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Jan 09

The Packers: 90% Luck, 10% Skill

Packer Fans: These are the people for whom the team fights.

Well. The Packers “won”. And by “won” I mean the Eagles lost because their place kicker, David Akers, missed 2 field goals that would have ensured a win and the amoral and overrated Vick ended the game with an interception in the end zone, doing his best Jay Cutler impersonation.

This is the trouble with wanting another team to do well on your behalf: it rarely ever happens. I wanted the Eagles to beat the Packers ergo it wasn’t going to happen. But it’s not my fault! It’s the Eagles. Let’s face it – the Eagles and the Packers didn’t really belong in the post-season. The Giants and the Buccaneers would have been more appropriate, given their teams’ performance over the course of the season. The Packers snuck in, not only through a game in which the Bears had nothing to fight for, but they were also credited with at least 2 wins that were handed to them by the officials when they played the Lions & the Vikings earlier in the season. Were it not for that, we wouldn’t be talking about their lack of a running game because they wouldn’t be traipsing around in the post-season.

Michael Vick: More Overrated than Aaron Rodgers

But I digress. The Eagles were terrible today. It’s awesome that Vick shot himself in the foot when it comes to the MVP race, because who really wants a dog murderer to win something after pretending he didn’t know that what he was doing was wrong? The Eagles defense was a mixed bag of great plays and great mistakes. I wonder if Akers’ contract is up because if I were Andy Reid, I would be trying out some kickers in the off-season. Heck – Akers’ contract doesn’t even have to be up – just bring in some competition!

The Packers weren’t that great either. Remember, this is an Eagles team that got blown out of the water by the Minnesota Vikings a couple of weeks back. Our 3rd string QB tore up that Eagles defense. And the Packers couldn’t even score as many points as the discombobulated Vikings did.

Aaron Rodgers logged another huge chunk of rushing yards for the Packers so that it looks like they have a run game. Or would have. Let me be more precise: AR dashed around for his life, but he also lost a lot of yardage on sacks so he only netted out at 4 yards. His longest rush was 8 yards. His efforts constitute a “huge” chunk for a team that barely averages 100 yards rushing per game during the regular season. He also fumbled and helped the other team put up a TD, which seems VERY familiar (see: Wild Card game, Packers vs Cardinals, 2009).

Aaron Rodgers: Fumble-rama!

So the hated Packers move on to the divisional round. I thought I’d care more, but it turns out I don’t like the Eagles either – especially with Mikey Vick leading the offense – so I’m totally agnostic. We already know that the Falcons can beat the Packers. So I remain calm as the Packers’ demise is just one week away. Give their fans a little hope – and then take it away. That would be tremendous. Maybe then the Packer fans could stop shouting about how much better ARodg is than Favre. I’m tired of listening to it. Another play-off loss by ARodg will break their tiny little hearts and remind them that Brett Favre brought their team out of 20+ years of complete & utter irrelevancy and perhaps should be referred to with a little more respect.

Wait. I’m trying to use logic on Packer fans. What am I thinking? We all know they don’t use – or understand – logic. I apologize.

On a different note: the FOX commentators were a hot mess tonight. I don’t know who dressed Jimmy Johnson, but I’m sorry to say that a pink shirt with a lime green tie and a different green pocket square – no matter how intricately folded – do NOT match. Please refrain from that color combo going forward.

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Jan 09

Jets vs Colts: A Whole Lotta Meh…?

If you have been following me for a while, you’ll know that I don’t like Peyton Manning. Now, I’m not saying my dislike of him is rational. I can’t even articulate why I don’t like him. I don’t know if it stems from my time in Cincinnati, watching Bengals fans jump ship to suddenly become Colts fans because they were the hot team (fans I like to call “turncoats”) or if I truly do hate his forehead, instead of just mocking its size to have something snarky to say. Again, no idea.

But I did want the Colts to lose yesterday. Of course, I wanted the Jets to lose too after the Sal Alosi incident and the Hard Knocks show and the Rex Ryan & his wife foot-fetish scandal. Due to the way these games are played, both teams can’t lose. So I had to pick one I wanted to lose more – and I did, and they did. Indeed, the Colts will not be proceeding on to the divisional round next week.

That means no XLIV rematch, praise Odin. Frankly, neither the Colts nor the Jets looked like they even belonged in the post-season. Talk about 2 anemic offensive attacks. Aerial attacks mostly weren’t working, so both teams took to the ground. Joseph Addai would wind up and run forward, dragging defenders with him. LT, on the other hand, had a bit more finesse, actually waiting for holes to open and then cruising through.

Mark Sanchez could not get it together yesterday. He continually overthrew receivers. In fact, ol’ Rexy basically had to dial down the air attack in favor of the running game and the wild cat. I’m not sure that Mark Sanchez should be a starting QB in the NFL. I know he’s led his team to the post-season 2 years in a row, but he melts down a lot. The Jets might want to take a longer look at their QB situation.

