to Soldier Field next week? Jeeeeezzzzz…. I hope not! But stay tuned – the Super Bowl contenders will emerge next weekend. I hope I do better with those picks than I did this last week!

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Jan 14

NFL Divisional Round: Lisa’s Picks

Last week saw some incredibly fun games (see: Colts’ loss, Saints’ loss). There were also some games – or one – that wasn’t so fun (see: Philadelphia’s loss). Damn those Packers. Boo. Will this weekend feature the NFC North or will the division get knocked out? Find out below! Well – you won’t find out – I don’t have ESP – but you’ll find out what I think at least.

Here are my picks this week:


  • Ravens at Steelers: Joe Flacco vs Ben Roethlisberger in the land of Steel. The Ravens looked good against the Chiefs last weekend, but something tells me that the only way they could have looked better is if they had been playing the Seachickens. Oh… wait… that didn’t work out too well for those Aints! But I digress. This may not be the popular choice for this game, but I think the Steelers will be slow coming off their bye and I hear Troy Polamalu’s hair will be flat. Ravens 28, Steelers 21.
  • Packers at Falcons: Clay Matthews’ name is being brandied about for Defensive Player of the Year. I’ll be writing soon about how ridiculous it is to assume that he should win it. Yes, people, I will be backing up that analysis with actual STATS. That’s how you can tell I’m not a Packer fan. But I digress. We already know which QB is clutch between Rodgers and Ryan. Ryan may be alphabetically behind Rodgers, but he’s the better QB. Falcons 24, Packers 20.


  • Seahawks at Bears: Oh, I do love me some Seachickens. They made my whole weekend last week. The Bears let the Packers win (or did they?) during week 17, when they should have been focusing on momentum. Now they’ve had a week off while the Seahawks are coming off a stunning upset with the momentum in their favor. If this game were being played in Seattle, I would pick the Seahawks without hesitation. Unfortunately, I think the Bears may have weather on their side. Damn snowmageddon. Bears 21, Seahawks 19.
  • Jets at Patriots: Oh dear Odin – the last time these two teams met, the Jets were blown out of the water. Let’s be honest – we know the Jets really have no business being in the play-offs. They’re there because the league was so mediocre this year – and they just happened to be less mediocre than others. They’re not making it past Tigger Brady and his Bounce Bounce aerial attack. Starting Sunday night, Rex Ryan can spend more time with that wife I hear he’s been neglecting. Patriots 38, Jets 17.

Those are my picks this week. Only 2 weeks left. May the best team win. As long as it’s not the Packers. Skol!

Vote for your own picks!

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Jan 09

Oh Neaux, Say it Ain’t Seaux!

Drew Brees, Matt Hasselbeck

As a long-suffering Vikings fan, there’s one team that has drawn my ire since last season’s NFCCG like no other team in the NFL has ever been able to: the Saints.

I’m not going to rehash the late hits on Favre, the 3 injured Vikings players that had to have surgery after that game (Favre, Rice, Griffin) or the horrific calls by the officials in OT. I won’t even bring up the Saints’ extremely dirty hit on Kurt Warner in the divisional round. Or, maybe I will.

I never cared about the Saints until last year, because prior to winning last year’s Super Bowl, they were completely irrelevant. But after their performance in last year’s NFCCG, I’ve had Sean Payton, Gregg Williams and Bobby McCray on my radar. With the release of McCray before the 2010 season, I was allowed to focus on the 2 coaches, hoping for their complete and utter failure.

I didn’t want the “Who Dat” to “Two Dat”. I wanted them to flame out and choke with no chance at a post-season. Unfortunately, they were able to earn the #5 seed in the NFC. Privately, I worried that they would march their way through the competition and have a shot at a second Super Bowl. I was especially disheartened when the Seahawks beat the Rams and entered the post-season as the first team in NFL history to have a losing record going into the play-offs. I figured there was no way that the Saints would lose to the Seahawks.

Turns out, I needn’t have worried! The Seahawks owned the Saints yesterday and I was glad. There were some tense moments in the 4th quarter when I thought that the Saints were going to come roaring back… but a completely botched on-side kick and a Marshawn Lynch 67-yard run for a TD ensured that Pete Carroll and his Seachickens would live to see another day… all while sending those stupid Saints back to the bayou.

Praise Odin. If we couldn’t do it, then at least the Seahawks could. I didn’t care who did it – just as long as it was done.

So good-bye stupid Saints commercials. No more ticker-tape parades for you. Get your paper bags out, Saints fans – you’re on the down swing now and I shall enjoy it. May it be another 40 years before your team matters again. Hope you enjoyed your year in the spotlight. Now it’s time for you to geaux and take your stupid Who Dat chant with you.

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Jan 02

Seahawks Earn the NFC #4 Seed with a Losing Record

History was made in Seattle tonight. For the first time in NFL history, a team with an overall losing record, in this case 7-9, has won their division and has secured the #4 seed for the 2010 Play-Offs.

I hadn’t believed that this would actually happen tonight. I had picked the Rams to win even though the Seahawks had home-field advantage. The Seahawks had lost 7 of their last 10 games and had a disappointing 2009 season before that, so it looked like their 2010 season would end with a whimper.

But the Rams melted down tonight. Bradford was rattled by the constant rush of the Seahawks’ defense while his receiver dropped ball after ball. Prior to the game, I thought the hysteria surrounding the possibility of a 7-9 team making the play-offs would be a moot point, having predicted a Rams win. If the Rams had won – they would have gone in at 8-8.

But, I was wrong. And the worst case scenario has occurred. There have been calls to change the seeding for the play-offs and make it at the conference level instead of the division level. Others have suggested breaking up the currently weaker AFC and NFC West divisions to spread the mediocrity around.

I think neither should occur. This is the first time this has happened. It’s obviously an anomaly. If the seeding is changed to the conference level, there are divisions that may never have representation, which hardly seems fair. If today’s weaker divisions are commingled with other divisions, it would break up rivalries and potentially have the unintended consequence of diluting the other divisions that are impacted.

I think the NFL should leave the process as it is today. I’m not a big fan of statements like “we’ve always done it this way” and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but in this case I think the status quo is the best way for play-off berths to be determined. What do you think?

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