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Jan 02

Viking Fan Savagely Attacked for Wearing Purple

Brian Robison, Defensive End for the Minnesota Vikings shared a link tonight via Twitter about Dan Quandt, a Vikings fan living in Davenport, IA. Michael Nelson, also of Davenport, was arrested for stabbing Quandt 14 times after an altercation arose from some trash talking.

Click here to read the full story. Be vigilant Vikings Nation!

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Dec 30

ARodg & the Pro-Bowl: A Packerland Meltdown

When Cheeseheads meltdown: FONDUE!

Packer Nation is in a full-blown meltdown this week after the release of the 2011 Pro-Bowl Rosters. By meltdown I mean that the Packers fans are rabidly angry that their best QB since Bart Starr has been snubbed by the selection committee. Revisionist Packer history now ignores Favre and has long ignored the total irrelevancy of the team between Bart Starr and Brett Favre. But I digress.

Does Aaron Rodgers deserve a spot on the Pro-Bowl roster? I say no, he does not.

Aaron Rodgers currently has the same post-season record as Tarvaris Jackson. Oh yes, that’s a true statement. Aaron Rodgers has not yet, in 3 starting seasons, led a game winning drive in a come-from-behind situation. The closest he’s gotten is the recent game against the Falcons. He led a game-tying drive and then was out-performed by Matt Ryan who actually DID lead a game-winning drive in the final seconds of the game.

Aaron Rodgers may have some incredible stats, but any discerning football fan knows that his stats are heavily padded by the lack of a run game and the absolute need to throw the ball. Aaron Rodgers is a great fantasy football QB, but he has yet to prove he’s clutch when needed.

Take, for example, last year’s Wild Card game against the Arizona Cardinals, which was an incredible show of horrendous defense by both teams. In sudden death OT, Rodgers fumbled the ball and then proceeded to drop kick it into the waiting arms of an on-coming defender, who took it to the house for the win. Is that an example of being clutch? I think not.

The NFC selections for the Pro Bowl are Michael Vick, who’s this year’s “Saints-like” drama that the NFL loves to promote, and a whole different topic for me. Matt Ryan in his 3rd season has led several game winning drives as he’s taken his team to the brink of the #1 seed. And Drew Brees? As much as I hate the Saints and that stupid Who Dat chant Drew likes to lead before games, it’s a fact that he’s the reigning Super Bowl MVP.

Packer fans will continue to meltdown over this until the end of the season because they’re completely unable to look at anything objectively. Better luck next year, Packer fans.

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Dec 29

Aaron Rodgers: Premature Celebration

An oldie from my former blog…

Aaron Rodgers has invented a new “celebration”. Fortunately, the Packers weren’t televised as an important game yesterday – at least in my market – so I didn’t have to witness this atrocity first-hand.

As an aside, to add insult to injury to this mediocre team, if the season were to end today, the Packers wouldn’t even make the play-offs. You see, their record in the NFC isn’t what it needs to be to actually secure a spot as a Wild Card team… since they’re not winning the division after their hilarious loss to the Falcons yesterday.

In fact, this was supposed to be the “Year of the Take Over”. See – they’re coming from behind in the division because the Packers really haven’t accomplished much with that new QB they keep insisting is better than Favre so they actually have to PLAN to try to take things over.

None of this matters to Aaron Rodgers though! He likes to celebrate every meager accomplishment. Complete a throw to a visible receiver? Fist pump. Score a TD? Very feminine & graceful gazelle leap with fist pump. And now, a new celebration has been added to his repertoire:

"I hope that's just a fart!"

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