Peyton Manning will be 35 when the 2011 season starts. He, too, melted down a lot this year. I wonder how much longer he’ll play. When he set a new NFL record earlier this season as the only player since the AFL/NFL merger in 1970 to throw two pick-6s in 2 consecutive games, many announcers wondered aloud if Peyton’s skills were declining with age. He seemed to rally after a tough 4 game stretch, but it will be interesting to see what 2011 brings.

So the Colts are out and the Jets move on. I’m getting what I wished for. Now, I just need the Eagles to beat the Packers and I’ll be able to enjoy the post-season despite the Vikings not being in it.

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Jan 09

Oh Neaux, Say it Ain’t Seaux!

Drew Brees, Matt Hasselbeck

As a long-suffering Vikings fan, there’s one team that has drawn my ire since last season’s NFCCG like no other team in the NFL has ever been able to: the Saints.

I’m not going to rehash the late hits on Favre, the 3 injured Vikings players that had to have surgery after that game (Favre, Rice, Griffin) or the horrific calls by the officials in OT. I won’t even bring up the Saints’ extremely dirty hit on Kurt Warner in the divisional round. Or, maybe I will.

I never cared about the Saints until last year, because prior to winning last year’s Super Bowl, they were completely irrelevant. But after their performance in last year’s NFCCG, I’ve had Sean Payton, Gregg Williams and Bobby McCray on my radar. With the release of McCray before the 2010 season, I was allowed to focus on the 2 coaches, hoping for their complete and utter failure.

I didn’t want the “Who Dat” to “Two Dat”. I wanted them to flame out and choke with no chance at a post-season. Unfortunately, they were able to earn the #5 seed in the NFC. Privately, I worried that they would march their way through the competition and have a shot at a second Super Bowl. I was especially disheartened when the Seahawks beat the Rams and entered the post-season as the first team in NFL history to have a losing record going into the play-offs. I figured there was no way that the Saints would lose to the Seahawks.

Turns out, I needn’t have worried! The Seahawks owned the Saints yesterday and I was glad. There were some tense moments in the 4th quarter when I thought that the Saints were going to come roaring back… but a completely botched on-side kick and a Marshawn Lynch 67-yard run for a TD ensured that Pete Carroll and his Seachickens would live to see another day… all while sending those stupid Saints back to the bayou.

Praise Odin. If we couldn’t do it, then at least the Seahawks could. I didn’t care who did it – just as long as it was done.

So good-bye stupid Saints commercials. No more ticker-tape parades for you. Get your paper bags out, Saints fans – you’re on the down swing now and I shall enjoy it. May it be another 40 years before your team matters again. Hope you enjoyed your year in the spotlight. Now it’s time for you to geaux and take your stupid Who Dat chant with you.

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Jan 05

NFL Wild Card Round: Lisa’s Picks

Well, I can honestly say that this post-season isn’t nearly as fun as last post-season. I can still recall laughing until I cried when the Packers lost to the Cardinals. ARodg fumbling the ball and then drop kicking it right into the arms of a defender… just thinking about it brings a smile to my face. But I digress.

Here are my picks for this week.


  • Jets vs Colts: I am so tired of seeing the Colts in the play-offs. Am I the only one who gets tired of seeing Peyton Manning’s spongy cheeks smushed into his helmet, knowing that his forehead is just waiting to pop out? That’s not really germane to who will win this game, but it always feels good to mock Peyton. I don’t see the Jets winning this one. I believe peaking in the first 5 weeks of the season never bodes well later in the year. Colts 28, Jets 19.
  • Ravens vs Chiefs: I wish I could find something funny to say about this match up. I can’t pick on Matt Cassel since he had an appendectomy a few weeks back. And I already stated that the Baltimore paper stated that the Ravens weren’t a championship team. Seems that other cities may actually have media that is more negative than ours. I didn’t think that was possible. I’m really just trying to delay my pick on this by writing more. I’ll stop. Ravens 24, Chiefs 21


  • Packers vs Eagles: A few posts ago, I gave the reasons I thought the Packers would lose this game. I actually thought it out, people – I didn’t just default to my natural opinion of the Packers, which is that they suck. I actually proved it out! I’m a little worried about Vick stating that he’s only at 75%. I can’t have the Packers win this one… I really want to write a post about how even Tarvaris Jackson hasn’t lost TWO play-off games. Eagles 28, Packers 24.
  • Saints vs Seahawks: Well, the Seahawks “won” their division with a losing record. And man – do I hate the Saints. I am so tired of seeing those stupid Saints commercials during games. We get it, NFL. You gave them a championship. Please try not to broadcast it. Did I mention I hate the Saints? That makes this that much harder. Saints 31, Seahawks 14.

Now it’s time for YOUR picks! Don’t forget to vote!



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